49 Days, in bullets.

***WARNING: This write-up might contain spoilers.***


  • I’ve been seeing this drama being mentioned by my friends on Twitter and they’ve been raving about it, so naturally, I’m curious.  I have no idea about this prior to watching; the little things I know about this drama came from the random Tweets from my friends.
  • It’s been mentioned that 49 Days has a similar feel to Shining Inheritance, a drama that I highly recommended to the readers of this blog.  Upon research, it turned out that both dramas were created by the same writer.  Hence, the similar feel.
  • The plot itself is not entirely original: a person who passed on earlier than scheduled, but was given a certain number of days to try and make things right before proceeding to the Great Beyond. Some elements would remind the viewer of the movie classic Ghost (assuming that the viewer has seen Ghost; then again, who has not seen Ghost???)
  • However, the writer was able to present the material using an effective cliffhanger tactic that makes a classic Korean drama.  Much like Shining Inheritance, there were several interesting plot twists and turns that will sustain the viewers’ interest.  I, for one, has been having a short attention span when it comes to Korean dramas of late (case in point: practically everyone loves My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho and My Princess, but I barely passed four episodes of those dramas before giving them up entirely.  I loved Dream High, though).  I started watching 49 Days last Sunday night (Monday morning, to be exact), and finished all 20 episodes last night.  If I didn’t had to go to work, I would’ve finished them all by Tuesday.  It’s the kind of drama where you wouldn’t be able to resist popping in the next episode because you want to know what will happen next.
  • There were some flaws, too. Like, it’s just too unbelievable that everyone is connected to everyone at some point, and I’m pretty sure there were several violations against the laws of the universe but for some reason, the universe was forgiving because if it wasn’t, the drama would end by Episode 10 or so.  But then, the basic plot in itself is unbelievable, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t believe in life after death.  Besides, it’s a drama.  Reality is supposed to be suspended.
  • Shallow comment No. 1:  I don’t remember Jo Hyeon Jae looking this good. :drool:  In fact, he looks so good on this drama that I didn’t pay that much attention to Scheduler (Jung Il Woo) even if my friends told me to watch out for him.
  • But hey, if you’re into flower boys, Jung Il Woo as Scheduler would be perfect for you.  He’s the classic Kpop/Jpop flower boy: thin, with feminine features, plays a musician, has an annoyingly bubbly personality.
  • For some reason, I get both Tak Gu and Majun (characters from Baker King) vibes from Jung Il Woo’s Scheduler.  Tak Gu for the looks and the bubbly personality, Majun for the swagger.
  • Nam Gyu Ri looks like a porcelain doll in this drama.  I mean a literal porcelain doll.  I was waiting for her to crash and disintegrate anytime.  And she doesn’t look like the Nam Gyu Ri that I’ve known from SeeYa days anymore.  She’s pretty, but too plastic for my taste. :shutup:
  • The one that I found to be really pretty, though, is Seo Ji Hye (Shin In Jung in the drama).  I like her face.  And I have to take note of the vast improvement in her acting skills.  I first saw her in Over The Rainbow and her skills then were negligible.  Here, she’s very effective as the silent villain.
  • I’m so used to seeing Lee Yo Won in roles that require her to be simple, silent and stoic at some extent (note: I haven’t seen Queen Seon-Deok).  Here, she gets to be bubbly whenever she’s in Shin Ji Hyun mode and it’s weird at first, but she did a great job overall.  Side note:  I find it amusing that she has to wear super-flat shoes all the time because she’s so tall, she towers over her leading men (except Jung Il Woo) even if she’s on flats. :hihihi:
  • It’s so great to see another dimension in Bae Su Bin’s acting.  He was sort of a reluctant villain in Shining Inheritance, but here he gets to play the bad guy.
  • My favorite cameo has got to be Ban Hyeo Jong (Hwan’s grandma in Shining Inheritance) who played the senior Scheduler.  Her biker chick scene is just so bad-ass. :rakenrol:
  • Just like in Shining Inheritance, the ending was a bit anti-climactic.  But I like it that they shied away from the usual predictable ending where the lead characters will end up with each other.  Although I wouldn’t mind if they did, because I find the Jo Hyeon Jae – Lee Yo Won pair to possess infinitely better chemistry than Jo Hyeon Jae – Nam Gyu Ri.  Nam Gyu Ri looks better with Jung Il Woo for me, although Jung Il Woo looks good with Lee Yo Won, too.  It could go either way, really.

Final verdict:  Just the fact that it passed through my Episode 4 limit means it sustained enough of my interest to continue watching it until the end.  I still prefer Shining Inheritance over it, though, but all in all, still an enjoyable drama.



  1. oh Nam Gyuri as an actreess now :eek:
    i still remember some people said that nam gyuri looked like hyekyo :kilay:
    but yeahh.. she has too plastic :rolleyes:

  2. hahahha.. i think so :hihihi:
    have not see her new face yet… *i ll searching for her new face* :grin:

  3. i think channel has already copied gthe plot of this movie and they say it’s rating because of the good performance of the child actress there. am talking about 100 days.

  4. My older Sister been telling me to watch this as she said it’s similar to Shinning Inheritance. Will need to check it out one day!

  5. My mom said this is a crap drama…she preferes Shining In heritance.

    Have you gals watched the Greatest Love….many things seem familiar :blink: Ep 15 (yesterday episode) featured the World cup of Ideal girl…but this time CSW let GHJ wins and then confess his love for her and make their relationship public :soju:

    The last episode has just been aired, though I will wait till it has been subbed but I know that everyone has a happy ending. The couple has a baby girl~~ :blink:

  6. Speaking of Kdrama, I just started City Hunter (ep. 1) and it looks good too. But super like MIDAS these days (it’s different but still good story to watch. )

  7. ahh.. she looks more pretty now but too bad its not her natural beauty :angel:
    thanks pau onni for the link kkk~~

    the latest k-drama i watched was Gumiho :hihihi:
    and i stuck on eps. 9 till now :lol:

    but im looking forward for Heartstrings :mrgreen:

  8. GREATEST LOVE is must watch drama….. I Am so so so addicted to Dokko Jin. I don’t know why the drama remind me so much of rain. Dokko Jin = Rain.

    It’s a bit slapstic but the story and plot is gooddddd…. It’s in my most wanted drama list

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