I wasn’t supposed to write this commentary anymore – you know, the moment has passed and all that – but I did something that pushed me to write this again: I watched fancams from Ricky Martin’s M+A+S Tour which started on the same weekend as Rain’s “The Best” Asia Tour. People who are not into Ricky Martin might not be able to relate and would probably just view this as another one of my attempts to ‘discredit’ Rain’s performance. I don’t really care, these are my observations and everyone is free to throw in their thoughts.

This is not a comparison of their shows, nor their performances. That would not be fair, not only because they have different styles but because I personally did not see their shows in the flesh. I am just basing it on photos and videos. What I am going to focus on is that one thing I felt while watching Ricky’s fancams from M+A+S which I did not feel when I was watching those from Rain’s Beijing concert: PASSION. Ricky was oozing with it; Rain was sorely lacking. I don’t know what is the current state of their personal affairs this very moment; like all others I am basing it on what I see and read from their respective press releases and interviews. I do know that right now, Ricky is one free man. He has freed himself from his personal burdens. Rain, on the other hand… call me judgmental or whatever but I think all of us will agree that this man is so far from being free. As a result, Ricky can focus on that one thing that he loves, and that is performing. He didn’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore. He has channeled all his energy in delivering a good performance, and he, indeed, delivered it very well.

With Rain, I feel that there’s always a struggle to prove himself despite everything he has achieved. Especially now with military service looming and everyone’s eyes is on him. Like always, he’s trying to do everything as if he feels that time is running out that he sacrifices quality over quantity. Look at his current tour. It’s basically a rehash of his old concerts with a couple of new numbers and a laser show thrown in just to say that it’s something “new”. But if you look closely, it’s really nothing new. I mean, he’s still doing that Nan strip number that he’s been doing since 2005, isn’t he? Why can’t he throw it away? Because it is the one number that shows his abs, and he thought all of his fans go to his concert just for that so he’s still doing it? Just a guess.

I’m bothered by this because, to borrow someone else’s comment, I’ve seen Rain in his best form and I know he could do so much more. There were moments when I know and feel that he’s performing with fire in his eyes and he’s doing it with all his heart. Surprisingly, the Intensity performance is one of them. I know and I agree with some observers when they said that he performed not for the audience but for himself, but that’s one of the things I liked about Rain. When he’s being pushed up against a wall, he makes sure he delivers just to prove everyone wrong. :thumbup: I saw the fire in his eyes in that Manila show; believe me, I am too close to the stage to miss that even if he was wearing sunglasses. But lately, he’s just going with the flow. He’s been a bit on the heavy side lately, and while I have no issues with his weight because I should be the last person to call someone else ‘fat’ as I am fat, myself, I am concerned because it has affected both his singing and dancing. At the Beijing show, he was fine in the first two numbers – not anywhere near awesome, but it’s far from being bad – but he started faltering after that. His moves were so heavy and lacked the snappiness that I love about his dancing. Most of his songs, particularly his ballads, were sung off-key. Fan accounts attribute it to a bad microphone, but really, I never knew that microphones can cause a singer to go off-tune. :neutral: And wouldn’t that suck so much that whenever the mic worked, he was terribly off-key?

Moreover, I saw the photos from Beijing and most of the time, there was no fire in his eyes. I’m not sure if it’s fatigue or sadness, but definitely there was no energy there. But that’s just me in my wannabe-psychologist/psychic self. Real psychologists and psychics might have a different opinion.

It makes me wonder now if those cutesy ‘fan service’ things that he did in Pattaya and Beijing that we PH Clouds have been so bitter about were just used to cover up the inadequacies in his performance. :think: In Manila, we didn’t need that because he was so. damn. good. Elsewhere, he has to be cute or else the audience might demand a refund. It’s not a nice thought, but we can’t say it’s not plausible.

Honestly, I’m not sure what the whole point of this commentary is about. I guess what I really wanted to say is: Why is Rain doing this tour, anyway? Does he really need one? What is he doing this for? Is it just for the money? Is it for the fans, for himself, or for someone else?

PS: Can I just throw this message out for Rain: Ji Hoon, unless you have someone like Ciara Sotto doing the pole dance for you, please please PLEASE stop doing that I Like You Again number. :ayaw: It’s been three tours, and your female dancers cannot pole dance to save their lives. The pole is actually more graceful than your dancers. If you can’t scrap it, at least change it up. It’s not like we’re going to miss it, anyway.



