Postscript to Kim Hyun Joong in Manila.

Oh look, another Kim Hyun Joong blog entry. Is this a sign? :think:

I found myself to be a bit strange yesterday when I was having this strange urge to sneak out of work just to go to Kim Hyun Joong’s The Face Shop event at Trinoma (he had another one at Mall of Asia but it’s too early; for me to go there, I must skip work entirely for that day). I mean, I’m not a fan and my experience last Thursday was too taxing for someone who is not a fan. Do I love Kim Hyun Joong (or blogging) that much to submit myself to that kind of torture once again for the second day straight?

I found the answer as I read the numerous articles about his visit and the various fan accounts, specifically those coming from Lou and Bambiina (who was at the Malaysia event with her daughter and niece).

(c) Agent P's Headquarters

Looking back, it’s not just because I want to simply document the event for this blog. I’ve already done it once and it wasn’t entirely pleasant – which, I think, is the main reason why that entry’s photo gallery has been re-posted in other KHJ sites but the accompanying text was omitted; not that I mind, it’s a personal account more than anything else – so technically, there’s no reason for me to do it again. However, when I was recalling the other small details that I failed to document on my blog entry, I understood why I wanted to see Kim Hyun Joong again.

I remembered how his smile never faltered even if he was already being violated by over-zealous fans. I remembered how whenever someone drops something, usually a gift that was passed onto him in a rush, he would quickly take the initiative to pick it up himself. Other stars would just tell his manager or PA to pick it up, or just simply ignore it entirely. I remembered his reaction to the JoongBo headgears and the ‘segyero!’. I remembered how he pulled back a little girl who was already on her way down the stage (little girl respects the rules :thumbup: ) just so he could have a photo with her. Lou told me that this was the same girl who was following Hyun Joong at his hotel last year. He probably remembered her. I remembered how he would look at each person in the eye and say, “thank you”. I remembered how I never saw any hint of displeasure nor annoyance from him or his crew when things were getting ugly.

I wanted to see it again because, there was a time when I believed that all top Korean stars (emphasis on the word “top”) and their agencies are snobs. Kim Hyun Joong is one of those who proved me wrong.

I had mixed feelings while reading all the articles about his Manila visit coming from the press. So far, I haven’t seen a single negative comment about him and/or his managers. If there were any unpleasant moments, it’s nothing major and it’s understandable why Hyun Joong reacted that way. As a fan of Korean entertainment, I’m happy because he has set a good example that not all Korean stars are divas. I’m happy for his fans who have ultimately benefited from his excellent fan service. At the same time, I’m sad and jealous because as I was reading these articles, a particular scene from last year started flashing itself in my memory: that scene of Cloud Philippines members frantically explaining to disgruntled members of the press why a certain Korean superstar did not show up at his scheduled presscon, and the memory of that same Korean superstar quickly hiding behind a pillar when he saw us at the lobby after that botched presscon. :hopeless: It’s something that I hopefully wanted to erase completely, but with the “anniversary” coming up, I’m sure the PH Clouds will start reminiscing those days and they will most probably recall how “nice” that memory is. And I will feel like I’m in the pits of hell because my own memories of that event will not be as nice. It didn’t help that Facebook is constantly reminding me of this through its “On this day” feature where my status messages from exactly one year ago are posted.

This morning, I was reading through some old blog entries and found this comment that I posted on October 8, 2009. In part, I said:

Although to be fair to the guy, I’ve yet to hear any story of him acting like a snob towards a Filipino fan.

Less than a year later, I not only heard a story. I told the story myself.

Is it fate? Karma? A mistake? Who knows?



  1. This is a sign Pau! :cheer:

    Yeah, as his fan, I’m so proud that he got nice comments from the press. You know how the Filipino press can be brutal when dissatisfied, case in point, our experience last year. :shutup: He has also been true to his words that his fans are important to him and he surely makes us feel how special we are. I just hope he won’t ever change so he can be a role model to the rest of the Korean idols out there.

  2. Lou: the problem is, if I become a fan of KHJ, it won’t be as much fun blogging about him. I can’t bitch about him, he’s too nice.

  3. Agent P, sorry we forgot to give the link of your blog entry in Pex, but i check the lovekimhyunjoong forum where we repost your blog, we put the link of your blog, i must admit we are so eager to post pics of KHJ to give updates to international fans as soon as we can that we forget to give proper credits. but we have nothing against you and I did read your blog entry and find it funny, thank you for not a fan, you give a nice write ups to KHJ and share pics to us

  4. Pau… We can always find something to bitch about…. Well may be not as bitchy as we can be to -you-know-who… Hahahahha…. we can bitch about his performance for break down…

    Lou – I feel like it’s too late to start liking someone else… :sigh: I follow him 3 years ago. Kkekekke hate to be a newbie all over again… Hahahahahahhahah….

  5. Good evening, Agent Pau!

    Thanks for writing the articles about KHJ’s visit in the Phil……….well, I’m so sorry if I missed to put the link of your blog when I posted it, due to some unavoidable cicumstances….

    Thank you so much for the patience, and sorry for the hardships and sacrifices that you encountered yesterday in the event…..

    Really, I can also testify that KIM HYUN JOONG is that kind, caring, and loving to his fans………..he is humble and beautiful inside and outside….

    More power to your blog! :arrow:

    Thanks for visiting our thread in PEX!

  6. Bam: Yes, we can bitch about his performances, but we’ll feel bad afterwards because he’s too nice. Get what I mean?

    Unlike that other guy, he won’t care even if we bitch, anyway. :phew:


    Welcome and Thank you for visiting my blog, KHJ fans! :smile:

  7. salut,
    another great article,i found your blog a few hours ago,i’m a KHJ fan,i really like the way u write i even went back and read old articles just to know more about your experiences with that someone and i read also some other reviews and aftermath of events with other kpop artists .Despite the fact i m only a fan of KHJ and he is the only one for me , i will make sure to keep checking ur blog even if u don’t write about him( :pray: i will keep hoping that u do though) since ur stories are really engaging and interesting . :thumbup:
    Oh KHJ is really nice isn’t he ? he even held a free showcase for 4000 luky fan in koran last jun when lunching beakdown album :drool:

  8. Hello Ms. Agent P!! I have read your interesting blog. Please allow me to use your story in my blog, since I’m searching for a testimony coming from a none fan of Kim Hyun Joong. It’s already summarized and indicated your name and your story as yours. Credit is also in your name. The title of the blog is Alien Encounter. Under LazerKim blog. I’ll be posting it one of this days at Tag Kim Hyun Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I think you’re a good blogger, I enjoyed reading your blogs. :whee!: Hyun Joong is not difficult to love, how I wish you can be a fan of his. Pls do visit my blog too. Again many thanks, God bless.. :angel:

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