Tales from the mosh pit.

mosh pit
— n
[informal] an area at a rock-music concert, usually in front of the stage, where members of the audience dance in a frantic and violent manner

Source: dictionary.com

Being in the rock band scene for about four years, I could say that I’m a veteran of mosh pits. I’ve seen them all: the banging bodies; the brawls that usually end with peace signs being flashed after throwing some punches; the ladies being groped (really, no self-respecting female would want to be in the middle of the mosh pit of a rock concert unless she wants to be ‘touched’; I oftentimes chuckle whenever some girl would complain that she’s been molested while moshing because, honey, if you don’t want to be physically harassed, don’t even go there); the flying water bottles and hell knows what else. My most memorable mosh pit experiences – though I must admit I just watched them from backstage because I still want to live – were those from Pulp events like Summerslam, especially when rap-metal bands like Slapshock, Greyhoundz and Queso (then known as Cheese) were performing. Those bands have amazing audience impact. :rakenrol: The crowd literally becomes One whenever they were onstage.

Now that I’m in the Kpop scene, one might think that a Kpop mosh pit would probably be less interesting than the ones in rock gigs. Na-ah. :nono: I’ve had a few mosh pit experiences in Kpop concerts and I must say, those experiences are one for the books.


Legend Of Rainism, Hong Kong – November 2009

If you think that mosh pit brawls only happen in rock concerts, you are sorely mistaken. Although what we have witnessed at LOR-HK did not go as far as punches being thrown – though it came so close to that at one point – it’s still counts as an amusing experience.

1. There was this French couple – by ‘couple’ I meant a guy and a girl although I think they’re not a dating couple, per se – who were beside us at the mosh pit. Before the show started, the guy went out of the venue to call a friend, leaving the girl to save his place in the ‘pit (although seriously, how does one save a space in a mosh pit?). Naturally, since we’re in a mosh pit, there were a lot of pushing and shoving going around and the French girl bumped bodies with the rest of the people around her as she was trying to save some space for her guy friend. The Chinese fans whom she bumped bodies with started accusing her of pushing them, and of course she defended herself by saying that she wasn’t pushing, she was saving a space for her friend. An argument ensued, which ended with her calling the guy and telling him to come back right now because she can’t save his space anymore. Although I really wouldn’t say it ended with that because I can still see her trading glares and bitchy one-liners with the Chinese fans whenever there’s pushing and shoving (which happened about every two minutes).

2. A few songs into the concert, there’s this Chinese girl who squeezed herself into an already packed crowd and ended up staying right in front of me. It wasn’t too bad at first because I’m a bit taller than her and Rain’s stage was quite high. That is, until Rain stopped in front of us and this genius who squeezed herself in front of me held up a big lightboard that completely blocked Rain from our view. :chair: She did this every time Rain was in our area so it’s really so annoying. On the 4th time that she did this in time with lots of pushing and shoving, the Korean girl next to her, who probably was also very annoyed at her constant blocking of everyone’s view of Rain with her lightboard, started screaming at her. The Chinese fan fought back, and they screamed at each other right in front of me and Chie. :err: The funny thing was, the Korean girl was fighting in Korean while the Chinese girl was fighting in Chinese. Yet, somehow, they understood each other. :hihihi: Just as the Korean girl was taunting the Chinese girl with, “you want a piece of me, huh?? Huh?!” (she said this in Korean, but her tone and body language told me that’s what she was saying), the French guy – you know, the same French guy who was the object of the previous mosh pit brawl – hooked his arm on the Chinese girl’s neck and literally lifted her off by the neck to remove her from our area. :clap: Needless to say, everyone in our place in the ‘pit, be it Chinese, Japanese, Filipino or whatever nationality they were, thanked the Korean girl and the French guy for weeding out the nuisance.

Intensity with Rain and UKISS – Manila, September 11, 2010

I didn’t witness any mosh pit brawls here since I was in the company of people I know and are friends with, but I wasn’t short of any amusing experiences. To wit:

1. I totally missed taking good footage of some important portions of Rain’s set because I mistakenly stood beside a Golden Girl who gets too excited at times like those. Hence, all my outputs were nothing but blurry shapes.

2. I got hit in the head three times by an overzealous KissMe during UKISS’ set. :stretcher: (You might wonder: there’s a KissMe at the Intensity moshpit?? Yes. She’s a Cloud first and a KissMe second. Or maybe it’s the other way around? Anyway…)

3. Said overzealous KissMe screamed her head off right in my right ear after one of Rain’s songs. I would normally be annoyed by it, but what she was screaming was, “BiKyo” and “Song Hye Kyo”.

