Shocker: Kim Tae Woo is getting married!

Sometimes I think I really shouldn’t be hitting the sack earlier than 12mn because I always end up missing the big news.

From AllKpop: g.o.d.’s Kim Tae Woo is getting married.


Dear Kim Tae Woo,

I would like to ask a tiny favor.

Could you please rub some influence on your friend Jeong Ji Hoon? You know, give him a little push. :grin: He’s been long overdue about getting married. Recent readings from this blog’s resident psychic – and when I say ‘recent’, I meant last Friday/Saturday – say that this period is his lucky time to be raising a family. It doesn’t matter that he’s in the military; Ji Hoon is such a lucky bastard that he is blessed to become successful even if he does military service and getting married at the same time. Disappointments are to be expected, but they will be short-lived (and as I’ve said, it is to be expected). He just has to be as brave as you and come out in the open. Set himself free.

Congratulations and best wishes to you, your bride and our soon-to-be-nephew/niece. May you be granted with abundant blessings as you enter a new phase in your life. :smile:

Sincerely yours,

Agent P


Reading the comments about this news is just so amusing. Some are even going to the extent of calling this a ‘shotgun wedding’ because his fiancee is pregnant.

Aw c’mon. :hopeless:

People get married for all sorts of reasons. Just because Kim Tae Woo’s fiancee is pregnant before the wedding ceremony, it doesn’t automatically mean that Kim Tae Woo was forced to marry her. It’s the digital age, people. We’re supposed to take things with a more open mind now. He may choose not to marry her if he doesn’t want to. But he does, so what are you going to do now?

And besides, legally speaking, a person cannot be accused of being forced to marry someone unless there is considerable proof of it. Meaning, it should be proven that his life, or the life of his family, is in grave danger if he doesn’t get married. The bride’s pregnancy by itself does not count as a means of forcing the groom to marry her.

It’s really funny because just yesterday, I made some comments on Twitter and Facebook about a similar gossip regarding former HOT member Jang Woo Hyuk. He was rumored to be having a girlfriend, which his agency subsequently denied by saying that the video evidence was just some footage from Jang’s latest MV (meaning, it’s a publicity stunt? :blink: ). Regardless of whether JWH has a girlfriend or not, what’s the big deal? Isn’t he like, old enough to have one? Too old, as a matter of fact.

Same thing with Kim Tae Woo. He’s not a teenaged idol anymore. He’s not even in his 20s anymore. He has already given so much as an entertainer with all those years of being an idol. Let him live his life, for once.

Lastly, I also find the, “we never knew he had a girlfriend!” comments to be utterly hilarious. :lmao: I guess we can all agree that just because our idol says he doesn’t have a girlfriend, it’s absolutely true and we must kill everyone who believes otherwise? The fact is, if you truly believe that your idol is single just because he or his/her agency says so with no other evidence to back it up, you’re just kidding yourself. I think everyone’s lives would be so much better if we just assume by default that these idols are in a relationship with someone. That way, no one needs to lie, and no one has to be disappointed when the truth comes out.



  1. when i saw the title Rain came to my mind first :neutral:
    his BBF is getting married how bout him :shrug:

    “give him a little push.”

    ————-> i agree with this :thumbup:

    i want to see the same news but with title “RAIN is getting married” ah ani its more like “Bi-Kyo is getting marrid” hahahah :naughty: :tounge:

  2. Congratulations Kim Tae Woo! Looking forward to meeting your little one when he/she is born! I love reading news like this as it prove celebrity can have a life with family too! As for the antis… they need to realize that celebrity have a life too. Just be happy for them. :soju:

    Hopefully, Ji Hoon will follow suit and get marry soon. Not getting much younger. Have to start making babies you know! ehehehehh :hug:

  3. You mean people even use the term “shotgun wedding” in today’s day and age? They must be living in cavemen time. :razz:

  4. “Full House 2 tells the story of a contract engagement between poor writer Jang Man Ok (Hwang Jung Eum) and top star Lee Tae Ik (No Min Woo.)” same story line with the original..sigh

  5. Well, if it’s supposed to be ‘Full House 2’, then it should have the same storyline. Otherwise, why still call it ‘Full House’?

  6. The latest update is that jihoon decided to meet his family and friends inside the camp. While his comrades chose to go outside the camp. The camp is the best place for his short gathering. I know that the dancers, appa and Hana will be there. Probably Bagka. Who else will be there ?

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