When Ji Hoonie met Dahly.

My Monday started all wrong because of that really dumb ‘review’ of Intensity at Phil Star (which officially strained my ‘relationship’ with PH KissMes) so I decided to spare everyone with that monstrosity and finally post this story.

Dahly’s sister Tita Virgie sent me this photo last Friday. I think the M&G winners were only given their group photo with the Fugitive cast, but AYC was gracious enough to send Tita Virgie this additional photo from that event. This was the moment when Dahly and Rain first met. :smile:

I will just quote what Tita Virgie has sent me via SMS so that all of us will read a first-hand account:

This was what those who said that Rain wasn’t sweet towards Dahly did not see. It’s because we were the first ones to enter the room. The moment we stepped in, Dahly said, “Hi” and he smiled at her. I was about to bring Dahly to the far end where Daniel Henney was but Rain motioned with his hand indicating that Dahly should be placed beside him. The girl member of the cast (Lee Na Young) stood up to give way so that there will be some space for Dahly to be beside Rain.

This was Dahly’s ‘kilig moment’ (moment of giddiness) with Rain: when we were already beside him. I was arranging her at her wheelchair and Rain assisted me by holding both her arms to fix her place. Dahly told him, “ang bait mo!” (you’re so kind!). (Aww! :drool: ) How I wish the photographers caught it on their cameras.

That was Rain’s inner goodness. A spontaneous act that is not showbiz. I know Dahly, she’s very sensitive towards behavior of people and I know that he was sincere when he did that. When we went to Manila Hotel, all we expected to happen was the photo op because Dahly didn’t have the illusion that special attention would be given to her. So we felt that what Rain did to her wasn’t just for show. It came from his inner goodness. If he was in a bad mood that day, there was a reason for it. I know because I’ve been counseling for 25 years. Even Dahly knows that he was tired and wasn’t happy.

In the (group) pic, Dahly wasn’t looking at the camera. She said she just wants to look at Rain’s face. After the picture-taking and before we left, Dahly told Rain, “I love you!” and he smiled at her. The moment we stepped out of the room, that was the time that she let it all out and spazzed. ( :hihihi: ) She was giddy with happiness. She felt special and she cherished those moments. As we in the family would always say, Rain’s trip to the Philippines was a miracle for Dahly because it came at the time when Dahly was grieving over the death of our father (note: their father passed away about two months ago). That’s why we are very grateful to all Clouds for exerting their efforts to help her win. Every time I think of the photo op and the concert, I know that God makes miracles.

Now, Dahly is not depressed anymore. She’s very happy and excited to see her neurologist; days before the concert, we asked for his permission if Dahly can attend the concert and the Meet and Greet and the doctor specifically asked her to tell the story when she comes back. I really want to thank all Clouds. Our family is very grateful and it meant a lot to us because our father loved Dahly very much. He must be smiling in heaven to see Dahly very happy.



  1. I’m crying while reading your post because we knew how what Dahly has been through all these years and and how Rain has been helping her by providing inspiration. I saw her happiness while watching the concert because I kept glancing at them and though we were not at the presscon, Tita Virgie texted to say how happy Dahly was that night.

  2. “Rain assisted me by holding both her arms to fix her place.” – this is a major major awww~ :whee!: :party:
    hopefully all people who see Rain as a snob would read this so that they will be aware that Rain is not our typical IDOL who will flash a fake smile just to please everyone. :chair:

    Thank you Pau Unnie and Tita Virgie for sharing this touching story :drool:

  3. This is so touching and i believed that Rain has a good heart and not a showbiz type person! He is one of the few K-pop artist or even here in the Philippines who has is beautiful person inside and out! Many people proved how good person Rain is, some people have bad impression of him only because they don’t know him!

  4. sorry for cursing but putik :shutup: :pray:

    being the pasaway me, i discretely read yur blog while in a (boring) meeting :bop: so i ended tearing up while discussing distribution requirements and enterprise structures for SAP development… i think my teammates are trying to ignore why i am secretly wiping my eyes….

  5. i also cried when i read your post. my officemates were asking me what happened to make me cry. although the story is already known to us, still, i cried.

    thanks pau for posting this account by virgie. this is one proof that bi is not really the snob that people perceive him to be, but someone who is really good at heart.

  6. Thanks. Eldes D for posting. This is the first time I read (heard) about Ms Virgie’s full story. I am so happy for both of them. Thank you, Ms. Virgie, for sharing to us the genuine kindness of Jihoon. He may not be perfect, but he is a true person. I love him more.
    Btw, the Intensity Concert review in the Phil Star is very mean to Rain. It seems the writer wasn’t aware of what’s happening in all areas, esp in the Moshpit where everybody were screaming at the top of their voices, clamoring for an encore. Parang pinagsabong nya ang Ukiss fans and Rain’s. That article did a great injustice, not only to Rain but to his fans as well. I will shift my loyalty to another daily newspaper, since the Phil Star did not live to their motto, “truth shall prevail”

  7. This is the sweetest fan account that I’ve read…. Rain is always being misunderstood…just because he is RAIN ….

    Thank You for sharing this account. Let those who has misunderstood be marvel on what really did happen on that event.

