The Great Hawaii Mystery.

Yeah, yeah, I know we’re tired from all this (and I’m still literally sick because of this), but I guess until we get some real answers as to why JiHoon’s US concerts (save for LA) have been cancelled or postponed, it will never stop.

At first, they said it’s because of the lawsuit and it was fine. Then here come the Hawaii promoters going on TV saying they were waiting for JiHoon to show up in Hawaii on the 12th, but he didn’t. And they have no idea why. How come, when news about the lawsuit and the US concerts being put on hold was all over the internet? Who was their contact with StarM and JiHoon? Why were they not informed about it?

(Come to think of it, wasn’t there a certain ex-member of the World Tour production who resigned recently due to StarM’s unprofessional handling of the concerts and one of the reasons stated is that the fans are updated with concert scheds and everything while they, who are part of the production, have no idea? But I digress.)

And now, latest news articles say that the real reason is not just the lawsuit, but logistics.

But whatever the reason is, the bottom line that is not yet answered by anyone who should own up to the responsibility is, why are the local promoters not informed properly? I don’t think they (the promoters) are lying about this, to go the extent of holding a press conference in Hawaii (the Toronto promoter even flew in) to air their gripes.

Here’s a sample news clip from the Hawaii press conference, sent to me by one of my blog readers:



  1. StarM.. geez… who even recommended them to handle Rain’s tour??

    I don’t understand why they haven’t even given back the money to Jay Lee (forgot what company was involved in the Toronto concert)..

    They give off the impressiont that they’re people who do under-the-table deals or something :phew:

  2. and I wonder where JYPE stands in this .. cause aren’t they supposed to be in part of handling the tour too?

    Personally I sympathize with all parties involved :(

  3. It´s a mystery because the equipment was there and for the LA concert they said ” a lawsuit isn’t enough to stop the show, because it’s just a matter of changing the name.”
    And for the people who are hoping Hawaii concert is only postponed:
    “When Russo was asked if would work for a future “Rain” production he shook his head no. ”
    And if the problem is the poor sold tickets, will there be a Atlanta concert?

  4. Yep, the equipment was (and likely still is) in Hawaii, all ready to be set up at Aloha Stadium. And Russo said all of StarM/Revolution’s production demands had been met. He said never in his 35 years of stage management has he experienced what he’s been thru with this Rain/StarM/Revolution production. That’s why he would never want to work for them again.

    And it does say a lot that the Toronto promoter flew to Hawaii for the press conference too. He’s angry that StarM/Revolution canceled the Canada date and refuse to return any of his investment – angry enough to want to tell the world about it. It seems unlikely that Hawaii promoters will receive back any of the hundreds of thousands of dollars they’ve invested either.

  5. “Rain aspires to take America by storm “. I finished to read this interview on soompi. Agent P, I ask myself now, does Rain know what happend in Hawaii? Or lives he really in “Rain´s World”? Didn´t he notice that many people are very angry about this postponed, canceled?
    And now they hear the reason is the lawsuit,no the logistic, no the ticketsale,no the schedule – what´s the next?They are on the best way to ruin his reputation!

  6. I don’t have a lot of time to reply (I’m actually supposed to be on ‘vacation’ with my friends) so I’ll just answer some of the questions posted.

    1. As to where JYPE stands in all this: based on our communication with JYPE before as regards the PH concert that never was, JYPE has absolutely NO SAY on the World Tour except to take care of Bi’s sched. Especially now that Bi is not with the company anymore, do you think JYPE would still involve themselves? I think not.

    2. I dunno who recommended StarM, but from what I remember, it’s sort of a bidding thing.

    3. The font I’m using (haha, how random is this?) is Century Gothic.

  7. I am confident that Rain doesn’t have anything to do with this. He won’t do anything to ruin his career, of course. I am thinking when he asks StarM, they would say that everything’s settled and they have communicated with the local organizers. Since it’s their job, Bi will believe them. Not knowing that there are a lot of problems now.. And it’s sad coz even if he doesn’t have anything to do with all these, he might have a hard time to hold a concert next time coz of these unfortunate events. :wall:

  8. cia, you have a point there when you said it’s like they’re out there to ruin Rain’s reputation. the way the presscon went, they were out there saying this and that abt. the “no show” Rain, the loss of money involved. geez im saddened by this. and there were even comments from some of the readers of the article/forum that went :


    1)This is pretty disgusting. I don’t have a ticket but from what it looks like, the concert promoters don’t even know what’s going on. The guy just doesn’t show up and none of his “handlers” in Korea have made any contact. That’s pretty ridiculous. :slaphead:

    2) The long missing 4th member of Earth, Wind and Fire? :-o

    3) Who is this guy anyway? Never heard of him. :thumbdown:

    sad, isn’t it? poor JJH. :shrug:

  9. Kris….post#10…. I am excited that JYP is starting to put his mark
    in North America. He will be an asset and a bridge to talented Asian artists.

  10. docirene, i think the point is that star m and revolution are the ones making rain look bad and ruining his reputation. not the promoters who held the press conference.

  11. Yes, I agree. Can’t blame the Hawaii organisers for having a press con and saying what they did. After all, they are victims too. They also had to account to fans for Rain’s no-show in Hawaii.

  12. rose, thx for that. i stand corrected. perhaps i just got carried away by what they were saying abt. rain during the presscon. ah, star M, look what you did!

  13. i hate it when all the burden and blame is put on Rain….it’s suppose to be StarM’s responsibility..and look what they did..a piece of trash statement which did not really helped at all…

    i feel sorry for Jihoon since of all the people involved it’s him that is gonna be affected the most, since he is the front liner, even if StarM should be then one to take all the :chair: :chair: :chair:

  14. To relay info from StarM to local promoters….Does StarM how to speak fluent English? Just a MEAN thought. Amen.

  15. I am very confident JiHoon will give them a jawdrop performance in L.A….something that people will be talking about for months. July-August will be hiatus for JiHoon as a singer/dancer (while filming Speed Rider) Comes September, if the local promoters do their job,
    JiHoon will be unstoppable. Watch out, North America..!!

    Yes, Gals, I am that optimistic..!

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