2AM in Manila.

Random Thoughts from 2AM’s Manila showcase at Eastwood City Open Park last April 30 (among other things):

– I spent my weekend billeted in the same hotel as 2AM (thanks to my ‘sponsor’ ;) ). And what did I do while 2AM was there? I updated myself about The Royal Wedding. I could’ve stalked them because I have the license to do it, but I’d rather stay inside my room and take advantage of free super-fast internet.

– But we can’t resist missing out on a major Kpop event, so Charity and I went to Eastwood for the showcase. When we got there at around 4pm, the venue was already packed. We could gain access to the cordoned-off area by buying the CD, but it costs php650.00 and since I’m not really a fan of the group and I can watch the showcase even if I don’t spend that much (or so I thought), I told Charity that I find it too expensive. She wanted to go in, but after taking a quick look at the selling booth she decided that php650.00 is too expensive, after all. Especially given the fact that she has been rubbing elbows with 2AM the entire time the group was here, and she didn’t even need to exert much effort with stalking.

– So we looked for whatever available spot that’s left outside the cordoned area. We found one at the back; the venue wasn’t big so the people at the back was still relatively close to the stage. However, once the boys were on stage, that available spot went for naught. I don’t know why everyone suddenly grows so tall every time the artist is on stage. And according to friends who were inside the cordoned area, it didn’t make that much of a difference whether you’re inside or outside because all you will see are either the back of banners or hands holding digital cameras. Unless you’re right smack in front, of course.

– Thus, this is how I saw the 2AM showcase in Eastwood:

(c) Agent P's HQ

– A friend said I took more photos of 2AM in one event than she did for all three of their events. Well, that’s because there is no way I could’ve seen the show if not through my camera’s LCD screen, so might as well take pics. I sometimes could catch a glimpse of Changmin or Jo Kwon whenever the people in front of me would take very brief breaks from standing on tip-toe, but other than those brief moments, I only ‘listened’ to the show. It doesn’t matter, though, because I already saw 2AM in person last year at Inkigayo so I’m not excited to see them anymore.

– Can I just say that it saddens me that the front acts for events like these sing nothing but cover songs? In a way, I give credit to XLR8 and Pop Girls because they sang original songs (albeit, Kpop-sounding) at the Beast and Kim Hyun Joong concert last year. But the duo who fronted 2AM made me really sad (and made me grit my teeth because their voices sounded like nails on a chalkboard – sorry girls). I mean, they were even introduced as YouTube sensations and are popular in Singapore or whatever, but they sang nothing but covers. If anything, that’s hardly showcasing the excellence of Filipino artists in front of foreign guests.

– Not to sound unpatriotic, but if the Pinoy duo made me sad, 2AM made me happy. I mean, the boys sang really, really well. And they sang live all throughout. Although they also mostly just stood there and it could get boring at times (I could just imagine if it’s a full concert and they’re just standing there the entire time… :sleep: ) but they’re a joy to listen to. It was proven when they sang an incomplete (pun intended) version of Sisqo’s Incomplete. Their voices blended so well, with little to no bum notes whatsoever. :arrow:

– Another thing that literally made my jaw drop was how they spoke in Filipino quite a number of times in the show, and they spoke perfectly with no hint of a Korean accent. :shock: These boys certainly did their homework. They also spoke in English whenever they can. If anything, that earned a permanent place in the hearts of the Filipino Kpop audience. I am now wondering if they took notes from U-KISS? Maybe Jo Kwon asked Soo Hyeon for some pointers or something…

– Surprisingly, all four of them look good in person. Even Changmin, whom most people thought was not cute. :shutup:

– I now know why Jinwoon is so well-loved. He’s cute, and he’s so nice. :thumbup: He’s always smiling and waving to the fans. He even gave Charity a 90-degree bow when she bumped into him at the hotel and she greeted him. Although Charity wasn’t sure if she should be happy about that or what… I told her, since she was wearing a gown when she bumped into him, maybe Jinwoon thought she’s the owner of Shangri-la. :glee:

– Jo Kwon is such a showman. Not just with the kkab, but the way he communicates with the audience. He makes sure he addresses them all. Actually, I think all four of them (well, maybe with the slight exception of Seulong) are like that. They look at the fans in the eye, and they don’t wear sunglasses at night. :razz:

– My last memory of 2AM is the sight of Jo Kwon’s hot pink Converse shoes.

For more photos from the showcase, please check out my Facebook photo album.



  1. What’s with all the fancamming? To upload on FB, blogs and have people comment? What a bloody waste of a ticket! [no offence to you but that’s how it is in SG too]. :chair: :flaming: :hmf:

  2. The most common reason I read from fancammers is to have something to remember the event by. :shrug:

  3. Rubbish man – if you don’t fancam, someone else will do it. And there are press pics. These fancammers obviously have little experience when it comes to attending events – you don’t really “see” what’s on stage cos you’re just looking at a youtube vid on your camera. Everyone will get a clear view if there’s no obstruction. :hmf:

    Fancammers (and digital cams) – go and die! :chair: :chair: :chair:

  4. That’s one of the reasons why I only take photos and not video. With picture-taking, you are not required to aim the camera at the stage the entire time. A few clicks are enough and you can enjoy the rest of the performance.

    Although I also don’t understand the need to fancam even if you’re standing way too far from the stage and your camera does not have superzoom lenses. You know that the output will be crappy, so why bother?

    I think fancamming does have a few advantages, though. One of which is if the event was held somewhere where the natives don’t like to share. :phew:

  5. Well, if one is not there and there are no fancams, too bad. Life still goes on. :hmf:

    I wish all fancammers could be dragged out of the concert hall and barred from re-entering. :chair: :chair: :chair:

    They want to have something to remember the event by, well, they have the concert ticket stub! :flaming:

  6. 2 AM will come to Indonesia along with Miss A and San-E hehe..
    too bad im not in Jakarta :wall:

    My Fav. song is Wont let you go even if I Die :thumbup:

  7. Oh My God.. that’s exactly what happened to me when I watched Se7en’s performance live at a club in SF a few years ago. I was quite near to the stage prolly around 3 people in front of me but I had to watch his performance through the camera stuck in front of my face cuz the girl won’t stop recording… I should’ve stayed at home and youtubed that whole damn thing :roll:

    Oh they sang incomplete? gotta check that out.. love that song :cheer:

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