    Now am counting days for FUGITIVE ….

  8. Thanks Pau, Tita and Dahly.
    I cried when reading it. No words can describe my feeling.
    God make micrale ^^

  9. Dahly really does serve as an inspiration, both to fans and maybe even to Rain himself. I remember her after the concert when the first meet & greet didn’t push through – not a single hint of disappointment! Fans should really be more like her :arrow:

  10. Oh Pau. Thanks for posting this! I am really happy to read this post as Dahly’s dream really did come true!! I’m so happy for her and Bi, you did good. :hug:

  11. :cry: this is soooo touching…

    i believe that Rain is a good person.. just like us, of course may “mood swings” din si lolo and I don’t understand why other people are so mean calling him snob and making stories just to be recognized.

  12. I know you guys are aware that I seldom give comments about things but this sure did make me cry. I was so touched at Rain’s gesture when there was no camera and no screaming fans to witness it. THAT was the real him in there and I’m so glad to know that he has a good heart deep inside him. That’s what matters the most – Rain the real person and not the “showbiz” one.

    Mommy Virgie, thanks for sharing your story to all of us. I need to ask you again to tell me this personally when we meet. :smile: This is truly very inspiring.

  13. Now that I know why Phil Star is so bitter towards Rain, I couldn’t help but just :rotflmao: Oo nga naman, why ask for the bio of one of the top entertainment columnists of the country? As if naman the Korean side knows that. Sheesh. :rolleyes: Also, napaghahalata kung sino ang mga bitter ah! Need I make a list and let you see what’s common among them? :phew:

    Anyway… I will just keep on re-reading Dahly’s story because this is what matters most. Not some bitter entertainment writers and local celebs who bully him just because they didn’t get what they want. :kilay:

  14. Nice! Thanks Agent P for sharing this story. And appreciate that Tita Virgie and Dahly and her family allows us to share in this special moment in their lives. After everything that happened what is important your “Own” special memory of the event that transpired. Some may not feel the same way but don’t spoil it for those that had a good time and enjoyed it. We are all different and may have different interpretations of the events that transpired. What is important is at some point you had a good memory that you can treasure. There are a lot of fans that have not had the same luck so just be happy.

    Besides, I like the unscripted and not PR handled unguarded accounts and moments better. You can see the TRUE person with the way they react to things. Nice that even if he was not having the best of days. He truly cared about someone else and was truly appreciative of any feelings/admiration being given to him. So hats off to JJH for making Dahly so happy that day!

    Tama na ang mga bitter ampalaya. Basta madaming happy di ba?!

  15. Thank you, JiHoon, for showing your sweet and friendly side, to the people who truly deserve them. I hope you realize your little gestures were very much appreciated and treasured, and your sincerity can change a person’s outlook on life. :hug:

    Even if a lot of people try to bring you down, ikaw pa rin ang PANALO. :clap:

  16. ahhh…. im so happy for Dahly
    cry Happy for her ^____^
    thanks pau onni
    luv this fan acc. <3

    yeah uri Rain is so Kind :hug:

  17. First of all, I wanna say “Thank you!” to Virgie Manalo who got the nice timing shot and AYC’s hospitality.
    Then, wanna say”Congratulation!”to Dahly,Tita Virgie,and their family. :thumbup:

    I never imagined that Dahly could meet Rain in person at that time though
    I heard the miracle and unbelievable Dahly’s story from Tita Virgie while we shared the room for Rain’s live in Bangkok.

    Forgive me,na.
    I noticed that Tita Virgie wrote the message about her sister to Rain there.
    After four years have past, the miracle came to them. :arrow:

    When I read Tita Virge’s description, I could imagine the warm atmosphere in the room.
    I’m so happy that not only Rain but the other casts were also so sweet to her. :cry:

    You two show us that “the dream comes true” and Rain’s natural and friendly side. :clap:

    As Janice told in the above,his little gestures were very much appreciated and treasured, and his sincerity can change a person’s outlook on life.I also DO hope that he can realize it.

    Thanks for sharing such a warm episode. ;)

  18. Tita Virgie: I know dahly was very happy that night! Everyone is happy for Dahly and yes Dahly will really cherish that moment. Your right tita your dad is smiling from the heavens because God made everything possible for Dahly! You know we love you both tita!

    Rain thank you for making dahly Happy ! Everyone is crying because of happiness! Thank you for bringing evryone together we met a lot of good friends!

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