Kim Hyun Joong ‘High Five’ event.

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Agent P goes to events featuring Korean entertainers just to have something to blog about. Never mind that she is not a fan of that entertainer, and that she might spend a considerable amount of cash or become inconvenienced in the process. Sometimes, both. :razz:

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Kim Hyun Joong ‘High Five’ Event
Trinoma Activity Center – 25 August 2011

I tried my best to recover from my bad cold last Wednesday so that I’ll be able to go to Trinoma for this event. Reason? So that I can blog about it. My friend Lou – who is a huge fan of Kim Hyun Joong – was there as early as 7:00am so that she may be included in the first 400 buyers of Hyun Joong’s CD, which entitles her to high-five with him. I am not a fan; I mean, I like him because I learned that he’s a bass player and I have this certain fondness for bass players, but I won’t be spending another 500 bucks for another copy of his CD (which I gave to this blog’s psychic because she’s also a Hyun Joong fan) and I certainly won’t be waking up that early just to line up for a mere high-five. But now that I think about it, spending 500 bucks and waking up early might’ve been the better choice, after all.

I arrived at Trinoma at a little past 1:00pm. This is what I saw:

(c) Agent P's Headquarters

(c) Agent P's Headquarters

The mall was already open by that time but for some reason, these people are still lined up outside the mall. A little bit cruel, don’t you think? I mean, I heard from Lou that they were already given numbers for the queue, so why should they still be locked out from the building? I tried calling her to know what’s up but she’s not answering her phone. I gave up after three tries and observed the line. If it’s not that long, maybe I’ll go for it.

(c) Agent P's Headquarters

(c) Agent P's Headquarters

Err… no, thanks.

So I went inside the mall and checked the activity center. The place is still pretty much deserted, although there were a few people loitering outside the cordoned off area. To my surprise, a good spot near the stage was still vacant. It’s a small vacant spot between a large potted plant and the spotlights and speakers. Actually, there’s nobody in that area yet. So I stayed glued to that spot but did not approach the railings yet because I was still observing if security will drive people away from there.

(c) Agent P's Headquarters

After about 15 minutes, I noticed some young fans loitering around the area and picking their spot, so I literally draped myself onto the railing like a shirt that’s been hung to dry. Guess what: the girl on my right started pushing herself between me and the railing because the spot she ended up with was blocked by the spotlights. Err… excuse me??? :kilay: One of her companions went to my other side, the side that was obstructed by the potted plant. She left when she realized that not only is that view obstructed by a plant, it was too deep into the side so it’s possible that the only thing she will see is Hyun Joong’s side profile. Not that it mattered, eventually. A few minutes after that, another group came in, and this group is infinitely more annoying than the first one. One of the girls pushed herself to my left side and said, “ate, pwedeng makiurong ng konti?” (sister, could you please move a bit?) I was about to move when I realized that if I move, I will end up losing my precious vacant spot and I will end up behind the spotlights, or worse, behind the speakers. Ah. hell. no. :nono: I was there first. I heard one of the girls from the other group saying they’ve been at the mall for a few hours already and I was like, “yeah, you were here at the mall early but why didn’t you save a spot?” :kilay: I stayed rooted at my place even if the girl on my left was really pushing herself towards me that I started having this urge to push back. You know what? I’m not a fan, so if you ask me nicely and you don’t push yourself without even a hint of an ‘excuse me’ so that you can steal my place, I might give it to you. But since I’m already annoyed by this display of Kpop fangirl uncouthness that is so rampant in this country, my bitch horns promptly sprouted out.

By then, people have already realized that it is perfectly ok to start saving a spot at the railings and security won’t drive them away. My location was one of the better ones – actually, even better than being inside the cordoned area but seated wayyyy at the back – so people were really hounding around it. I finally was able to contact Lou and apparently, the line outside was just to enter the cordoned area. The numbers they had was just to buy the CD, and since they already have their entry stubs, they have decided to leave the line and just wait until 4:30 when they start admitting the participants in. Unfortunately, I cannot possibly leave my reserved spot. I mean, I was there, literally hanging onto the railings, and people are still taking my place away from me. What more if I move even just an inch away from there? Take note, this was only about 1:30, a good 4 1/2 hours away from the start of the event. I didn’t even have food nor bottled water with me. :stretcher: Thankfully, I had a hearty lunch.

