Bangkok scandal.

You know how we at Cloud Philippines are so “obssessed” with being ‘almost famous’, right?

The following vid caps give new meaning to the phrase “almost famous”. :hihihi:

credits: Precious for Cloud Philippines

Vid cap credit: Precious of CPH from a Thai TV news clip

What great timing to be caught by TV cameras while changing your shirt in public. :lol: Only Tita Susan can pull that off. It’s amusing that the production team decided to include that part on the final edit, though.



  1. Tita Susan’s not wearing the CPH coz it’s hot. But when she saw the camera man, she grabbed her shirt immediately. :hihihi:

    I hope I can upload the clip tom! It’s fun watching the clip. We looked really excited! :party:

    Janice! Way to go! :dance: Let’s :pray: Oppa will watch this clip and see us! “oh no, not again!” :boinkself:

  2. Puuhuuhahha, you guys rocked big time!!! Is she standing on a car’s roof? I can’t tell :hihihi:

  3. yay!! congrats!! looked like they were having fun!! :party: :soju:

    chiper: i think they were all on the floor. but that would look cool.

  4. I swear those caps are driving me nuts ~X( The last cap looks like she’s sliding down from the car.
    The height measurement from the floor to the one on the left raising his/her hand(blue shirt), and Bi’s poster in front makes me think they’re all standing on a roof of a car.

    I’m definitely over-analyzing things :slaphead:

  5. we were all on the floor. hahahaha :lmao: i can’t stop laughing when i saw this… I knew tita susan did this because she told me afterwards, “Nakunan pa yata nung nag t-shirt ako!”

    So we got all our missions in Bangkok accomplished!! In case you guys didn’t know our agenda, here it is:
    1) GET NOTICED – by Rain, media and the international rain community
    2) Give the pictures to Security Ahjussi (Mr. Kim)
    3) Give our birthday card to Rain

    Looks like we did a pretty good job!!!!

  6. Precious: I know!!! :lol: Maybe when Rain sees this, he’ll think “these pinays are really crazy…” :hihihi:

  7. chiper we are actually sitting on the floor because its very tiring to stand up while waiting in the line. we were there about 12 noon and they let the people in about 7 pm.

  8. chiper: i was the one on the left, waving my right hand. it looked like that probably because tita susan was about 5 feet behind us, and the angle of the camera made tita susan look like she’s standing on something.

  9. Bravo Ja, you ladies really did managed to accomplish the plans to get noticed :hihihi: Only Tita Susan can come up with those wacky ideas :lmao:

  10. :soju: :soju: way to go guys!!!Thats the way to do it!!! Whats the use of watching the concert overseas without doing anything extraordinary! Now i know we belong to each other!!! :whee!: :whee!: Aftermath…we have something more to talk about!!! Now this overly cute clip of you guys!!!Since i have been glued for watching a lot of aMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL… borrowing a line from Tyra… “YOU GUYS NAILED THIS ONE!!!” :clap: :clap:

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