False hopes.

I’m bored and trying to catch some sleep so I decided to check on the posts at rain-cloud. From what I gathered there, Mr. Rain has told the Japanese Clouds last Saturday that he’s planning on releasing an album, doing a drama and possibly do more concerts in Japan before he enlists.

Dear Rain,

It’s almost the middle of July, 2011. You said you will enlist by the end of 2011. You still haven’t completed your movie and you haven’t even started on your Korea concerts. When and how exactly are you going to do these things you just told the Japan Clouds?

Or are you just giving the fans false hopes again? Making promises you can’t and won’t be able to keep? :hopeless:


Somehow, with that kind of statement, I am inclined to believe what my psychic said the other day that someone in Rain’s circle has given him the false sense of security that he can delay his enlistment date further. :think:

Call me unsupportive or what – nothing new, anyway – but if the South Korean government unceremoniously hauls Rain’s butt into military service while in the middle of half-finished projects, I will just laugh my head off.


In other news… I just learned that the new Cloudmaster is also a JT Camp manager.

I’m not sure if that’s good news or not. :shrug:

I do know that it is a clear indication that none of the fans would want that job anymore so they had no choice but to pick an employee for the job. :glee: Well, at least she’s getting paid, so…



  1. omo.. so was it true true that rain said in fan meeting that he is preparing new album and new drama..? i thought he meant he is preparing his movie

    new album is ok but new drama??? :shrug:

    btw, new cloudmaster is JTC manager? is she or he?hehe..

  2. That’s what the person who posted at rain-cloud said. According to her, Rain said he plans on making an album, doing a drama and hopefully do concerts in Japan before enlistment.

    Given his many plans, he seems to be thinking that he still has two years before he can enlist. :bop:

    There’s a news item clarifying the earlier press release that this fanmeeting will be the last (geez, JT Camp is starting to be like Eden 9 with these quick clarifications/corrections of press releases). I guess the Koreans have complained that the Japanese got a fanmeeting while they didn’t? :phew: I know there are non-Korean/Japanese ones that have been complaining…

  3. yeahh.. i was little shocked when i saw someone tweeted about that..
    how come he will do a new drama and concert in Japan before MS while his enlisment will be on Nov/Dec :boinkself:

    hahaha.. maybe eden9 staff has moved to jtc :lmao:

  4. The longest serving Cloudmaster that most fans know/recognise would be the one who quit in early 2009. Although she was always accused of “doing nothing”, at least she was present during Rain’s events ie. fan-signs and comebacks ec.

    The Cloudmasters after that really got paid for “doing nothing”.

    Well, ask those complaining non-KR/JP fans whether they would pay the same price (pardon the pun) for the fanmeet/high five. They would then complain they have no money. :razz: :rotflmao:

  5. sgfan: Actually, I think most of the non-KR/JP fans, particularly those who are so fond of saying, “OMG, they are so lucky!!!”, have this impression that the fanmeet is free. :phew:

  6. Yes, there should be a free fanmeet (if time permits :razz: ) in Seoul for Cloud 8. Ask these fans to go then.

    Oh no, their answers would be “But I’m not an official Cloud”, “I don’t have the money to fly to Korea” or “My parents won’t allow me”. :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao:

  7. sgfan: You might be surprised to learn that a lot of fans didn’t know that you have to register (and pay) to be considered an official Cloud. Case in point: I made the mistake of asking a couple of fans not to re-post the official Cloud pics to other sites as per instruction of the Cloudmaster. I was given the Drama Queen treatment by them. They said they are also Clouds (I just don’t know if they are registered = paying Clouds or just fans calling themselves Clouds because that’s what Rain calls his fans; most probably it’s the latter) and they are only sharing it with the rest of the Clouds. I even got the “why are you telling me this, are you the Cloudmaster?” retort from one of them. :rolleyes:

  8. I also wait Rain’s projects..anyway thanks a lot for sharing this news.Looking forward to visit again this blog…I’m really glad that i found this..Thanks a lot.. :clap:

  9. Hi there…can i ask what is the twitter account of Rain..i want to follow him..This is really a great blog..i love Korean movie and drama…so i hope i can follow them like you.Thanks!! :drool:

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