I’m a cyborg.

Do not be fooled by the woman labeled as “Overseas Master” in this video. This is the end result of not sleeping for more than two weeks, not getting enough sustenance, and being glared at by Rain before he left Manila.

Video credits: Cloud Philippines

Click on ‘CC’ for the English subtitles.

Edit: This is the better-quality video, but audio isn’t as clear:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Z5jQfc4elU (credits to deyjanicht)


This shall be a good time to post my backlogs. Here’s a ton – and I mean A TON – of photos from the Fugitive and Intensity press conference held last September 9, 2010. I shall be posting a few here. The rest can be found at my Facebook page: Album 1 and Album 2. See? There’s way too many of them that I had to split it into two albums.

This one is not on the album but I feel like posting it separately. Here’s a pic of Rain doing a staredown with me for about 5 full seconds… or so I thought. :razz: See, I was aiming my camera at his face taking pics when I suddenly realized that he was looking at me full on. I moved my face to the side of the camera and stared back at him. This happened for about three seconds or so before he decided to look at another direction.

(c) Agent P's HQ

Of course, this is my blog, so I can say whatever I want. :grin:



  1. Nice, maganda ang coverage ng Rated K at may one on one pala kayo ni Ms. K hahaha. Aabangan kita later sa TFC!

  2. so i heard that this will be sent to Korea. I hope Bi watches it. so that he won’t be afraid of you anymore and maybe realized how much money you spend for him :chair: :hihihi:

    i’m curious… is Korina kind?

  3. @Pau: just watched it, haha.
    Thanks for the sub. The clip is good and you’re wonderful.
    Thanks you and the rest of Cloud PH

  4. Pre’: There are some things that are not supposed to be discussed on the internet. :shutup:

    In all fairness to the entire Rated K team, they treated us really, really well. :thumbup: We had a great time recording our segment, even if about 98% of it ended up in the cutting room.

  5. Sang doo let’s go to school yung sinasabi ni Korina pero Full House yung nasa screen. hehehe. There was a typo in the end, they named him KUNG Ji-hoon. lol at your “ehhh??” comment when Korina called you demure. Artista ka na AgentP! Hehe. Also the rest of the CPh members! Congrats guys! I know that you have put tons and tons of effort for Rain’s visit here to be a success. Pero wow, 2 Million!!! :whoa:

    Watching this makes me feel so proud and happy for Rain!!! :cry: :cry:

  6. I think they’re avoiding mentioning Full House because it’s very identified with the rival station. But I’m glad they lingered onto the FH poster (by the way, this was the same one I carried at PO5). Rain without any trace of Full House is not complete, whether anyone agrees or not.

    BTW, could anyone please translate Rain’s final words at his Paparazzi interview, the part that they didn’t sub? Thanks!


  7. pau just saw your blog re: the concert. sorry if you were not able to get the abs pic clearly. got very excited e. he he he.

  8. @tita ruby: ikaw pala yung isa sa mga golden girl na nanghila ng braso ha. :nono:

    Ang kulit nung nanay ko, sobrang split-second yung exposure pero kung maka-project… Ay, talaga naman! ;) Sabi ko sa kanya mag-display ng maigi sa camera e (pero ayaw daw nya maging topic sa palengke a la Pau). LOL! :lmao:

  9. True .. Rain without any trace of Full House is not complete. Rain without Agent P as the lead of Philippine fan base will also be incomplete. His life will be dull. Your effort as a loyal fan is admirable. I am sure he recognized you, since a while back. And he ought to be very thankful!

  10. Congrats Agent Pau! celebrity ka na Yey! :cheer: Seriously, by folowing your blog i realized how much you and the rest of CLoud Ph are willing to go through just to ensure Rain’s visit to phils will be memorable and a success. (it was indeed a success!) And i’ve always admired how you try put on some ‘good words’ for Rain in the media evrytime you can, :arrow: i know somehow it helped reverse the negativity of his image during his first few days here. I think Rain owes you bigtime for that… Thanks Agent Pau, you’re an inspiration to a lot of loyal rain fans..(like me..)

  11. … by now, Rain should have memorized your face by heart… and i agree, he ought to be thankful to you! and of course to the rest of the CloudPh members.

  12. @Ja- sinong makulit? :nono: at least your mom can project bongang bonga by herself :rotflmao: I know, if you were able to come home and have no problem with your visa, I”m sure nangunguna ka sa pagpapa interview with Ms. K. daig ka ng nanay mo :nyenyenye:
    @Agent P- I’m soooo proud of you, :arrow: not only for your effort, time, money, patience etc to ensure Rain’s visit will be a success, but because you’re so cooool in front of the camera.Everyone, FYI ,there was no rehearsal before the take, and the conversation was spontaneous. :clap: Nag level up ka na talaga, eldes D.
    @Rizza- you look richie rich in your “manicure” scene.
    Btw, where did Miss Korina get the figure 2 million?

  13. Thank you so much for the translation!!!

    Pau: You were so funny with the “fainting” remark! I doubt you would faint.. knowing you, you’ll probably knock his head and tell him to hurry up and fix up his personal life! ekekekekekekekekek

    CloudPH: You guys are awesome! You make things look so easy but organizing and planning so many events with only 3 weeks notices! Great management/organizating skill you guys! Keep up the good work!!! :hug:

  14. Eomma: Yes, that’s what happens when there’s no rehearsal. I say stupid things like, “I might pass out”. :slaphead: There’s an even more FAIL statement that I said. I told Ms K that to save money for our Rain fix, we scrimp on food. Obviously, I don’t scrimp on food and Ms K told me so. :wall: Good thing it was edited out.

    But it’s really too bad that they edited out Hiroko’s statement about why she joined CloudPH even if she’s not Filipino. Maybe they’ll do another feature someday, about fangirling in general?

    Oh, and the 2 million figure came from Rizza when they asked her to estimate how much have we spent on Rain since we became a fan.

    Feliss: You people know me so well. :lmao: I told you, that wasn’t me, that was a cyborg programmed to spazz about Rain in front of the TV cameras.

    nides: The problem is, I think he memorized my face because he was branding me as a stalker. :neutral:

  15. KUDOS to you & Cloud PH!! Great Job!!!! Thank you for the review, Thank you for the pictures!! Thank you for the translation!!!

    Despite all the chaos, the no shows….ect..at the end it was a fruitful chased. :cheer:

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