Let’s get inconvenienced!

I sorta knew this is going to happen sooner or later: 

1.  Soompi imposing a rule that topics related to Rain as a singer should be discussed at K-Music section, while topics related to Jeong JiHoon – the actor should go to the one at K-Dramas and Movies.

From now on, all Biers would have to go two different threads at Soompi just to get the latest information about Rain.  We would also have to think about our posts carefully before we enter them.  Is this singer-related?  Actor-related? Should I even be going through all this trouble and post at all? :think:

However, what I found amusing is that they – as in the Soompi mods – would actually score through almost 2,000 pages at the K-Dramas thread just to filter out those posts related to his music career.  Geez, talk about a punishing task.  Why the heck would anyone subject himself to something that gruesome?  Imagine this: said mod would have to (1) read all the posts; (2) decide whether such post is music or acting related.  So what is s/he gonna do to posts that are:

  • related to his CFs;
  • pertaining to fan accounts of seeing him at JYPE or in random places anywhere;
  • referring to JYPE/The Cloud announcements;
  • discussions about contractual issues, his wardrobe, his family;
  • random thoughts from fans on why do they love Rain;
  • random, oftentimes borderline-spamming posts asking if it’s true that the thread will be closed once it reaches 2,000 pages (and worrying about it too much that s/he ended up posting about that same topic 10x, thus spamming the thread more).

Well, if they want to punish themselves, why should we stop them, right?  Serves them right for being so touchy. :evil:

However, they must also take into consideration that the current trend in K-entertainment these days is singers-turning-actors.  So what are they going to do with the threads of such gasoos like Se7en, KangTa, Lee HyoRi and some members of music groups like Shinhwa, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior and Fly To The Sky?  If there is justice in the world, they would be imposing the same rule to these threads, as well.

2.  Soompi imposing a virtual ban on the subject of “BiKyo”.

First it was at the SHK thread, now it’s at the Bi thread.  People cannot talk about the couple anymore in those threads.  So I guess the bullies have won, eh?  :chair:  Ok, so what if the couple has a new project together, are we still not allowed to mention their names in each other’s threads?  What if HyeKyo shows up in one of Bi’s concerts (as in really show up as a guest), are we still not allowed to mention her name in Bi’s music thread?  What if Bi shows up in her premiere, are we going to post that in his thread by saying, “Bi went to the premiere of Hwang Jin Ni, starring Yoo Ji Tae and that girl who was his co-star in Full House“? Is there going to be a point where the word “BiKyo” will have a swear filter?  :hihihi:  :bop:

The moderator said (and sorry, I just have to quote):   Please remember this is the Bi thread, not the BiKyo thread. Spamming will result in a closure to the thread so please limit your discussions to Bi only. Bi only.  So if any of these names get mentioned in his thread:

  • JY Park
  • Jang Dong Gun
  • Im Soo Jung, Shin Minah, Gong Hyo Jin, any of his leading ladies who is not Song Hye Kyo
  • Orange Girl/Kim Hwa Young… or his dancers, in general
  • Park Chan Wook
  • any other celebrity – Korean or not – who mentions Bi’s name in their interviews
  • any of his future co-stars, assuming these co-stars will not be Song Hye Kyo 

…are we allowed to complain because the thread should be about Bi only?

It’s really starting to sound so ridiculous, isn’t it?

Oh yeah, by the way, Friday is almost half-way through in my country.  The SHK thread still has that little padlock on it.  Could anyone please remind the venerable moderators to please fulfill their promise and re-open that thread?  Thanks!



  1. Adir….No clue.

    Here’s an update…. I received a PM, advising me to delete my reply to a moderator’s flaming red rules/regulations in SHK’s forum. I did not even mention the names Bi or BIKYO. Anyhow, I do not want to be the cause for another closure, so I obliged.
    Another PM from an administrator. My warning got cranked up, because of how I commented to a moderator (nope, she was not even a moderator, but she has the guts to write in bold red letters…. an out loud hypocrite is more like it..!!) …. I wrote something like “shit head” to her/him. It was the first harsh comment I made in my life, certainly, no regret.

    I wrote to that administrator …. “Those bold, flaming red letters are tantamount to slap on our Freedom of Speech…. SHK is a quiet forum, but we are being secluded for this punishment…. Review your moderators.”

  2. This brings me back to the days when Armani ghost was monitoring Bi’s thread and we all seek refuge at RainTalk. It never was the same afterward, such craziness.

  3. Um, can we just ask them to merge the thread about Bi? And I hope the SHK thread is open now.

  4. I remember the armani girl episode. That was funny compared to these clowns! :flaming:
    Agent P , I like the Pledge to the Devil….it is apt.
    For all these heartache and bad feeling I need a Friday happy hour badly! But looking forward to the weekend for sure BIKYO (seperately ) will be in the news! :soju:

  5. Sidetrack…. does anybody have any idea if BIKYO HK family members are getting ready for SHK’s visit? This group is fun, loaded with energy :lmao: Looking forward to a great weekend.

  6. yeah…i am curious about that too…

    no update from wloi yet regarding the bikyo banners & lightboards??and marry BI banners??

  7. i’m just so thankful there people like you guys who fights for all Bikyo supporters out there. thanks for taking courage and being the voice of the maltreated Bikyoers and SHKers. :thumbup:

    and to pau, thanks for letting us take refuge in this blog of yours. this blog has been beaten black and blue for all the :bop: :chair: :wall: :boinkself: ~X( :cry: :flaming: from the agrieved Bikyoers for the past two days. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  8. hey haha bully moderators aside, has anyone got any news about Bi? his concert in Sydney is today right? have they at least sold half of the concert tickets? poor Rain. no news yet? :phew:

    also, is SHK in hongkong already? haha got a lot of questions! :hihihi:

  9. Well… I’ve a message from RainHK. I think wloi went to the airport as well as others. We have to wait a little longer for updates. :thumbup:

  10. I think SHK’s arrival is somewhere at 11:00am (it’s 12:30 HK/PH time now), so wloi should still be at the airport right now. Let’s just wait for her updates.

    Sydney update: I really don’t know, because the Sydney thread is seriously giving me a headache with all the fangurl speak and everyone cussing left and right. The profanity filter is working overtime in that thread. I’m surprised they haven’t been warned about that yet. They’re only warned for convoing, not for swearing. :bop:

    Edit: I’m closing this entry from comments now because we have reached 100 and it’s getting to be a pain to load. I will make another one for the Sydney and HongKong talks. Please stand by.

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