Alexander, in the eyes of a non-fan.

Aftermath report:
When Alexander Met You – Alexander’s 1st Fanmeet in Hong Kong

KITEC, Kowloon, Hong Kong – 06 August 2011

I’m sure most of the readers of this blog are wondering why I suddenly flew to Hong Kong even if I was lamenting about the sad state of my finances that I couldn’t afford to watch any of Rain’s concerts before he enters the military (which he has been saying for about three years running now, so who knows if it really will be the last? But this blog entry is not about that, so nevermind). Now I can reveal the reason: I am in Hong Kong to cover the fanmeeting of former U-KISS member Alexander Eusebio.

Some of you are probably going, “WHY???” In fact, someone even DMed me to confirm if I’m sure that I know that this fanmeeting is Xander’s and not Rain’s. :razz:

Anyone who has been reading this blog would know my history with Korean pop group U-KISS. I was never their fan, but because through them I experienced the good side of fan-girling, they have earned a special place in my heart. Alexander may have already left the group but he was a part of it when I first knew of them and he became closer to me in spirit through the wonders of internet and Twitter. For me, Alexander is not a pop idol; he is like a younger brother. Finding an extended family through the internet and fan-girling. Who knew?

So when Charity decided to fly to Hong Kong to attend the fanmeet, I decided to go with her and cover the event even if nobody asked me to do so, and even if Xander himself said on Twitter that he doesn’t want publicity for his fanmeeting. But Xander is basically starting from scratch again and he needs all the support he can get to let everyone know that he’s still up and running. I may not be as famous a blogger as most people (even if a certain someone introduced me as, “the famous Agent Pau” – famous for what, I’m not really sure?) but the internet is the internet. Any little thing helps.

On the way back to our hotel from the venue, I’ve been contemplating on how exactly am I going to write about this. Am I going to give a blow-by-blow account of everything that happened? Am I going to do it review-style and scrutinize each and every little thing about Xander? Am I going to be lazy and just upload the gazillions of photos I took?

I’m sure there will be others who will tell the story in great detail and there will be loads of fancams that you can watch. Me giving a detailed recap will just be repeating what others will have already told (and I’m sure they can tell it much better than I will). In the end, I decided to relate my experience as is and write about my impressions of Alexander and his fanmeeting through the eyes of a non-fan.

Xander said he wanted this fanmeeting to be an intimate party between him and his fans, and that’s exactly what happened. The entire event is like a family affair and I don’t just mean literally. I’m sure every fan who was there felt the same way: that they are a part of Alexander’s extended family. For one thing, as soon as you enter the venue, the first face you most probably would see is that of Xander’s father Anthony. He welcomed everyone with a wide smile and open arms – literally and figuratively – and personally thanked everyone for coming. Meanwhile, Xander’s mother Chungmi is every inch a nurturing mom, busily fixing things here and there and making sure everything is in place. We were wondering where Xander’s sister Victoria was; it turned out that Vica was the MC for the day. It was such a delight watching these two siblings interacting with each other on stage even if I don’t understand most of what they’re saying. We already knew Xander has the gift of gab and can command an audience; Vica was surprisingly a terrific MC, as well (and she’s so pretty, too!). While watching them, I was wondering what was going on in the minds of their parents. They must be really proud of their children; I am not blood-related to them (just pretending to be blood-related, hahaha) but I felt so proud of them like an older sister. I may not be able to adequately describe their chemistry in words; just check the numerous fancams to see for yourself.

(c) Agent P's HQ

But above all that, the best thing about this fanmeeting is that they certainly made sure that each and every person will be going home with a very special memory. It’s normal for a fanmeet to have the usual games and activities. But how many fanmeets do you know where every person who attended not only went up on stage for the group photo op with Xander, they also got to shake his hand and chat with him for a bit? And speaking of activities, I would like to thank Alexander for preparing that special Xandwich (composed of veggies, ham, potato chips and gummy bears – yup, you read that right!) which he fed to some lucky fans which fortunately included Charity. I got to eat half of her Xandwich and since we were basically nearly passing out from hunger by that time, that Xandwich saved our stomachs.

(c) Agent P's HQ

Now, allow me to take my older-sister hat off and be a fan-girl for a short bit: Alexander’s arms = yum-my. :drool: Braso pa lang, ulam na!

(c) Agent P's HQ

Seriously, Xander looks really, really good. :thumbup: They showed a clip of what’s keeping Xander busy lately and one big part of it are his work-out sessions. Hey, the hard work is paying off. He’s heftier now than before and it fits him. But I think it’s his aura that’s making him look good. He looks tired but happy, and it shows.

Alexander did two musical numbers: one is a short dance number to Far East Movement’s Like A G6, and the other is his projected first single, Bad Girl. Which, by the way, is a very good song and could be a surprise hit. It reminds me of Kim Hyun Joong’s Please.

Lastly, may I just point out how I’m in awe at Xander’s uncanny ability to be his own translator? He switches from Cantonese to English to Korean to even Japanese in one fluid transition so that no one will be left out wondering what the heck is going on. That certainly made things economical for the organizer; no need to hire a translator anymore, Xander can do it all by himself. :hihihi:

All in all, it was a very special night even for me who is not really a fan. I don’t even feel any sort of bitterness which I usually feel whenever I attend fanmeets or concerts of Kpop artists who give excellent fan service; you know, the usual, “why did I pick the wrong idol???” :cry: Maybe it’s the positivity that the Eusebios emanated that did it; or maybe, it’s because all I feel now is how proud I am of my ‘younger brother’.

(c) Agent P's HQ
New loveteam? :lmao: Nah, he’s my brother.

PS: Since I won’t be home until Tuesday, I can only upload a few photos for now. I will be creating a new page for the photo coverage as soon as I get back from Macau.

PPS: Charity and I would like to give a super-special ‘thank you’ shout out to the following:

Eusebio family, especially Daddy-Yo Anthony for being such a ‘dad’ ;) Forever half-Antonette-half-Xanderette! <3 :lol: Xanderettes 1.0 and all the wonderful people whom we've met through the fanmeeting. Xanderettes all over the world are the best!



  1. Well ur right the whole time I enjoy it..and it’s really fun and best memory ever!god job u write the fan account well..and by the way the sanwich is already digested in our stomach..kekeke..And Xander got the best family ever..I admire his family so much with supporting dad,mom and sister..we can see it..nice meeting you by the way :drool: :drool:

  2. I’ve been checking twitter since yesterday waiting for some news from you gals and I’m happy to hear you had a wonderful time at the fan meet. Can’t wait to hear more when you return. Enjoy Macau with Cha, Chie and Tito Rey

  3. Wow You’re a Filipina po? Super Lucky! I’m happy for you… I hope I can see him too. Super lIke Your Blog! Thanks for sharing this. feeling ko tuloy, anjan ako sa event. Really Thanks po!

  4. Happy that you guys are having a good time! Gummies in a sandwich??? That’s a first fir me! Interesting!

  5. Ako na! Ako na ang inggit! huhuhu :cry: but I’m glad you had fun. I sorta expected the fanmeet to be that way.

    More stories when you come back please! :pray:

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