Big Bang, The Big Show 2011 – Seoul, South Korea, February 27, 2011

It’s not only my first time to watch a full concert in Korea; it’s also my first time to be at a mosh pit that’s super-packed and crowded. :stretcher: Being in that situation certainly brings some amusing experiences:

1. I’ve mentioned this on my Big Show aftermath report: it was an advantage on our part to have come from a tropical country. While everyone else around us were falling one by one because of heat exhaustion, we were even wearing our winter coats. While those in front squeezed themselves out of the ‘pit, we managed to squeeze ourselves closer and closer to the stage. By the last third of the show, I can already see the main stage whereas before that, I could only see it through the LED screens.

2. There was this big guy, around six feet tall, who squeezed himself into the crowd by pretending that he’s looking for someone. He placed himself in front of Lou and totally blocked her view, then I saw him bobbing his head in time with Big Bang’s music. :kilay: Apparently, his ‘looking for someone’ stunt was just that, a stunt. That was really inconsiderate of him, so of course Lou had to tell him to move his ass out of the way. That didn’t stop him from blocking other people’s views, though.

3. There’s this girl who was holding a Big Bang crown lightstick and waved it like there’s no tomorrow. :nono: At first she was in front of Charity and practically impaled Cha’s face with the lightstick. Charity patted her at the shoulder and gestured to her to go easy on the lightstick-waving because she’s hitting the people behind her in the face. I don’t think she got the message, though, because after a few pushes and I ended up behind her, I was the next one to get almost impaled in the face with the crown lightstick. :stretcher: Lou got victimized by her, as well. It would be difficult to reason with her, given the language barrier, so we just stayed away from anywhere within two feet of her deadly crown lightstick.

4. I never thought I’d witness something akin to a Pulp Summerslam crowd when a rap-metal band is onstage on a Kpop concert. I witnessed it at Big Show. The song? GD-TOP’s High High. :rakenrol: I swear, the venue was BOOMING during the chorus part. It was amazing, to say the least. I don’t usually jump during concerts – basically because I can’t – but with this number, I did and that is because I have no choice. It was a packed crowd, everyone was jumping, so I had no choice but to be lifted off my feet, as well.

5. When the ‘chaos’ of the encore numbers ensued, we just had to go with the flow. Literally. Since the crowd would naturally go towards any part of the stage where there’s a Big Bang member, it would be crazy for us to resist the flow because that would mean Death By Stampede. So we just went along with it.

6. One lesson I learned from watching Big Show from the mosh pit: try to keep your mouth closed if you can. Yes, I realize that it’s quite ridiculous to keep one’s mouth closed when she’s moshing at a concert, but you will get the drift once you read the rest of this paragraph. At the chaos that was the encore, everyone was jumping and screaming. The girl in front of me was sporting long, unkempt hair. She jumped like there’s no tomorrow. All of her hair went straight into the mouth of the person behind her, ie., me. Fortunately, I think she washed her hair that day so it wasn’t funky or anything like that. Still, eating someone else’s hair at the mosh pit? Not really a pleasant experience. It’s certainly blog-worthy, though.



  1. This was fun reading. I’ll pass being in a Rain mosh pit, for one being a big woman I know I would block people even if I was there first and people moved close to me, I’d be hearing, oh see that big white lady blocking me…blah blah blah. I’m aware going to Rain events my friends are much smaller than me so stand back to let shorter people get in front. Even while in LA during Ninja Assassin premiere on a public street standing behind barricades, I let shorter fans squeeze in front of me. It pisses me off that they do that, (I wouldn’t do it without asking first) but that’s just me. In the future, I won’t put myself in that situation as it almost spoils the fun for me.

  2. OMG.. I’m laughing my ass off over here reading your blog!!! Tooooooo darn funny!!!! I wished I was there watching the Korean and Chinese girl fighting!! Would love to see how that Chinese girl was “lifted” away from everyone! :thumbup:

    The hair in the mouth part… now that’s gross!!! ehheheheheh

  3. ahahahaha… :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao:

    im imagining the korean and chinese girl Fighting , i wished i was there to watc it :hihihi:
    and the girl who was screaming “BiKyo” and “Song Hye Kyo” :lmao:
    i think im gonna screaming like her :lol:

    hah.. i like to read this one :thumbup:

  4. Hah, this was fun reading. Thank you so much for this crazy little blog.

    Agent P wrote:

    “I oftentimes chuckle whenever some girl would complain that she’s been molested while moshing because, honey, if you don’t want to be physically harassed, don’t even go there); ”

    Just gotta say “CHEERS” to that, mate! :)

  5. He he… that’s so true Agent. P! Cool read and cool to see that someone has the nerve to say that women just must accept to be groped if they are at a concert! :)

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