Around a quarter to 2:00pm, I started thinking of ways to amuse myself while killing four and a half hours, so I took out my Corby phone and logged onto the ‘net. I took a pic of the stage to upload to Twitter to show to my friends where I was:

(c) Agent P's Headquarters

Unfortunately, my phone’s battery went kaput halfway through the upload. :wall:

Ok, so internet plan? FAIL.

2:15, I started writing my blog entry in my head. I also started texting my friends so that they could somehow keep me company in this ordeal, but it eventually became more difficult as the crowd became denser. I literally have to squeeze my hands between me and the railings just to get my phone from my bag.

2:30, I started realizing that I can already sing Hyun Joong’s Please in its entirety. They’ve been playing that and its instrumental version alternately and before I knew it, not only did I have my usual Last Song Syndrome every time I hear that song (in particular, the “I just don’t get it get it, why don’t you get it get it” part), I could actually sing the whole song now.

2:45, I began to wonder why the heck am I allowing myself to be tortured like this when I’m not even a fan of Kim Hyun Joong.

By 3:00pm, the crowd got denser. Just then, the video wall started showing Hyun Joong’s MVs and everyone pushed and screamed as if Hyun Joong is already there, performing. Of course, I chuckled at that. :hihihi: I mean, it’s just an MV! Calm down!

They also showed an Audi commercial, because apparently, Audi is sponsoring this event. How sosyal the sponsor ha.

By 3:20, I started realizing that I will be subjected to a loop of Kiss Kiss, Please, and Break Down + the Audi commercial for the next two and a half hours. :aargh:

3:30, I begin getting flashes of Intensity moments in my head, particularly the part where the Manila Hotel commercial was looped over and over until we literally went Going Out Of Our Heads (Over You).

3:40, I’ve already memorized the choreography to Break Down.

3:45, I already mastered the sequence of clips featured in the Kiss Kiss MV.

By 4:00pm, I’m already bored out of my wits. Just then, I remembered that I have my music player with me, so I took it out and stuffed my ears shut. Ah, finally! Something to listen to other than Kim Hyun Joong.

Somewhere between 4:00 and 5:00, I felt the people around me starting to climb on top of my back again and pushing in. I have no idea what’s happening because I was listening to GD-TOP. So I took my earplugs out to know what’s going on. Apparently, everyone’s excited because… Kim Hyun Joong’s security guy has arrived. :slaphead: And I unplugged GD-TOP in exchange for that. :hmf: In all fairness, though, when I saw the guy, I completely understood what the spazzing was all about. He’s soooo much hotter than Kim Hyun Joong. :drool2:

4:30: my legs started to hurt and I started feeling a bit claustrophobic because of all the people leaning onto me. But I pressed on. Only an hour and a half left, Pau! You’ve already killed three hours! Keep the faith!

But wait… why are they still not bringing the high-five participants in?? I thought they’ll be let in at 4:30?

It was later on that I learned that the queue for the entry to the cordoned-off area was effed up because of yet another display of Kpop fangirl uncouthness: people who don’t have entry stubs were the ones who are lined up at the gate first. :bop: Naturally, the people who most rightfully deserve to be there, namely, those with entry stubs, were livid.

Around 5:00pm, they started bringing in the stub-bearing people. And this is when I completely took off my earplugs because the comments around me were downright amusing and definitely blog-worthy. One of which is the usual, “what did these people on the press/VIP area do to deserve to be there???” comment that comes from super-fangirls who think they should be the ones who should be there. Of course, in my head, I have two answers: (1) they’re there because it’s their job to cover this event; (2) they’re there because they’ve done something to make this event possible. You’re here – WE are here – because we refuse to buy Kim Hyun Joong’s CD but we want to see him in the flesh.

Here’s the thing: if you’re someone who is soooo persistent with getting a good spot to see Kim Hyun Joong, who screams at the mere sight of his MVs and his bodyguard, and who spews random stuff as if you’re the authority when it comes to Kim Hyun Joong, I am assuming that you’re a fan. Correct?

Amusing Comment No. 1: “Why are they wearing green?” – referring to the members of Triple S Philippines and generally, fans of SS501 who were asked to wear green for the event as a tribute to Kim Hyun Joong.

Someone on my other side said, she heard somewhere that green is the color of SS501.

So… some of your friends have no idea, and you yourself are not sure? :?: I’m not a fan of neither SS501 nor Kim Hyun Joong, but I know what their club color is.

