Clicking on old links…

I couldn’t include this on my previous entry because it’s totally off-topic, so I decided to just write a new one. Not that it’s important or anything. It just made me :hihihi: which is totally what I need right now.

I mentioned before that I sometimes click on the “Related Posts” links below each entry and the comments on this one caught my eye. In case you’re too lazy to click on that, here’s the rundown:

  1. I posted a pic of Song Hye Kyo from the premiere of Lee Na Young’s movie.  Yes, THAT Lee Na Young.
  2. On the comments section, it was mentioned that Rain was in the running for the new Ko Hyun Jung drama, which, as we all know, finally went to Kwon Sang Woo (and ironically, it’s directly in competition with Rain’s Fugitive Plan B).
  3. Ko Hyun Jung was with SHK at that premiere and we had pointed it out at the comments section of that entry.
  4. Eventually, Rain did end up partnering with Lee Na Young.  Yes, THAT Lee Na Young whose movie premiere was attended by SHK and Ko Hyun Jung. :hihihi:

Yeah, this entry is totally lame. But it made me laugh, so…
On that note, I want to wish Song Hye Kyo a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :party:



  1. Your related posts this time refers to Cyborg premiere… :kilay:

    Yesterday nite, a passerby saw Plan B and Rain filming at the riverside…that is around 9pm Korea time…hope he can have a good rest today.

  2. Haha thanks Pau, have a nice week! :hug: I wonder if any gf of Kyo will be the next partner :nyenye2:
    Happy birthday to Kyo! Wish all the best come soon ! :cheer:

  3. Happy Birthday Mamabear! Where is she anyway? It’s so quiet on her front. Except for a really nice photoshoot for a mag in December I hope she becomes super showbiz active soon.

  4. I rekon ‘BI-KYO’ must hv made some sort of an agreement earlier …. U co-starred my BFF, I’ll co-starred yours …

    SHK-Cha Tae Hyun
    Rain- Lee Na Young

    Anyway, Happy Birthday to SHK ….

    So, finally there’s SHK sighting in Seoul!!! Yep, I too like her covers for Dec’10 BAZAAR mags …

  5. hahaha.. nice post :phew:

    Happy Birthday to Song Hye-Kyo :party: :party: :party:
    wishing you all the best ,amen :angel: :pray:

    btw, is that Gom Manager with Rain?
    i thought he was in japan :hihihi:

  6. How *she* spent her birthday: attended the opening ceremony for her new project, then the prod team gave her a party. Her “BF” was celebrating with his gf went to his BFFs premiere.

    Meanwhile, the other guy was working until noon. Whereabouts after that: unknown.

    Hmm… :think:

    (Hala, sige, quote na, dali!)

  7. Hmmm wonder wat she got this year for her Birthday present???
    Last yr was a Jindo dog … name i love ‘SEOUL’ …. errr I mean ‘ SOUL ‘ :rakenrol:

  8. Happy Birthday Song Hye Kyo… :party:
    Whew…”BF” (?) ..what a way to celebrate GF’s Bday…. :lol:
    The Other guy – maybe he blocked his sked in the afternoon to do an important mission??? :err: :mrgreen:

  9. I like the thought that somebody made time in his sked to give someone some seaweed soup and gifts. :soju: Ang sweet naman! Si official BF :chair: kaloka ka granted BFF is your boss pero maski na!

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