Fugitive Plan B – The Final.

Just to get this out of the way: Yes, I officially SUCK at speculating when it comes to Fugitive. My guess as to which major character will die at the beginning of the final episode was not only totally wrong but also totally off the mark. The guy wasn’t even in the scene. :wall:

And I knew it: I jinxed myself. Dammit. :wall:

Anyway… right this moment, I couldn’t help but compare my over-all reaction after watching the finale of Fugitive with my over-all reaction after watching the finale of A Love To Kill. I had so many complaints about ALTK, but at least I had strong reactions to it. I look forward for something to complain about every week. (That doesn’t sound like a complement, but in a way, it was.) With Fugitive, it was… meh. :neutral: I can’t say I like it – because I don’t – but I can’t say I hate it, neither. I didn’t feel any ‘bang’ for a supposedly huge finale episode. Which is so sad because the series started really big. It ended with a whimper. Moreover, resolving everything within less than 30 minutes felt so anti-climactic. It’s like… we had to go in circles for 19 and a half episodes and it still ended up that way.

My only lingering issue with this is [SPOILER] how they resolved the ‘romance’ area of this drama for the two lead characters. I know that the Kieko character has already been shrugged off as soon as her last scene was aired, but does it have to be completely forgotten?? Poor thing, she had to watch her boyfriend propose to another woman on national TV. :nono: Jiwoo, you’re such an ass doing that, don’tcha know? Jiwoo and Jini’s relationship had not enough build-up and was left open-ended. I don’t think a couple of smacks constitute a happy ending, especially for two people who still have issues left hanging.

Anyway… I’m still looking forward to tomorrow’s special episode. Hopefully it’s going to be worth missing the final leg of The Amazing Race Asia.



  1. Feliss: Yeah, I think you should because other people think it’s the best ending ever. So maybe I’m just biased or something.

  2. I hv not watched the final episode as yet …let it be on open mystery to me …for now.

    But one thing i know for sure that I cannot connect is the chemistry between Jini & Jiwoo …. how hard I tried , there is still no ELECTRIFYING feel bet them …..
    Mayb I think too much of JINI being the good friend of soneONE … :chair:

  3. KSS announced that he is getting married in 2011….so hopefully the FH gang will all come to his wedding. :cheer:

  4. Wloi: What’s with Rain’s ring? Sorry, I’ve been away for long that I’m not updated to any news on BiKyo.

  5. Hey Ms Pau…I hope you are okay…nothing serious!! Do take care!!

    @ WLOI – Really ?? when he said tat? It should be b4 he enter MS ….n tat shld be first 1/2H of the year!!!! :nyenye2:

  6. Since NS is having a tight shooting schedule…according to various tweets and blogs…Hyekyo was seen shooting on 27Nov, 6-11Dec…

    Rain was seen yesterday with MBLAQ…probably they have been practising together.

  7. OMG! KSS is getting married… :drool: ..who’s the lucky girl??? :whoa:

    Sure would love to see the all FH cast in attendance for this very special event on his life. :cheer:

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