(Updated) Rain and his love for little girls.


Rain surely doesn’t hide his desire to have a daughter, doesn’t he? Not only did he attempt to “kidnap” the little girl after he received the award, when he returned onstage for the photo op – still clutching the little girl’s hand – he looked a bit wistful when he had to part ways with her. Aww JiHoon… unfortunately, for you to have a daughter, said daughter must have a mom. Or at least, there should be an egg that should be fertilized.

Anyway… other than almost turning into an ice cube after standing in the middle of a chilly open space for about two hours, the event was fun. We saw way too many Korean celebrities than we had expected. Admittedly, the one part that gave me goosebumps was when they announced the award for Baker King Kim Tak Gu. You all know how much I love that drama. :thumbup:

I’d still have to select, resize, tag and upload the hundreds of photos that we took but I’m too tired and sleepy right now. It’s already 2am here in Seoul and we have an early day later. Will update this entry with the photos later.


Edit: Here are part of the photos from the SACA. More can be found at my Facebook page if you are on my friends list and I did not block you. :razz: PLEASE KEEP ALL CREDITS WHEN RE-POSTING AND PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK. THANK YOU!!



  1. Awesome! Was waiting for this! Looking forward to the update when you have time.

    So with his love for a daughter, I know how to catch his attention the next time he’s in the States. I just need to bring my daughter with me! With her big eyes, he’ll love her and then Mommy will have a chance! ekekekekekekek 8)

  2. He’s so cute and hope to see his little one in the near future..=)

    Look forward to the photos but go rest!!!

  3. Has Lou told you what Rain said on the stage ?
    He said, he would give up the award , just for the kisses of the kids. He said that he has said many times that he wanted to get marry and has a daughter.

    It is really a extraordinary thank you speech on stage. :hihihi:

    Rain , you need to action, actions speak more than words !!!

  4. WOW!!! yes!!! get a wife first , Ji Hoon!!!

    Went thru some pictures on the event …. he looks good in tat tux … in fact, he looks hawt!! Did he wore a ring??

  5. In today Sohu interview…they have arranged 4 girls to dance for Rain. Mr. Rain then said he wants to have his wife bear him 4 girls now.

  6. Rain went on saying that it will be a bit hard for his wife, but he really wants to have 4 girls.

  7. And then the male MC and Rain did the ‘Fighting’ in chinese , wishing Rain can succeed to have 4 girls. :bop:

  8. I have made 4 screen caps from the Sohu interview

    the first time he said he wanted 4 girls

  9. He said though it will be a bit difficult for his wife , he still wanted to have 4 daughters.

  10. yeahh.. changsa looks is Back :hihihi:
    aaahhh.. Rain oppa really love little girls

    in adieu he said wanted get married soon
    and now he said wanted have 4 Daughters

    the Conclusion is get married NOW rain oppa! :angel: :grin:

  11. 4 daughters??? AJA AJA Fighting, Jihoon!! :soju: better start searching for the would be mom of your 4 daughters…. :nyenye2: ;)

    Love his looks..yeah..brings back changsa days…. :dream:

  12. oh, “daughter-fool” was present again! :cheer:
    better have one right after MS. gotta be a lot of work to have all 4 before he turns 40. ;P
    his wifey should be one tough woman. :angel:

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