  1. Fancams and photos never lie. I can’t say the same for fan accounts though (most fan accounts that is; the real bad stuff (the truth) is usually exchanged verbally or through MSN :hihihi: ). I am surprised people bother to write repeat essays for stuff they have seen again and again. :lmao: .

    Don’t worry about para 5, thinking fans will agree with your observations. :razz:

  2. I have to agree with you, agent P, in his performance here in manila…You cannot only see the spark in his eyes but you can also feel it. (ako I felt it, Hindi lang ako…pati mama ko. :hihihi: )

    and OO nga noh?…bakit kaya nya kailanagang mag concert tour? :shrug:
    tapos he looks kind of haggard lately. Parang onting pitik na lang tutumba na sya…ano na kaya nangyari dun? :bop:

    PS: medyo sesegway lang ako Agent P :hihihi: …I read this on your wall at FB…
    “I could never figure out the correct key to sing Na. I don’t think Rain himself knows, either.”

    hmmmm…eto ata Agent P eh… :hihihi:

    pero nagtransform na lately…para na syang nag sesecond voice ngayon…


  3. he need to refresh himself, take a break from all the hectic schedule to find another creative ideas, maybe MS will become the way out for him…

  4. Ciarra Sotto can do the POLE DANCE? ! :ehh:

    REALLY?! :whoa:

    I agree with you there. Rain, for some reason, lack the passion that is so classic with the likes of Ricky Martin and the late Michael Jackson. I think I’ve read somewhere, when a commentator said that he’s got the dance skill, no doubt, but something is missing…

    Maybe he needs an inspiration. :dream: Or better yet, as what you’ve said, he needs to COME OUT WITH THE TRUTH!!!! :tounge:


  5. I thought with his lawsuits and business problems behind him, Rain would at least be free. I’m no psychic nor a psychologist either. Is there something still bothering him?
    I would agree that his Intensity Concert here in Manila was done with a passion. In contrast, I remembered hearing an off-key note in the recent Beijing Concert. Honestly, I thought it was the mike too. If weight gains are indicative of anything, I thought it is because he’s stress free and worry free this time…is there something else?

  6. rachel: I’m not saying he has problems or what. I just don’t see the same passion he had during his peak or whenever he’s inspired in his current work. I don’t know the reasons behind it. For all we know, he feels so worry-free right now that he simply doesn’t care anymore. Who knows?

    And about the ‘not free’ part, for one thing, he’s almost 30 years old and he’s still not allowed to date openly, isn’t he?

  7. pau: Well…who knows really…we’re just fans and not privy to the private. And yes, he’s almost 30 and still not allowed to date openly? In my opinion, I think he should. At this time, his fans would want to see him as a normal guy, and he’s been talking about getting married and having little girls. Actions always speak louder than words. this maybe the missing ingredient…but I’m just guessing.

  8. im LOL-ing and agree with this “The pole is actually more graceful than your dancers” :lmao:

    i always feel sorry to Rain
    since debut he’s never announce his GF :cry:
    cmon clouds who doesnt want him has a Gf / wife please allowed him :sad:

    wanna see him happy :cry: :cry: :cry:

  9. I am so afraid that I would be dissapointed with the F1 concert. I already feel bad about the news that he gonna be here only on sunday morning. take note that he will take normal flight and the departure time is 11.00 pm and arrive here 5.00 am and he is scheduled to sing on the same day 8.00 pm.

    I feel like he takes thing for granted, All malaysian Biers think and feel the Msian concert in 2007 was the best concert ever (kekekekek ya ya bias :hihihi: ) but who cares if it’s true or not as long as he can give us such feeling. But I am sure 100% that time it will not be good – not even 50% of what he gave us in 2007. Yeah.. I shud not be negative….. As his fan I should give him more credit… But looking at the way he do things recently…… :sigh:.

    I don’t want to put up high hope and just fall flat on my face later. I hope he realize that there are still fans that willing to travel/waste money to see him. Fans that sacrifice a lot to see him. Not all his fan are rich. We just sacrifice a lot to see him. I already feel bad for the 6 indonesian frens that are coming over and not to mention my spore fren ( :hihihi: but she say she just interested to see him so I guess his perf not that important to her), as for the rest that anticipating for a good show… :another lonnnnnnngggggg sigh: ….

