Just sayin’.

Hey, remember when a representative of J Tune issued a statement dropping the words, “we’re considering legal action” as regards the topic of Rain’s concert in Manila? Yup, it turns out, the concert – ok, SHOW – is true. I was there, I saw it happen, and it’s all documented on this blog and many other places.

Do remember that whenever some entertainment agency representative out there drops the line, “we’re considering legal action.” Until the agency does file a case, those are just empty words that are bound to be eaten. Just sayin’. :blink:


You’re an entertainer and you demand that your private life should remain private? Then you shouldn’t have entered showbusiness in the first place. :neutral: Also, you should’ve whacked your staff in the head for being too much of a tattle-tale and tell them to stop volunteering information about your private life to the media or else they’ll be fired. If it happened once, that should be enough. But twice, thrice, too many times? Please. :rolleyes:


On to another, very different topic…

I’ve been watching fancams from Rain’s Adieu Concert. I don’t know if any of you noticed, but his female dancers are like cyborgs; they seem to be devoid of facial expressions. :neutral: This fact makes me miss Far Young and his World Tour dancers (Menina, Destini and Nicole). I know they’re just back-up dancers and the focus shall be on Rain, but that’s not what performing is all about. Sure, they can dance… wait, that’s an overstatement because they’re also kinda not graceful enough. :shutup: I’ll rephrase: They can do the steps, but with the lack of gracefulness and facial expression, they might as well be replaced by dancing robots. Same difference, although dancing robots might cost more.



  1. I”m just sayin ….
    It is very rare (though it does happen) but it really rare when couple rumors struck on lead & 2nd lead actors …..unless it is well know amongst the crew that the other main lead is taken … happen in FUGITIVE PLAN B …LNY rumored to be dating DH ….hmmmm :think:

  2. There’s a rumor going on that H2 is broke up and seem like something going on with him and the leading lady in the drama..i saw article stated that when HB receive an award. he didn’t even mention hye kyo at all..but mention the leading lady in a very meaningful words..

  3. dancing cyborg, promoting his old movie..hahhahah. don’t get distracted by his broom head so you can focus on him…. :lol:

  4. All my friends that have attended the concerts are all back home now . As they attended most of his concerts ,they have noted a few differences this time :
    ~less flirtings with fans ,not much those wi :hmf: :nyenyenye: nk~no intimacy with his female dancers
    ing eyes .heart signs

  5. I noticed that with the fancams. He’s not as flirty with the female dancers as he was during LOR days.

  6. I miss Far Young too! The best female dancer. :thumbup:
    And now when I see her dancing on top of JYP, I cringe. I sometimes pity her. :hihihi:

    His female dancers are more attractive now than the first ones he had when he started in J.tune, but still robotic and no stage presence whatsoever. :chair:

  7. Sorry for my messy post :wall: ….I thought I have not posted this one as I am writing it while on my way to work
    So actually what I want to say is…

    All my friends who are at the concerts are back home now…as they have been attending his concerts, they all say that the Adieu concerts are very different…
    – no flirtations with the fans , no blowing kiss, no heart signs or winky eyes
    – no intimacy with the female dancers…they are just his tools for performing
    – so much talking….he talked the most as compared to all his previous concerts.
    – a lot of mentioning about marriage, his gf, BUT this time , he never asked the fans to introduce gf to him
    – he gave a definite timeframe for marriage this time….he said very soon / now….though no idea on how long is very soon or now. :rolleyes:

  8. A friend tried to translate one of his spiels and she’s not sure, but she thinks he mentioned 10 months? Like, he’ll get married within 10 months or something. Anyway, let’s wait for our Korean friends to confirm.

    Edit: Within 10 months, so… September? :think:

    leix: Iisa lang ata kasi ang qualification: kailangan makinis at may dibdib. :phew: (ay, dalawa pala yun)

  9. Points to ponder: why would a bachelor singer focus his concert spiels on the subject of marriage?

  10. :offtopic:
    Just finished watching EP 15 for Secret Garden …. something just make me smile ….along the drama, there were mentioning of KIM SUN AH’s name , 1 in earlier ep & one in ep15 … in addition, in episode either 8 or 9 (i cant remember) …HB talked about RAIN & SNOW .. :smile:

    Probably, It was just coincidental …. but well, I’m loving it!! :cheer:

  11. A friend of mine, who is NEW BUT RABIDLY AVID fan of Rain, watched his concert in Korea last Dec 31. So she was actually with Rain at the strike of 2011. If I got her story right.
    The thing that struck me was, she picked up from some Korean friends during the concert that SHG is his ex? I told her that is decade old “rumor”. So there are still people outside of BKFN who talk about it, fyi.

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