Amusing Comment No. 2: When the TSPH Flashmob Dancers were introduced, some people around me were like, “what? Who are they?” – So you really have no idea who or what Triple S is???

Amusing Comment No. 3: A young man dressed in a suit suddenly came out from the backstage area and everyone screamed, including the people around me. Actually, they screamed more because they really thought it was Hyun Joong. Why? Because the guy has black hair. I’m no fan of Kim Hyun Joong, but for some reason unknown to me, I know that his current hair color is blonde.

Amusing Comment No. 4: One of the trivia questions asked during the contest was, “what is Kim Hyun Joong’s latest single?” For which, my immediate response was, “where? Here in the Philippines or in Korea?” only because I’m not sure if Kiss Kiss is already being promoted here. But the girl on my side was like, “ugh, that’s easy! It’s Break Down!” Of course, she’s wrong because the answer is Kiss Kiss. Even I knew that, and I’m not a fan.

Speaking of the contest, here’s one part that got me really amused. They asked for volunteers who can sing at least a short part of Kim Hyun Joong’s song. If my Voltes friends were there and we were with Lou, we would definitely push her to join in because she can sing his songs in its entirety, and we’re dead sure she won’t be guessing the lyrics. The three who graciously volunteered basically either hummed the song or sang only the English parts. :bop: That sucks. Lou would’ve totally kicked major ass on that contest. Actually, given that by that time I have already memorized all three Kim Hyun Joong singles after continuously listening to them for three hours or so, I would’ve probably kicked major ass in that contest, too. And I’m not even a fan.

Around 5:40, my legs started to sleep and I started sweating like a pig. I felt like giving up. I kept looking at my watch and cursed at how it felt like eternity since I last checked the time but in reality only 5 minutes have passed. It felt like the longest 20 minutes of my life.

Here’s a surprise. It’s 10 minutes to 6:00pm, and the show has already started. :shock: However, there were still some games and some guests. Which, to my surprise – oh wait, given the aforementioned incidents I should not be surprised – only I in my area knew who these people are. I know Jacko Benin because his dad Joey was the bass player of Side A (as I’ve said, me and bass players…). I know Van Roxas because I saw his season of Pinoy Dream Academy. I know Young JV because… actually I don’t know him; I’ve only heard of him. :oops: And I know the TSPH Flashmob dancers because I know who or what TSPH is.

So I guess… I’m just someone who somehow retains useless information in my brain?

After about 30 minutes of filler and a looooong video clip from Ayala Malls, ladies and gentlemen… The Leader, Kim Hyun Joong!!!

Kim Hyun Joong? Hello?

No one came out for about 10 minutes or so. No, THIS is the longest 10 minutes of my life.

And then, finally… KIM HYUN JOONG!

Everyone spazzed. I felt the railings shaking. I felt… people climbing at my back! An arm with a hand that’s clutching a camera from someone who’s way at the back suddenly appearing beside my head and making me her human tripod! The girls around me screaming and jumping like crazy! And since we’re wedged tightly in that small corner of ours, my output were nothing but blurry shapes.

(c) Agent P's Headquarters

AAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! :wall: So much for wasting four and a half hours of my life just to have something to blog, and what I’ll be getting are blurry photos. Suddenly, I wished that I went ahead and woke up early so that I can spend another 500 bucks on a Kim Hyun Joong CD.

Immediately after Hyun Joong came out, he said a few words and then the high-five activity has started. At first, everything was pretty much done in an orderly fashion, although some of the high-fives became handshakes…

(c) Agent P's Headquarters

Then suddenly, something green similar to a grasshopper leapt onto Hyun Joong and clung onto him like a praying mantis. :nono:

(c) Agent P's Headquarters

Because of this daring display of guts, more people started to think that it’s perfectly alright to hug and even kiss :whoa: Kim Hyun Joong so they did it without even asking for permission (because they won’t be allowed to even if they asked for it). And this is where things got really ugly in my eyes.

Really, people. :hopeless: I don’t know what is it about Filipinos and their obsession with giving a surprise peck or hug to an artista. I would understand if it’s a Filipino celebrity; they are already used to that kind of behavior from fans. But Kim Hyun Joong is not a Filipino celebrity. This kind of ‘skinship’ is not allowed in Korea. Not to mention that they are so strict with contract clauses that if it says, “high five event”, it really means that the only thing that the fans will get from Kim Hyun Joong is a high five. No handshake, no photo ops, no hugs, and definitely no kisses. We are lucky that Hyun Joong and his agency KeyEast are not too strict with this kind of conditions. Or if they weren’t pleased, they didn’t show it. At least, Kim Hyun Joong didn’t (his body language at some of the photos showed that he’s uncomfortable with the sudden bursts of skinship, though). If it’s a different artist, they would’ve probably walked out and refused to continue with the activity until they are assured that the fans will behave properly.

