Playful Kiss, in bullets.


  • I saw this drama by chance. Or by ‘force’, if you will, because I spent a weekend at a hotel room with some friends to do a Korean drama marathon and this was on the playlist. I didn’t expect to like it, but honestly, I did.
  • Sometimes, it’s nice to just sit back and enjoy a Korean drama without the need to use your head too much. Playful Kiss belongs to this category. It’s kiddie stuff, but all of us have a little child inside that you just want to summon at times.
  • Kim Hyun Joong’s acting is miles better here compared to Boys Over Flowers, where he was just a statue most of the time. His acting still lacks depth, but at least he’s convincing enough to play the genius with good looks and arrogant manner, but could be a softie inside. When the girls swoon over him, you understand why.
  • Jung So Min as Oh Ha Ni reminds me so much of Yoon Eun Hye circa Princess Hours. Also, sorry if this sounds shallow, but it’s such a refreshing sight to see a Korean female who actually has hips and thunder thighs. :hihihi: I mean this as a compliment.
  • By the middle of the series, I found the Bong Joon Gu character really annoying. I mean, it’s one thing to be hopelessly in love, but to be obsessive and needy, especially for a guy? At some point, I just want to slap him silly.
  • You wanna know how Song Hye Kyo would look like about 10-15 years from now? Look at the actress who played Baek Seung Jo’s mom.
  • I’m not comfortable looking at Lee Si Young’s face. Sometimes it looks crooked; sometimes, it looked like it’s going to crack into pieces or something.
  • While this drama is not lacking in “kilig” moments, somehow I feel that there’s an invisible wall between Seung Jo and Ha Ni especially when they hug. It looked and felt weird because those moments when they hug were moments where I feel like hugging Baek Sung Jo because he’s so lovable despite being an ass, but when Ha Ni finally hugs him it’s like, “…eh? That’s it???” :shrug: I don’t know if it’s bad acting on the part of the actors. They look so self-conscious during sweet moments. The kissing scenes weren’t the usual Korean drama kiss where two statues would press their lips together (at least, in this drama, we saw some jaw action from Hyun Joong and So Min lips move a lil’ bit), but because of the ‘invisible wall’, it still feels a bit lacking.
  • Episode 2 of the YouTube edition is a cringe-fest with all those needles.
  • The main theme sung by G.Na has been ringing in my head for more than a week now.
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    1. I watched this when it was aired in MBC i think …. it’s purely for leisure & entertainment after a hard day at werk where u need not used your brain to watch!!

      Tho’ Ha Ni’s character did irritate me sometime ……. she was soooo all over Seung Jo..

      And this drama was definitely not an Ahjuma’ kindda drama coz the rating was pretty low…. e highest it got was 8% …if i cud remember. But it is top 10 most popular at one of the online watch drama which I patronize.

      Is Seung Jo’s mom the one who ‘make’ herself look like SHK?? It was in the media sometime back???

    2. See? I knew you’d enjoy this drama. I liked KHJ here even more than in BOF. I especially love those moments when Seung Jo acts all snobbish and stubborn to Ha Ni but smiles once he turns his back coz he was just making fun of her. Did I say he’s soooo adorable in these scenes? :drool: :drool: :drool:

      I also agree with the “wall” between Kim Hyun Joong and Jong Su Min that’s why I don’t feel “threatend” at all. :lol: On the contrary, watching their “kilig” scenes made me watch We Got Married again coz there are just so many similarities between them.

    3. Hi Pau, glad you enjoyed it too. yeah it’s mababaw but it reminded me why i fell in love with k-pop after watching Full House and My Sassy Girl, tho it’s adapted from a Japanese manga i felt it had all the classic elements that made me fall in love with Korean entertainment. And of course I’m a KHJ fan too so it was refreshing for me na kaya pa rin nya palang i-improve ang acting nya hahaha. hopefully, he gets better pa. and the girl, JSM, minus the awkward romantic scenes, was really good and pretty too. i think she’s the one who really carried this drama.

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