    Pau I don’t want them to have bad memories of Malaysia… Rain has to perform since this time it’s not just his fans watching there’ll be other spectator that not really interested in him, it’s just that it will be “free show” for them (grand stand tix holder) and also to avoid jam. Pau ppl already complaining.. WHY RAIN? Who is he?

    Do you think he can perform well when he arrived on the same day and the journey is 6 hours? I went to Japan- 6 hours flight. it was a night time flight and I got the capsule seat, bussiness class – ie good seat almost like a bed But……. I still felt tired after the 6 hours journey… I wonder how can he perform in such condition??

    I hope he won’t leave me with a lasting bad memories before leaving for his MS.

    This is my last straw…. I almost gave up being his fan… :pray: I pray hard for him not to dissapoint me and my frens…

    BTW Pau I don’t think you will be missing that much… He’s not performing up to our standard lately….. Soooooooo… Don’t waste your money and time. wait tilll he has the passion.

    And lastly – I guess some ppl will never understand why we are being a grand mama… Nag nag nag.. We seen the best…. And BEIJING BEST concert… Obviously Not “BEST”…

    Rain I want so much to be your faithfull Fan… But you keep pushing me away.
    Please don’t push me further away… Please give us a decent show… We deserved it… cheybal Bi..

    I beg you

  10. Bam: The thing with Rain is he usually does well when he wants to impress people (is this a Cancerian trait? I’m like that, too :hihihi: ) and since F1 is a worldwide event, I think he would want to impress. Let’s wait and see.

  11. Pau,

    The Race is worldwide event. I’m not sure the concert can be considered worldwide event.. Hmmm afraid the venue will be empty.

    Yeah Pau let see…. But I already feel it’s a failure…

  12. What I’m worried about is the ‘party with Rain’ event that a lot of Malaysian fans are so excited about. I think this is the one that will really disappoint. I pray that it won’t for the sake of those fans, but looking at Rain’s sched? Things are not looking good… :hopeless:

  13. Yeah.. “party” … :sigh: I am very worried. But Pau Malaysia normally call the show as “party” but what it really meant is concert/show…. malaysians are aware of this. All we care is just good show.. We don’t need fan service like being cheeky or whatever.

    I just have a bad feeling about all this… Anyway will write in detail his performance. Pray hard for us pau..

  14. Bam, I meant the Meet and Greet. A lot of Malaysian fans are counting on that. Some even thought Meet and Greet means a one-on-one date with Rain. :err:

  15. I keep on reading your blog these days just because of your words toward Rain. Definitely my english is not good so I had to read again and again and from entries to entries to make sure that I did not misunderstood your meaning.
    I am sure that you know your blog is quite famous among Rain Fans and it has influence on people because we who never have chance to see him, always do believe in what you said. I also know that this is your home and you and your friends can talk whatever you want. I even know his performances in Beijing and Pattaya were not good as normal But DO HE REALLY DESERVES TO RECEIVED ALL THAT BAD WORDS, because everything which you wrote recently hurt my feeling. I mean not only this entry but others, you dont want to be cloud member anymore… you get angry with his words… fan services… pole dancing… doing all things for money or sth…. do he really need a tour….do he need money….nan strip… This is hurt because it is from his true-big-fan as you and your friends. An entry like this will tress on him and other fans more than ten of other scandal. Now I can understand why some artist got depression… If they did something wrong, all media and even their fan will insult or curse on them. Imagine of you receiving bad comment from person who has been loving you, even in the case you were not good at that moment.
    Surely if you cannot love him, that is his fault. I dont know why I make this comment. Just… please think more before you write the next entry about him. Because once you wrote it down on internet, It is not your private though any more, and you re sure not anti fan.

  16. mina: So what you’re saying is, if you love a person, you shouldn’t say THE TRUTH to him so that you won’t hurt his feelings, even if it will be for his own good?

    I’m sorry but in real life, that is not how things are done.

    I’ve always said this: if the contents of this blog are not for your liking, you could always go to other websites and blogs which suit your tastes.

    You know why artists get depression? One of the reasons is because they are not matured enough to handle criticism. A person who knows how to handle it and has a good support system around him – by this I mean friends and family – would not let silly stuff like comments from netizens affect their lives.