After that, security got tighter and the next participants were literally being dragged outta there. The first few ones were lucky because they were able to leisurely walk towards Hyun Joong and prolong their high fives for a split second or two. The ones after the praying mantis literally went by like a breeze, save for a few more ‘pasaway’ ones who stole hugs and kisses from Hyun Joong that they had to be pulled away by security. It’s quite embarrassing to see something like that, really. I won’t be surprised if the managers will be stricter for the rest of Hyun Joong’s activities in Manila, and it’s all because of the actions of a few uncouth people who don’t respect rules and personal space just to get what they want. :hopeless: And then, when the managers and/or the artist become distant, they would say that the artist has changed and has become a snob. It happened with U-KISS before. The boys were very gracious with the fan service in their first two visits here. On their last visit, their managers became strict because the boys were literally being physically maimed by fans (we witnessed this ourselves at Manila Hotel). You know what these so-called fans said? The boys have become snobs. I actually saw one who said that Alexander has “changed”. Because he didn’t wave at the fans when they arrived? Uh, hello, he was dead tired from the trip, it was late at night and the fans were unruly. What more do you want from the guy?

Anyway, I digress. I get really cranky when I see this kind of behavior from crazy Kpoppers, especially when they post at social networking sites saying that they are PROUD of what they have ‘achieved’ (I gave Kim Hyun Joong a surprise hug! I saw Alexander wearing just a towel at his hotel! I saw Rain at the pool and he stared at me!) and others are dead jealous of them. Disgusting behavior, really. :yuck:

The high fives went by really fast that the only times it slowed down was whenever a kid was brought to the stage. Hyun Joong himself would pause and give the kids a hug, a pinch, and would even pose for a pic sometimes.

(c) Agent P's Headquarters

So the next time a Korean idol would come over for whatever, always remember to bring a child with you. It always works like a charm. :thumbup:

After only about 10-15 minutes or so, Kim Hyun Joong once again gave a few words and then, he’s outta there. Therefore, I suffered for more than four hours and I barely saw Kim Hyun Joong for 10 minutes. Fortunately, I was able to snap a few good photos. I’m posting the two best ones here; the rest can be found at my Coppermine gallery. If you’re one of those who got a high five, you might see your face there. :smile:

(c) Agent P's Headquarters

(c) Agent P's Headquarters

Incidentally, I Tweeted a couple of photos of JoongBo shippers (fans of the Ssangchu Couple from We Got Married) doing their high five with Hyun Joong while wearing their Hwang Bo headgears. They re-Tweeted these photos to Hwang Bo herself. Coolness, eh? :naughty:


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  1. Sound crazy over there! I’m not as nice as you so would have given those pusher an earful! I actually feel bad for KHJ because of the crazy fans!!!! These people just don’t get it.. oh well.. :ampotah:

  2. Ang dami palang baguhan pa lang sa fangirling. I suddenly remembered back in the ’80s when Pinoy stars were choked with sampaguita leis and every fan gives them a kiss and/or a hug. :yuck: This is the age of diseases, people! That saliva from one fangirl could be infected with hepatitis for all you know, and you literally just swallowed the virus straight from KHJ’s cheek. I’m pretty sure KHJ didn’t intend to be a biohazard and to be violated when he signed up for this. Kahiya-hiya ang mga taong ito, sa totoo lang. :ampotah:

  3. Thank you so much for 1 – going through all of that waiting, shoving and pushing for a kpop idol that you are not even a fan of, 2 – for posting such a detailed description of the Hi5 event. :rakenrol:
    I am a major Joongbo shipper, thus KHJ and HB fan, since I saw them in WGM. :whee!: I saw your twitpic of the Joongboers with their hats and was surprised to see that you had posted it. I thought, “wow, when did Agent P become a KHJ fan”. I immediately came to your blog, because I knew that you would have made an entry about the event.
    I come to your blog everyday since my first obsession was Rain and Bikyo. They have now become my second obsession, since KHJ, Hwangbo and SS501 have taken over 1st place.

