Today is the ultra-mega Peppero Day.

But for BiKyo believers, 11/11 will always be Kimbap Day. :naughty:


And because it’s Peppero Day, I’m having Pocky. nyahaha!

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  1. YUM! I still need to try the black sesame flavor that I hear is very yummy!

    Kimbap day is very important! :whee!:

  2. Happy Kimbap Day BIKYO!

    Agent P – I read again your blog ” don’t rejoice yet “… wow..i hope we get to hear news like this again..like SHK visiting Ran at the camp??? hehehe

  3. Really? In all my years as a Rain fan, I never knew what his mother’s birthday was. :boinkself:

    Could anyone please check if Hana will say something about that occasion on Twitter or her Cyworld? Thanks!

  4. :offtopic: The name “BiKyo” was christined by Bi and Kyo themselves. Who was the first between these two publicly uttered it? Or any other version, Agent P?

  5. An announcement from the military. On 17Nov, after the graduation ceremony….the meetings btw the graduates and the family need not be inside the camp.

    The graduation ceremony ends at 11am and the graduates only need to be back by 5pm. Surrounding restaurants will give discounts to them.

    I hope someone can go and meet him now. :blink:

  6. “Really? In all my years as a Rain fan, I never knew what his mother’s birthday was.”

    ————-> haahh me too ~~ Happy Bday Omma Jung ~ R.I.P in Heaven ^^
    thanks @rain_snow for the Info ^^

    “I hope someone can go and meet him now”

    ——–> im wishing that too someone we – know – who :pray:

  7. R_Jung, not a problem. :thumbup:

    Now looking back at the ‘Kimbap Day’ last 2007, Ji Hun visited SHK on the day of his mom’s birthday. :drool: Now, how sweet is that? :hihihi:

    Ji Hun spending that special day with his special girl is really flattering. :whee!:

  8. OT: i bought some stuff at ETUDE House the other day and got a free box of pepero…and I thought of BIKYO!!! :)

  9. Hi everyone,
    Is there someone who can check with Ms Park as to where we can send Kyo’s bd present to in Seoul?

  10. according to the letter of 2-10 of his troop. This kid said that under the leadership of jihoon hyun, the team has won the singing contest and the prize is biscuits. The troop has biscuit party afterwards. I think they are like back to their primary school where this kind of event can cheer them up for a long time. :hihihi:

  11. Thanks Agent P,
    Ms Park did not reply, maybe she does not answer to someone new to her, can anyone contacted her before.. offer some help?

  12. “I don’t think so. The nose and facial shape are different.”

    ———–> i hope that guy was not Rain :ayaw:

    Chukkahae Rain’s team for winning the contest :cheer:
    wondering what’s song they sang at the contest? :think:
    and rain became a member of Soldier Boyband ? :hihihi:

  13. SORRY! I forgot my comment after copy-pasting.

    “November 11 is also the birthday of Jeong Ji Hun’s mom.”

    He visited her on her mom’s day! 2 special girls in 1 day ;) :whee!: delayred reaction :tounge:

  14. ooh. appa jung said that he’ll visit Rain tomorrow before he is moved in his new location and he said that he’ll update us after the visit :nyenye2:

  15. Of course he will. :blink: I bet Hana will be full of updates, as well. :blink:

    BTW, please post updates at the KTW entry (which is not really about KTW). Thanks!

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