    PS: If you really love Rain, then you would know that Rain himself has said many, many times that bad comments are the ones that push him to work harder and perform better. That Rain that you admire is like that because of the things that people like me are saying about him. So why should I stop when I know that what I say will make him a better artist? Think about it.

    PPS: Honestly, I don’t think Rain reads this blog because it’s not in Korean. :neutral:

  17. I admit that almost your interpretation (or analyzes) is right. Even me, I have the same feeling when I watching his performances recently. But the thing I want to express is that “was he as bad as that and does he REALLY deserves to take all that words.”
    Yes it is true, many bad points (not only in his perform) can be seen from him now , but all that things will be nothing if he had extremely good perform (like you said: fire in his eyes) in Beijing and others… Is this fair… is that “supporting” a fan should give him…
    Is not like you do that because of wanting him to be better. However, he disappointed you so you have right to complain. I dont blame you, just feel very very sad.

  18. Yes it is true, many bad points (not only in his perform) can be seen from him now , but all that things will be nothing if he had extremely good perform (like you said: fire in his eyes) in Beijing and others… Is this fair… is that “supporting” a fan should give him…

    So… what should I be giving him? :shrug: I don’t understand.

    You’re right. All the bad points will be nothing if he performs extremely well. See: Intensity concert in Manila. But we’re not seeing that same ‘fire’ in his performances now, isn’t he? Is it wrong to want to see that again?

    I’m sorry, but I don’t belong to the “just to see him smile/just to see his abs is enough for me” category of fans. I became a Rain fan because he’s a great performer. I want to see that in his performances; the cute and sexy parts are just extras. Sadly, I am not seeing that now, and yes, in my opinion, that is BAD because I know he can do a whole lot better. If you think he’s not that bad, then fine. That is your opinion, and this is mine.

  19. Or maybe what you want to say is, I should just keep the negative reviews to myself?

    But… why??? :shrug:

  20. Dont get angry with me because I am really love your blog and admire you since 2008 and still now. We admire you because you have so many chances to see Rain, You did many thing to him, you know things which we dont know, you have very good capacity in interpretation and connecting events, we kept on waiting for your stories.
    But now, lets think base on “blind fan’ ‘s opinion like me, the the entries are something killing the idol in our heart (even it may true). It is 9AM in my place and I keep on reading your blog without sleep last night. I believe you dont tend to do that to other fans. But in someway they has that effect.
    As I said the first comment. I dont know why I want to make that comment. I did not blame you. I even dont tend to argue or give you advice (actually I have no right). Now I am begging you keep down your feeling a little bit for the sake of fans like me.

  21. mina: I’m not angry with you. This is a discussion, not an argument.

    I am just a lowly blogger; I’m not a celebrity who has to maintain a certain image in order to be a good example to people. In fact, I believe whatever ‘fame’ I have now is due to my straight-up, in-your-face style of writing and not because I always stroke the egos of my idols and their fans. Why should I change? If I will always think of what the reader might feel regarding what I wrote, then what is the point of maintaining a blog where I am supposed to express what I truly feel about topics that interest me? Might as well just ask my readers to post their own blogs using instead of whacking my brains trying to write my own.

    Now I’m wondering: what exactly have I been writing these past few days that are not true and are just meant to insult Rain?

  22. Yes, you re free to express your true feeling and that is the point of doing blog.
    We cannot say what is true and what is insult because everything is personal feeling. It is different among yours to mine and to others.
    I hope there is someday you ll love him again and wish you ll have enough free time to re-read what you wrote, at that moment, you may have different feeling in-comparison to this moment. I hope you ll not regret about what you did to the person you love (can I call him as the person you love?, no, i guess, it should be the artist you liked).
    By the way, I ll keep on watching your blog and waiting for changing in your view, wish our Ji Hoon can do it. Anyway, thank you.

  23. Why is it that whenever I ask everyone to pinpoint exactly which part(s) of this blog said this and that, no one answers my question directly? :shrug:

  24. “I hope you ll not regret about what you did to the person you love (can I call him as the person you love?, no, i guess, it should be the artist you liked).”

    I’m sorry.. but I have to laugh at that. ehehehehhehe :hihihi: I don’t think Rain give a fudge what anyone thinks! He is who he is… and he def. need some hard love criticism! 8)

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