    Thank you again for posting those pics of the Joongboers!

  4. bimmer: I Tweeted the pic of the JoongBoers because I have a friend who is also a JoongBo shipper but was not able to go to the event. I Tweeted it for her to see because I was amused at KHJ’s reaction to the hats and the ‘segyero!’ I wasn’t expecting that it’s going to be spread around. Not that I mind, I love JoongBo myself. :smile:

    To be honest, I was just clicking away not knowing who I was taking photos of. I wasn’t even aware that the JoongBo ladies on the photo were people whom I am familiar with via Pinoy Exchange.

  5. Praying mantis! :rotflmao: But what that woman did was not funny! Haaay, ignorant people! I don’t think that another event like this will happen if the fans act this way! They probably do not realize how lucky they are that they can “high-five” KHJ by just buying his CD and then waiting for him for hours. I know someone who had the same event in Korea, his fans had to fly to Korea and had to pay handsomely for the same privilege. :phew:

  6. Ella: and that ‘someone’ literally just gave high-fives. I think the fans were not even able to go up the stage to slap palms with him?

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog entry on the Kim Hyun Joong Hi5 Event. I found it hilarious and very entertaining.
    And yeah, I literally rolled on the floor laughing when you said “My bitches horns promptly sprouted out”. :nyenyenye: I have never in my life, heard that term before, but that was just over the top :lol: And the uncouthness of the praying mantis, sorry I don’t get it, but it’s gotta be fans like her that ruin it for others :asar:
    But thanks again for the read, I myself am an avid fan of WGM’s JoongBo, so wanna Hi5 you for your insight on the event and definitely the photos, here and on twitter, kudos.

  8. Pau…. My daughter is one of the praying mantis, since she wore black..I should say… Praying
    Spider… Kekekek…She asked for a hug and Kim Hyun Joong SEEM didn’t mind and 2nd time she
    went up the stage he sort of offered her a hug… Hahahah… I was so surprised that she was not pushed away.

    The bodygaurd? manager? almost leap up and tore her away… Kekekkeke…

    In future I need to tell her the hidden rules….

    Anyway KHJ is very……. VERRRRRRRYYYYY much different from uri chagiya… he smiled and
    Manage to look like he doesn’t mind being hug (which I sure he mind – who like being hug by
    A stranger?… We won’t mind hugging him cause we feel like we know him and he is not a starnger

    I will tell my daughter not to do that in future… Anyway I think this will be her first and last
    to be that close to a korean artist.

  9. Bam: Your daughter is not an insect (or an arachnid, since you said she’s a spider ㅋㅋㅋ). She asked for permission. The grasshopper/praying mantis hybrid insects from the Philippines just suddenly pounced on Hyun Joong with no warning whatsoever.

    And I saw the pics on your FB. I actually love her pic with Hyun Joong because he really embraced her unlike some other Korean stars out there who will just place his hand on the shoulder but there’s still some distance.

  10. BTW I shook his hand and he is so so so cool. he give 100% attention to the person he shook hand with. At one point I became nervous and tried to look away because as I was approaching him… He imediately look at me and look into my eyes and SMILE a genuine happy smile and while holding my hand he said thank you. That felt so long until I have to look away. I was nervous.

    As for my niece, she was so shy and look down at the floor and not meeting his eyes…He slightly bow in order to look into her eyes and say THANK YOU…

    The three of us became immediate fan… Me, my daughter and my niece.. The next day we went for photo shoot with faceshop event. That where my daughter hugged him.

  11. Agent P, thanks for blogging the KHJ event. super thanks for the pics. I’ll share this with the rest of the Bubblezzangs/JoongBo PH who were there in the event yesterday. Atleast, i can say that we’re not one of the so-called ‘grasshoppers.’ LOL. We never tried to hug HJ, our main mission is to get a reaction from him via our JoongBo & HwangBo pics on our hats! hahaha. And we’re just happy that it paid off — he really did look at every JB hat! And seems like he really enjoyed it! haha.

    As for Mr Jeong, i agree, he’s hotter than HJ hahaha.

