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Allkpop: Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo announce their break-up

Ok, what period are we in right now? First quarter of 2011, right? My blog’s resident psychic has just kicked ass once again. :evil:

(Sorry, I don’t want to be childish and gloat about something like this, but can you blame me?) :cheer:

PS: The statement from the agencies said they broke up early this year. When was the Taxi interview with Mr Hyun Bin where he said he’s dating? Apparently, it’s not with Song Hye Kyo. :phew: See what we meant about him not mentioning any names? :blink:

PPS: Can I just say, what great timing is it for Hyun Bin to make this announcement AFTER enlistment? :rolleyes: Now it’s SHK who has to deal with this ALONE, by herself. What an ass.



  1. GFC, first of all, that’s not a Japanese site. How can anyone take you seriously if you can’t even tell one language from another and just drag certain nationalities just to make an issue?

    Fookyu, please stop wasting my blog space with your inability to comprehend what you’re reading.

    sucy, please use English. Thank you.

  2. @ Fookyu..yes!! they might be getting married with different persons tat is :cheer:

    @GNC …and why Rain in tis pictures?????

  3. link

    Song Hye Kyo character questioned
    The temptation to run out to a man accused of throwing
    Posted: 2011-03-10 05:13 Source: enter e-paper
    Golden Paper News South Korea News Kim reported that the most talked about couple Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo screen breaking it! Prior to the Japanese magazine that the actor often came with the cooperation relationship of the Song Hye Kyo is the “devil woman”, the temptation is very good man, finished like a throw by throw away trash. The evaluation of this beautiful woman walking routes can be described as a fatal blow Song Hye Kyo, its quite a good impression in China has also raged audience.
    But there are a lot of people questioned said they believe the article, many saying that Song Hye Kyo beauty, figure and acting are generally, used to be too much, look at their past love affair, she really is too easy with the cooperation of the actor together.

    Biography for Rain

    The “ideal female body does not necessarily have exquisite curves, contrast, elongation of my favorite cute little pot, or chubby arms, the girls flash a flash.” Rain of this sentence so that people found him Song Hye Kyo’s relationship with the unusual. In 2004, just broke up with Lee Byung Hun, Song Hye Kyo and Rain cooperation “Full House”, and soon broke the news there are insiders: “Rain and Song Hye Kyo’s love is that! Just broke up with Lee Byung Hun, Song Hye Kyo, very painful emptiness, The Rain in due course to give comfort to the side, and gradually developed a romantic relationship. “At that time, fans witnessed the two men went to a sporting goods store shopping, but both rebuked a rumor. The next year, Song Hye Kyo several study tours to the United States, Rain also received vocal training in the United States, both in foreign news in the online dating sweet crazy pass. Song Hye Kyo said: “I told Rain is the same age, he has little old me, it is easy to get along. Finished filming, I like Rain, the director and other actors occasionally eat together, we are all good friends.” They have been love is not acknowledged, but said gossip Rain Song Hye Kyo who have relastionship, and Song Hye Kyo 2007 film “Hwang Jin Yi,” when, Rain had also sent to supper and to visit the set. (Yang Li)

  4. @Gfc,this crap is from an infamous chinese website and this is the first time that I heard that there are people who believe its reports

  5. ay ayaw tumigil!!! bakit masyadong maangas yang bwisita mo ms.Pau? siya na nga itong nangangapit bahay eh siya pa itong matabil ang dila. baka nakakalimutan nya na blog mo ito, eh kung gusto niyang magmonologue eh gawa siya ng sarile nyang blog at doon sya mag ngangawa.

  6. So according to that poor excuse of an article, a woman who has fallen in love many times is the devil? What era did that writer come from? It’s now 2011, not 1911. :rolleyes: And who the heck still buys that crap??

    I’ll tell you who buys that crap. It’s people who are jealous that SHK had all those incredibly gorgeous men falling for her. :neutral:

    chinaeyes: Eversince naman mas maangas talaga mga bwisita dito kesa sa may-ari ng bahay. Feeling ata nila kaya nilang maghari-harian dito eh hindi naman sila ang nagbabayad ng webspace at domain ko. Mag-start na kaya akong maningil?

  7. I do not know why the Korean news will report the chinese news saying that Tangwei is the third party. :ehh: Actually there are many chinese reports saying that the third party is HJW so why drag Tangwei into the scenes ? Is it because she is a non-korean and there will be no one to defend her ? :think:

    If Tangwei is really the culprit, it just means that the breakup actually happened in Jan2010 or even earlier….so the breakup announcement only comes now ….is it because AM wants to protect HB’s career and delayed the announcement by more than a year ? I already read many netizen and fans comments that they are pissed off because the agencies have been feeding them with lies for so long. If three months are long, then 1 year and 3 months is :notalk:

    Assuming the breakup timing is really in early 2010, who is the YES in TAXI ?

  8. Aaaishhh…The agencies has been feeding them lies since Aug 5’2009 … ….. tat’s all I can say!

  9. this is so unfair for hye kyo…i believe in what Rain said, that she has a beautiful heart…so she ain’t an evil woman… :asar: this bunch of people are just jealous of her…and of course they don’t wanna the blame the other party so they put all the blame on her….anyway, she is a strong woman, so I hope with the support of her family,friends and fans, she will be able to overcome this… :smile: ..AJA AJA SHK! :bop:

  10. I liked HB as an actor, i’ve watched 3 of his kdramas and i found his acting to be ‘endearing’, no wonder he’s so popular now. I also used to regard him as a sensible person, i mean he projects an image of mature, silent type, intelligent idol, doesn’t he?
    but i guess an image is just an image, it could be very far from who the person really is…
    How could a ‘good’ guy whose supposed to have been in a relationship with a girl agree on something like this? Should’nt it be the guy protecting the girl and not the other way around? Abandon her and leave her alone to deal with issues that could be damaging to her image, while he is safe inside the military camp with his ‘good guy image’ intact.
    He is an asshole. I hope he comes out as a better person after 2 yrs in military…

  11. SHK is a “devil” just because every actors falls in love with her? Such BS!! Only the insane, naive, and antis will believe such crap!! It’s not her fault that she’s beautiful and talented! Stop being jealous and open your eyes to what’s really happening!

    Again, HB is an a-hole for letting the agency announce the breakup AFTER he’s safely being MS!! :chair:

  12. @bisarang: NGYAR! :hihihi:

    Well, at least you broke the ice, so to speak. Poor SHG. I really don’t believe that there was ever a relationship between Hyun-Bin and SHG. And even if there was, that really doesn’t make her “evil”.

    GFC, really! Were the heck did you get that conclusion? :dizzy:

  13. @LMFAO: Wow! Are you a girl? I know that most people who talk that way is either on drugs or uneducated. Really!!!

    Bi-Kyo fans are rejoicing here, if you’re not one of us- then scram!!!

    Is that how you look at SHG? Sad. Really sad.

    To all Bi-Kyo! Cheers!!! :nyenye2:


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