11 days, part 2.

More memories from 11 days of Rain (and beyond):

13. Lee Na Young.

I only saw Lee Na Young a few times, but there are two things that I remember most about her: (1) her face is really, REALLY small! :eek: I never noticed it at the presscon because there were three hot guys in the room to ogle at, but when we were watching them filming at the Hyundai showroom, that’s when we fully realized how small her face is. It’s literally as small as our palms; (2) the sight of Lee Na Young in a backless gold cocktail dress… and Manila Hotel standard issue bedroom slippers. :hihihi:

14. Daniel, Daniel, Daniel.


This is the only decent photo of Daniel Henney that I got outside of the press conference: a nice view of his back. :grin: When he turned around to face us and say, “Hi!”, our hands were all shaking that all we got were nothing but blurs shaped like Daniel Henney.

15. United Nations.

Friday night, September 10. One room at Sofitel, six languages: Filipino (CPH staff), English (common language), Korean (Korea Cloud), Japanese (Japan Clouds), Chinese (HK, SG and Macau Clouds)… and Bekimon (Ella). :hihihi: More than once did it happen that we speak the wrong language towards the wrong person (eg., we tell the Japanese fans, “kamsahamnida” instead of “arigato”. Good thing they still understood). And until now, I still have that ‘sinetch/anuvech itey’ syndrome due to constant exposure to Ella’s language.

16. Feeding program.

We managed to deliver some food for Rain and his staff twice. Dong Joon (@rainjtunecamp) Tweeted about the first time. The second time wasn’t part of the plan; a Japan Cloud asked us to help her buy fruits to be delivered to Rain. She bought the standard grapes, apples and mangoes, but I noticed that she ignored that one fruit that I know is guaranteed to be irresistible to Rain and his staff: watermelons. :thumbup: So I bought two for CPH, along with another two items that I’m sure are irresistible to Koreans: banana chips and sweet potato chips (dried fruits and kamote are luxury items in Korea but are dirt cheap here). I just don’t know if they ate it, but someone told me that they devoured it. I need some reliable confirmation, though.


Memo to PH fans of Korean artists: you don’t have to spend tons of money to make your Korean idols happy. Some kamote, pakwan and buko (never tested this one, though) will do.

Oh, and I received some reliable information on that one thing that Rain absolutely loves in the Philippines. But because I’m selfish, I will keep it to myself. :evil:

17. Feeding program, 2.

Charity has sent some adobo and ginataan for U-KISS, and we employed the assistance of no less than the Korean promoter for this. Yes, the CEO is our delivery boy. :hihihi: Although we think that the food never reached the boys. Sad. :sad: Charity’s adobo is heavenly pa naman.


18. We love you, Mr. Jung! (not THAT Mr. Jung)

Mr. Jung is the Korean agent for Rain’s PH visit. He’s such a sweet guy. So when he got grilled by the PH media at the postponed press conference, we couldn’t help but feel sorry for him (and feel bad towards the other Mr. Jung).

Our love for this Mr. Jung increased a thousandfold after he graciously helped us deliver the food for U-KISS. He’s been seeing us everyday since Rain arrived in Manila and he probably saw that we weren’t dangerous stalkers, so he helped us. Cannot say the same thing about certain Korean staff of a certain Korean guy…

19. You had us at ‘Hello’.

I still couldn’t get over our luck with the Cubao shoot. When we scheduled the Gateway meeting, we had no idea that Rain will be shooting just a few blocks away on that day. We were simply planning on ‘having coffee’ that day. After that monstrosity of a PO5 appearance, this Cubao incident was a blessing. Rain’s ‘Hello’, while shocking to us, was a big, big bonus.

And because it was so memorable, I decided to release a few more photos from that shoot. :grin:
(Click on thumbnails to view the images in full. PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK!)


PS: It was on this day that we learned that my successor as Cloud PH fan club head is a lot stricter than I am.

