The ultimate sushi pig-out.

Last night, I learned a valuable lesson: It is not possible to try eleventy-billion types of sushi in one sitting. It’s simply too tiresome, not to mention that at some point, they’d all taste the same.

Ann and I tried out the Eat-All-You-Can buffet at Yakimix, Podium branch. Per my research, the restaurant boasts of a wide selection of Japanese, Cantonese and Korean cuisine, including a massive sushi bar. Being a huge fan of Japanese food, I decided to include a taste-test of all their sushi selections in my meal.

Which turned out to be not-so-quite the correct decision.

(c) Agent P's HQ

(c) Agent P's HQ

I got one piece of each type of sushi from the buffet table in order to sample them all. There were about a gazillion of them; I decided to only get 20 types + salmon, tamago and kani sashimi because I also want to sample the rest of the buffet. Still, just those 20 pieces of sushi (21 on the photo because I got two pieces of spicy salmon) was such a pain to finish. All that rice! :stretcher: By the 10th piece, I cannot distinguish one sushi from the other anymore. And please don’t ask me to identify them because by now, I don’t remember most of the names.

(c) Agent P's HQ
(c) Agent P's HQ(c) Agent P's HQ(c) Agent P's HQ(c) Agent P's HQ

I followed it up with some grilled beef, chicken and bacon wraps which we cooked right on our table. For some reason, all their meats taste curry-flavored. :ehh: I don’t know if the sushi has numbed my tongue or what, but then again if it got numbed by sushi, shouldn’t it taste like wasabi instead? The bacon wraps were awesome, though.

(c) Agent P's HQ

Now here’s the next mistake: tempura is always very popular in any Japanese-themed buffet, so it only became available on my round 3 of buffet-eating. By that time, I was already down to my last two pieces of sushi. I love tempura, and I think Yakimix’s tempura is good (then again, as my Japanese friend said on his review of good Japanese restos in the Philippines, any tempura is good as long as it’s fried in good cooking oil), but I was soooo stuffed by the time I reached for my tempura that I ended up peeling the breading off and eating just the shrimp. :dizzy:

The one thing that saved me was their service hot jasmine tea which I fortunately spotted at the table next to ours. Ann ordered bottomless mango juice (drinks are excluded from the buffet price), which I thought was the wrong idea since mango juice is heavy on the stomach. I ordered hot tea, and when the bill came, it was free. :cheer: I’ll take note of that next time (yes, I think there must be a next time): don’t order drinks, just ask for hot tea.

The buffet table includes a salad bar (Ann says the kani salad is good, but I was so concentrated on sushi that I wasn’t able to try out majority of the items on the menu), a raw meat selection for grilling, the soup section where you can assemble your own miso soup or sukiyaki, a wide selection of kimchi items (which surprisingly includes what looks like Pinoy atchara) and the cooked meals section where most of the Cantonese food are. There’s also a wide array of cakes, pastries and candies for dessert. The ice cream selection is Selecta, and I made the mistake of picking ice pops instead of ice cream. Selecta’s ice cream is good; the popsicles, not so much. :shutup: I guess if you’re so used to Melona and other Korean-branded ice cream bars, anything else would taste like artificial juice drink to you. :ayaw:

(c) Agent P's HQ

I also tried out some of the cooked items from the Cantonese food section (fried rice, beef with brocolli, a certain chicken dish, baked mussels with mashed potatoes, stuffed mushrooms… talk about major carbo and protein loading). I failed to try any of the salads and soups, and none of the kimchi. I really should go back there again when I have cash to splurge on food. And next time, I’ll stay away from the sushi. Well, maybe a spicy salmon sushi or two…



  1. eheheh too funny! I love buffet but the problem with them is.. you have to keep eating in order to feel you got your money back! So by the time you leave, you can barely move!!! Sushi looks really good though but I rather go for the fried bacon! ehehehehehehh and of course all the desserts!!!!!! :soju:

  2. I hate you when you post those mouth watering food that I can not even touch :drool2: But I’m smiling. .. when I come home- and this time it would be for real- I will try all those places you’ve recommended here! yum yum yum

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