  12. michsann: Are you in the same group as the ones who were seated at front row center, who later on moved to the press/VIP area? They were carrying big JoongBo tarps. When the kids around me saw the tarps, they were like, “who’s that girl? I don’t know her name. I don’t like her!!!” Sheesh, how can you hate someone you don’t even know who. :rolleyes:


    I see the pics and the link to my photo gallery being posted at PEx (and possibly Soompi) but no link to the blog entry. :sad: Butthurt? hehe

    Then again, I could understand. This blog entry is really more about me rather than Kim Hyun Joong. :razz:

  13. I also heard from Lou and Libay about how he would look into your eyes and seemed sincere when he thanks you for being there and how his hands are so smooth. Very much like his “boss” :clap:
    Bam never compare your daughter to them because she got the courtesy to ask.

  14. thet: Sis, your hubby aka. Hyun Joong’s boss taught him well. :clap: I am so amazed at how I haven’t seen a single negative article about KHJ from the PH press, so far. Is this a first among Korean stars who visited here? I haven’t even heard or read any complaints about his handlers, too. But then, I’ve seen how the KeyEast employees work when we visited their office. They’re really very nice and accommodating even to non-Korean visitors.

    One thing I liked about Hyun Joong is how whenever someone drops something (usually a gift that was hurriedly passed onto him), he would take the initiative to pick it up. It happened more than once. Normally, stars esp. Korean stars would just ignore it.

  15. @Agent Pau, i havent been to PEx & soompi yet after the KHJ event. i will check if anyone of us posted the pics in soompi already. i dont have time to read PEx anymore, FB keeps me busy. LOL.

  16. thet – hahaha…. She ask but do you think KHJ woukd say no?.. Hehehe.. Anyway told her to read Pau blog and she became so worried… Kekekkekekeke…

    Anyway KHJ is really nice.. My daughter wanted to participate i the bidding (we planned to do some shopping spree for this coming aid and I prepared 1000 RM for her). She said she wants to use the money to take part in the auction of KHJ standee and his knee cap protector). The price went up too much 3K and 2K respectively. The standee won by an Iranian (she came just for the event). m’sian can never compete … Hahahah… Anyway she really wants to take photo with KHJ. i end up asking the manager of TFS my daughter would like to donate 1000RM can she participate in the photoshoot? KHJ was already on the stage and the manager said OK. When she got stage she took pic and say can I hugg you? KHJ turn to her llow her to hug him. The manager look like he wants to kill my daughter kekek… Anyway KHJ proceed to sign the winner of the autigraph session. Oh and the day before… My adughter was too excited and she scream into KHJ face (very loud) Opppppaaaa Sarang heyo… Remember me…. KHJ was like dey? And then he laughed.

    Anyway towards after KHJ said his goodbyes.. The MC announced total donation amount (standee, knee cap proct) also the names of ppl who participate 2 names. She then told him there’s a generous donation by a fan and she announced my daughter name Farah Jabila. then oh no.. Farah manila.. Oh no Farah..errr Nabila.. Kekekek.. So while the MC trying to get the name correctly translator explain to KHJ.. He look confused and when it dawn on him, he looked surprised and look at the audience trying to locate the donator cause my daughter was shouting ME ME ME… My Name is Farah NABILAAAAA … She screamed all her might… On top of her lung. he then told MC to call the girl up the stage… And That when history happen for my daughter… Kekekkeke.. She ran up the stage.. almost fell. KHJ continue to smile… he told her to come and stand beside him yogi, yogi – on his right .. Brace her and took another photo with her. then this time KHJ turn and hugged her…

    Farah said both time he did hug her properly. Tightly… (kekeke or it was her that hug him tigthly).

    He looked tired -after one and half hours signing and taking photo, hot weather… He wore vest.. And it was an outdoor venue. I am sure he can’t wait to end it all…. but he is not uri chagiya… Hahahahah… He stayed another few more minutes to show his gratitude….

    Some say my daughter has good heart…. I have to admit…. NO she not… It’s because of KHJ.

    This year there will be no more new clothes for her.. No more handbag – That the price she has to pay to get a hug from KHJ. I am not going to give in …. But she say it was all worth it.

    And she was lucky she had such difficult name to pronunce. We didn’t plan for all this.. And we never expect KHJ would call her up again…. There will not be a 2nd time for her… It can never be done twice. THIS is just pure luck. We didn’t even brig our camera.

    She was luckynit was KHJ and not.. Err.. Certain someone.. And also she was lucky that she is still young and I think that make it more special… And I guess being young you can get away with almost anything….

    i am jumping ship kekekek.. Snce URI Chagiya leaving for MS .. I found some else worth chasing.


