Warning: Super-bored Agent P on the loose.

I decided to skip work today because my left ear has been bothering me (and the boss is out, so…) so I was just at home all day doing practically nothing. After seeing Episode 4 of Glee Season 2 – a must-watch, by the way, because it’s like the old Glee is back – I decided to start watching Fugitive. You see, I’ve been putting it off until the English subs are available because I noticed from watching Episodes 1 and 2 without subs that they weren’t too appealing if you don’t understand what’s going on. It’s literally just running and running. Ok, there are car chases, too, but let’s not be too literal.

To be fair? The drama isn’t bad at all. Understanding the dialog really makes a huge difference because the lines turned out to be witty and well-written. Although the plot does sound complicated if you just base it on Episode 1, which is probably why a lot of people got turned off and gave up on it. I think things started to really catch on in Episode 2.

Anyway… I’m on Episode 2 now, and I don’t know why I didn’t notice this before when we were watching it via LCD projector. Probably because I was looking forward more to seeing Ji Woo’s fake passport with the very amusing birth date of 25 September 1982. :hihihi: But the frame before that turned out to be more interesting:


Check out the name of the ship. You may click on the image to view a larger version if you’re having difficulty reading the text.

I thought at first that ‘New Camellia’ was the ship that Ji Woo and Jini boarded at, but when I reviewed it to make that screencap (as requested to me at Twitter), it turned out to be just a random shot of a ship sailing in the coasts of Busan. Or is it really random? “Camellia”? In Busan? :blink:

If you’re not getting this, then you should consult our good friend Google because I ain’t spoon-feeding anyone.


I wish KBS will make an exception for this year’s Drama Awards and allow a Man+Man pair to be nominated as Best Couple. Rain and Lee Jung Jin Couple totally deserves that award. Should we file a petition for this? :hihihi:


Edited to add:

To anyone who may be interested: Worlds Within (Tagalog-dubbed) will be aired in the Philippines at QTV-11 starting October 18, 2010, 7:00pm.

(Subukan ko lang kung may hihigop nito. hehe)



  1. Haven’t watched it yet as I’m also waiting on the English sub so will probably dl all before starting it. So Rain and LJJ interaction is funny huh? Looking forward to it for sure.

    Hope you feel better Missy! But it’s nice being home no? :blink:

  2. Yeah, I agree with…just finished watching EP 1 &2 at My Soju…it does make sense on the plot after you watched wif Eng subs ….

    The ship may b real but ‘NEW CAMELLIA….hmmm it could be superimposed!!! but the question is why Camellia???? :hihihi:
    but then again, it could be purely coincidence!!!!! :naughty:

    Well, speaking Camellia, I read @Soompi that someone was guessing who will be the guest (s) for LNY & RAIN in WIN WIN?? she guess could be SHK !!!!??? ;)

    I will be very surprised if it is SHK !!! :whee!:

  3. I’ll probably drop dead if it’s SHK. But who knows, right? After all, the MC is their next-door neighbor. I mean literally, coz his house is sandwiched between their houses.

  4. Rain – Lee Jung Jin couple :lmao: I really love this couple and I love you, too :drool:
    I remember that,the name he used in this ship was Kim Tea Woo. :nyenye2:

  5. Camellia! :phew: How come even in passing it still makes my heart flutter ahhahaha.

    KBS is too old school to allow a bromance pairing to be couple of the year ahhahaha. But really they click!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  6. Probably just a random ship sailing. But someone decided to include that clip in the final editing. Reminds me of the “chicken” caps in the making of Rain’s Nikon CF in the Philippines. :phew:

  7. uhmmm…I’m puzzled :ehh: …what’s with camellia? :bop:….I’m getting crazy out of curiosity :stretcher: …can anybody help me??…(well.. I totally get the “chicken” shot!…but not this one :wall: )

  8. I first found the camellia, flower, then I dug further more and found a show “Camellia” starring SHK?! You, Agent Pau is the most observant agent in this planet!!! You never miss a thing! Maybe a coincidence but I love this post. :-)

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