Murphy’s Law.

It all started when my Canon Sx200 started acting up by not reading the memory card even if there’s nothing wrong with the card itself (other devices can read it so it’s not the card that has a problem). It has been acting up before but it gets fixed after some minor troubleshooting. Now, it just doesn’t want to work anymore. :aargh:

Then, when I got home last Friday – Saturday early morning, to be exact – my less-than-6-months-old CPU decided to adopt my old CPU’s vice of self-destructing whenever I receive a bonus from work. This time, the hard drive decided to un-detect itself. :aargh: My brother brought it to the shop instead of fixing it himself since it’s still under warranty but I haven’t heard from him since Sunday so I don’t know if the problem is just a minor tightening of cables or something major like the entire thing crashing. Geez, I hope not. :pray: All those downloads I painstakingly did the past few months (NOT porn, if I may emphasize) will just go down the drain if the hard disk has crashed. :nailbite: Anyway, I didn’t have internet the entire weekend because I left my laptop at my office and I probably won’t be able to come back until after our Christmas party, since I’ve been holed up at our Provincial Office these past few days rehearsing for our presentation.

Monday, I got a break: I was able to go to my office and get my laptop. Finally, internet!!! Uh, nope. Just when I have the laptop, good ol’ Globe decided to have its downtime. :wall: Even the prepaid service, which initially was performing even better than the postpaid, has completely stopped working.

So now, I’m posting this pretty late because I may have a computer but I had no internet. That is, until now.


Last Saturday was KpopCon 2. I initially didn’t want to attend – to be exact, I wanted to boycott the event because I still couldn’t quite forgive them for what they did to CloudPH last September. Yes, I’m childish that way – but for the sake of showing support to my club, I went ahead anyway.

I came in pretty late so I only had a few photos (not to mention that my camera was acting up). I do feel proud of our booth, because it’s one of the most crowded ones despite it being a booth of a ‘non-idol’ that most of the kiddos don’t even know nor care about. Proof: We had a simple trivia/consequence activity for the ‘Tour To Korea’ game and majority of the participants don’t even know Rain’s real name. :shrug: But people still flocked to our booth to take pics. Trust the standee of a half-naked man with spectacular abs to still work like a charm. :naughty:


It is interesting to note that while the young ones immediately zone in to the idol booths, their chaperones – moms, grandmoms, aunts, older sisters and the like – would go and check out the CloudPH booth. :hihihi: Not that it’s an issue; it is a known fact that Rain’s audience, especially here in the Philippines, is really composed mostly of the Young At Heart. And we’re not ashamed to admit that, in fact we’re proud of it. :thumbup:

The CloudPh booth was also one of the booths that stood out according to Yahoo Philippines’ article. I know the kind of hard work that the staff and volunteers have put into making the club’s participation a success. Here’s a trivia: The net with the clouds? That was handmade by Charity, Lou and Kairu a few hours before the event and they even went to the venue for the ingress as early as 2:00am. They had little to no sleep at all. We also had volunteers who stayed at the booth and supervised the activities from beginning to end. Thus, this commendation from Yahoo-Ph is well-deserved. :clap: This is why I’m confident about resigning as admin of CloudPh. I know that I’m leaving the club in good hands. I could never work as hard as these people did.

One of the reasons why I decided to go to Kpopcon2 is to see the CPH tarps. I was drafted to design the tarps (basically because we’re pressed for time and I’m like, the only one available who’s not doing anything), so naturally, I chose the pics that I took from Intensity.


This is why no one should draft me to do anything for this club because I’ll end up showcasing my own work. :hihihi:

The rest of the pics are on CloudPH’s and my own Facebook photo albums.

PS: Can I just say that I was pretty amazed at the sheer number of DSLRs used at the Kpopcon, some of which were carried by young people who are not even out of college yet? :shock: It’s either young people of today have a lot of money to splurge on expensive gadgets, or DSLRs have become so cheap. Or I’m just jealous because I’ve been working for almost 16 years and I still can’t afford even the cheapest DSLR. :boinkself:


In other (late) news…

Rain saying he’s going to show his abs at the Adieu Concert is news??? If he says he’s going to keep his body away from our prying eyes, THAT is news.



  1. Congratulations CPH! If I were there dun rin lang siguro ako sa CPH booth coz I’m not really a fan of other K-pop idols. Those tarps look good AgentP!

  2. Nice booth u got there, Ms Pau!!

    On another note ….
    3 of SHK male leads has topped a survey of the star who will seem to keep the woman he loves regardless of any emergency situation ….
    1. Bi (Her supposedly BF-F) , 2. Won Bin (Her supposedly Boss) & 3. Hyun Bin (Her supposedly BF) … :rakenrol:

  3. Congratulations CPH for having a wonderful booth!…I was really envious to those who came :cry:
    me too…dun lang ako sa CPH booth coz’ hindi ko talaga mapilit yung sarili kong magustuhan yung ibang idols aside from Rain…(at BOA…gusto kong mag collab sila ni Rain…ok whatever!)

    PS: I’m still 16…but I really don’t like kpop groups and super pa”cute” thingies…maybe because I have told myself that…why would I settle for less if I already got the best???… :hihihi: …yeah yeah I’ll admit it!…you can really tell that I’m “BI”-BIAS! :sshh:

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