  17. Btw – to those that read about my post in soompi… Mianhe… Just wanna share this with Pau. I can’t write about this in my FB… Because my husband.. Would first kill me.. :chair: next he will kill my daughter…. So Pau.. Hehehe..that the reason I didn’t write it in my FB.

    I think KHJ fans deserve to know how good KHJ fan service… And also if that stuoid someone happen to monitor this page may be he accidentally read and then he could learn a thing or two about fan service.

    KHJ is genuine… His smile is sincere no matter how tired he is. The smile is the same for all fan.. Cheery and sincere… He didn’t wear shades during the signing event… Though it was hot and he can wear shade if he wanted to. He is not afraid to look into fan eyes. If fan trying to look away he made an effort to bow to look into the eyes…

    Whe he look at you he ignore everything else and it is just you….. This is not felt by me only.. Everyone said the same…

    I wish that paboo could learn this :chair: :chair:

  18. Your comments about KHJ is so spot on Bambiina! I also felt that too, when I had a “hi-five” chance with him last Thursday. :drool:

  19. Bam: Your daughter is very lucky to have a mom who would willingly ‘support’ her fangirling obsession. :hihihi: I guess the fact that you’re a fangirl yourself helps, no? :grin:

    And regarding your reply to Thet… maybe KHJ will not say no, but other Korean stars would definitely say, “no, sorry”. :shutup: Then again that’s a public setting, so…

    I like his face on the 3rd and 4th pics in the series. You can see the sincerity there. It’s not like, “ok… that’s the situation… ok. Let’s move on.”

  20. Thank you for sharing your photos :) I didn’t find myself in any of the photos, but I was happy when I saw that you managed to capture my friend face to face with KHJ. I sent a copy to her right away + the link to this entry so she can read about your experience.

  21. Lou…. I am in the ship already.. :whee!:

    Pau… She re-live my dream. I have been chasing a shadow all this while. I have been waiting for years to shake hands with .. Err you know who like forever… I want to show him my support and in a small way want him to sorta acknowledged me… (Like KHJ did during the high5 session). It didn’t take him that long to shake hands with 500 ppl … 30 minutes and that paboo would never do this in south east asia.. ) .. And the signing session plus the photo graph session was about 1 and half hours…. KHJ make a few hundred people so happy that day. Why can’t he do something like this.. i know Pau some will say he is introvert…. :sigh: BTW He can do it if he wants too.. He been to our country a few times…

    The thing that make me a faithful fan is the fact that… His talent is just amazing.. His stage presence can never be challenge by any korean celeb. His dance moves are flawless… He do not have to think about dancing.. While other dance/singer have to think and sometime it showed during performance. he is going to MS and I think I won’t be able to see him again……

    BTW May be KHJ did not think that he is a superstar…

    :hihihi: Pau… You didn’t know me? I am the mother of all the fangirling on earth… Kekekekkekeke

  22. Hi,
    Thank you so much for posting such a detailed description of the Hi5 event. And your experience there is really interesting. I really envy you and everyone who was able to attend such event .I love Kim Hyun Joong and I don’t know if checking his news every hour of the day could make me a fangirl but it’s a first for me because I never ever did that before . I’m the kind of a person who if I like a song I listen to it even if I don’t know a thing about the singer or even if I don’t understand the language, same for dramas and series (for those, I need subtitles) .I get interested in the stories and characters but never for the actors and actresses behind it. And in my country artists don’t held such events when you can meet them face to face. So I usually attend concerts only to have fun listening and dancing to music not for the artist .I think I got absorbed into KHJ charm thanks to we got married and since then I felt head over heels for him and everything he was involved with . I don’t think I can ever meet him even for distance like you unless he visits Tunisia ( :pray: loooool :chair: it won’t ever happened even in my dreams ) . I’m still a student and for now I can’t even have his album but I’m setting a gold that someday I will be able to visit Korea and meet him in some event but hope he still be active by then (it’s a 15 + years plan).
    Ps: sorry for my poor English please bear with it.

  23. Hi there! This entry was actually pointed out to me by our common friend, Julie Subang. I was wondering…if it wasn’t too much of an imposition…to repost the link to your blog at TSPH’s fb for our members to read. I couldn’t stop myself from giggling at some parts of your account and I’d like to give our members a more detailed account on the hi-five experience they had with Kim Hyun Joong. Thanks in advance.

  24. hahahahahaha ate paulette, panalo ang amusing comments! ang ibang “fans” nga naman………….. :chair:

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