20. The Van.


This is one of the two CloudPh service vehicles we rented for the overseas Clouds. It has a CPH banner both in front and at the back. Just watching the Korean production team doing double-takes every time this van approaches Manila Hotel is so worth it. :evil:

21. The Rain Diet Program.

I wore my uniform at work yesterday and was shocked to find that my pants were dropping off my waist. :shock: I really lost a lot of weight and inches, then. The Rain Diet Program works! To adapt this program you must:

a.  Sleep for a maximum of 2 hours per day for at least two weeks. Not sleeping at all for more than 24 hours is optional.

b.  Spend one day holed up in your hotel room with nothing to eat.

c.  Have an apple for breakfast at 3:00pm, lunch of hors d’œuvre at 4:00pm, dinner at close to midnight. Or have only one decent meal per day and survive at coffee and peanuts the rest of the time.

d. Spend 11 days having “business meetings” at a luxury hotel where one can of Coke costs almost php200.00.

e. Worry about the littlest stuff such as, “how soon is ‘pretty soon’?”

22. The sweetness and generosity of Overseas Clouds.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’ll take back what I said before about Clouds being unhelpful of other Clouds. That’s not what I experienced with the Overseas Clouds that went to Manila to see the concert. That’s one lesson learned for me: never generalize. :scholar: There might be some misunderstandings here and there but at the end of the day, us Clouds work together. Especially at stalking Rain. :hihihi:

Special shout-out goes to Japan Clouds for all the gifts they painstakingly brought in for CloudPh. You will all experience the generosity of Japan Clouds on September 25 at the Back to the Basic launch event (if you’re showing up, that is). :thumbup:

23. Hiroko’s antics.

You have to be with her to fully appreciate her. I’ve always known Hiroko to be crazy, but all the things she did while Rain was here was one for the books. One example: when the Korean casting director were telling Hiroko, et al to stay put at their places in the lobby because Rain will be filming there, Hiroko denied knowing about the shoot and knowing who Rain is. :lmao: I find this insane because she has been trailing Rain’s filming locations that even Rain’s bodyguards have tagged her as a stalker so it’s a wonder how the casting director did not recognize her. Unless the casting director knows and she’s just humoring Hiroko. :hihihi:

But despite the craziness, we all love Hiroko to bits. Don’t we, CloudPh-ers? :hug: (I think we love Hiroko BECAUSE she’s crazy. hahaha!)

24. Role-switching.

I don’t know how this happened, but I suddenly found myself switching roles with Rizza. You see, in past events, I was the one who does the dirty work and Rizza, being the social butterfly that she is, does the PR for the club. For Rain’s PH visit, the roles got switched. Rizza was the one who did the dirty work while I acted as the (big) face of the club. How did this happen? I’ll probably never know.

The irony of it all is, I became the face of the club at the time that I already resigned as fan club head.

25. The many faces of Jung Ji Hoon.

I made a list of things I experienced from 11 days of Rain and realized how diverse that list is.

a.  Got a quick glance from him at the airport;

b.  Received a ‘Hello’ and a wave (granted that he was giving it to everyone in general, but still…);

c.  Experienced being stood up by Rain and having to defend him against disgruntled members of the press;

d.  After I did all that, he quickly ducked behind a pillar when he saw me;

e.  A few minutes later, he walked casually in front of us as if trying to catch our attention (which we didn’t give; next time, Ji Hoon, don’t hide behind a pillar when you see me if you wish me to give you some attention a few minutes later);

f.   Heard his laugh in a non-camera setting (nice to hear him laughing and it’s not for the cameras);

g.  Received a sharp glare from him first thing in the morning (To be fair to him, he came from a provincial shoot that morning… where he was filmed by KBS taking photos with a fan. :bop: );

h.  Got a ‘thank you’ for the food through his cameraman’s Twitter;

i.   Introduced myself as Agent P at the presscon and… I don’t know what to make of his face when I did that;

j.  Was stared at by him for a full 5 seconds at the presscon;

k. Had me at the palm of his hands when he gave that super-awesome performance at the Intensity show;

l.   Felt disappointed, and then happy about the Meet and Greet with Dahly;

m. Saw him in Mickey Mouse shorts; :hihihi:

n.  Got rained out – literally – at the packed up shoot at Manila Cathedral;

o.  Got branded as a stalker by B1, B2 and Hulyo; :nono:

p.  Got another glare and a rough handling of a chair when just a few minutes ago he was regaling his audience with eye-disappearing smiles at the lobby;

q.  Got annoyed at how OA the Korean staff can be when it comes to crowd control. Gimme a break, really; :rolleyes:

r.  He escaped like the Fugitive Ninja that he is by going straight to the airport after he filmed his last scene in Manila;

s.  I acted like any normal fangirl for a widely-viewed TV program, which did not bother editing out my antics. :bop: Agent P has been broken, ladies and gentlemen.

26. Hugs.

The one thing I will never forget about this whole thing are the tight hugs I exchanged with both longtime and new CloudPH members after the presscon and the concert. We can never say this enough: it was once an impossible dream, and it happened. And we were together in witnessing it happening. Will it happen again? Let’s wait together for another pig to fly, shall we?



  1. Yes it happen and I love reading every minute of it on this blog! So thank you again Agent P!! All those yummy food! I hope they really eat it and that it didn’t go to waste!!

    Good job again gals and yes with two good looking guy at the prescon, who will check out LNY out! ekekekekek

  2. i miss Hiroko saying “diba?” =))
    everything had a flash back and if only we can go back to that 11 days >.<

  3. Pau, make that 3 good looking guys :drool: hahaha Ok I admit not as strikingly good looking like the 2 but he is is generous with his smile whenever someone calls his attention.

    Yes Hiroko we love you a lot :whee!: Especially your antics when it comes to Rain. We really hope to see you again.

    Yes the Rain diet program works but since I was “enrolled” in just a 3 day Rain program I just lost an inch and now I gained half an inch back huhuhu…

    The generosity and love of all the overseas fans that came here. SoonAe and her friend,Hydee (hope I got her name right) and the Japanese fans too many to mention who were so generous and had a ready smile for other Rain fans.

    Dahly and the smile on her face during the concert still remains in my mind since they are located a few meters away from us and Agent P, Rizza, Tita Remy, Hiroko and is it Jen and Bamm who appeared in a widely watched show on TV and a special shoutout to Lou our forever maknae for singing a few lines in Korean at an entertainment section of a primetime news program when just a few days ago at PO5 we did our best to hide our faces with Rain posters from the TV camera

  4. :arrow: :clap: again for your very comprehensive entry…

    about the cubao shoot, even i was scared with our maknae…

    i love hiroko, di ba?

    one thing i will never forget was the generosity of our Japanese Clouds especially on our last night… thank you again.. i was so :oops: when i learned that they gave up their taxi seats to me so that i could get first dibs in our hyundai stalking…

  5. Nice reading this. It feels so surreal ano(even if I wasn’t there but reading how you guys have worked for it since the start, when the show was still “rumored”, then it got confirmed, up to his whole stay here..it gives me goosebumps). I’ve learned to believe that anything can happen. So now if ever I think of something which seem impossible and say to myself “yeah when pigs fly” I’ll still have that hope somewhere. Case in point:11 days!

    Congratulations CPH! I know it hasn’t been easy for you to work in such span of time given that you also have lives/jobs to attend to but I think we can say that Rain’s visit here has been a success. Rain is so lucky to have people like you on his back.

  6. hehehe ate i love reading your blogs =) buti pa kayo you were able to give your gifts to rain …when we went kasi sa manila hotel yung dancers lng nya andun gusto ko na ng sana abot sakanila kaya lng …yun isang girl na nandun said ill shall give it to the managers eh wala namn ako makita…. oh well hindi pa cguro time baka pag punta ko ng korea dun ko pa mabigay hehehe wish ko lng ….

  7. Was I the only one who spoke Bekimon?! :hihihi:

    That Rain diet program really works ah … when my colleagues saw me after being on leave for two weeks, they said I lost weight too!

    I miss those days … di pa din ako maka- move on eh! I miss Rain, I miss you guys and I miss Hiroko and her craziness! :cry:

  8. Another strange thing Pau, you know what a camera whore I am. But for this event, I don’t have a single picture of myself in my camera. Except for our airport adventure, I hardly used my camera. And most of all, I don’t see much of myself in the group pictures. How did that happen? :think:

    Yes, I did some interviews for TV, but even with QTV, I turned over the attention to Rose and her friend who flew from Guam.

    I’m just thankful you were able to capture my “autograph-jack” with Rain. :whee!:

  9. nauubos ang oras ko ka2basa ng blog mo…haha!luv it!so detailed…nag-eenjoy ako…mga behind the scenes,naka2tuwa…congratulations sa inyo!!!(“,)God bless you all…

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