Intensity, indeed. (Part 2)

Recap and Review:
September 11, 2010


Prologue: I want to get this out of the way: To be honest, after everything I have seen and heard on the days leading to this show, some of which are information that I did not need to know yet I somehow knew, I had my apprehensions prior to this concert. I had feared that Rain will simply just get this over and done with. I mean, I know he will try to do well, but maybe not well enough for us to say that it’s worth all the money and effort we spent working on this. He could easily use the, “I am very tired” excuse because let’s face it, he IS very tired. He had a lot of things on his hands the entire time he was in Manila. Rain could be really stubborn at times – if that’s still surprising to you, it’s either you’re new or you have blinders, or both – and this could be one of those times. Not that I do not believe in him. It’s just that… let’s just say I knew too much to have that kind of fear.

After U-KISS’ set, there was an intermission which felt like eternity because nothing was happening except another several rounds of “Goin’ Out Of My Head” courtesy of the Manila Hotel ad. It was sheer torture. We want Rain na! I noticed that the stage was being mopped; U-KISS must’ve left a ton of sweat in there. :hihihi: That shouldn’t be a surprise; I was just at the audience and my shirt was literally dripping. And then I saw a bunch of Korean guys who were obviously J Tune people because they’re all wearing Six To Five apparel (uniform?) going to the control booth. Hmm… it seems Ji Hoon did prepare something for us. And then, finally… RAIN.

It started with an AVP on the LED screens. Raindrops… hmm, looks familiar? Love Tour, I think? So the Korean team did prepare for this? To be honest, I never expected them to make that much of an effort for this. Although the information we got about Rain demanding pyros and stuff at the last minute should say something. And then…

(c) Agent P's HQ/CloudPH

When this was flashed on the screen, a bunch of us looked at the prints on our shirts. “Raining in Manila”??? :shock: This could not have been just a coincidence! I mean, that shirt design floated around all forums and sites dedicated to Rain, including his own Cloud online community. They could’ve easily seen it on the internet. And then, Rain’s first song was… It’s Raining. Wow. I don’t know why, but I suddenly feel so special as a PH Cloud. Of course, this could all be just a coincidence, but something tells me that it’s not.

Just like in all concerts that I’ve attended to, the first thing that I watched out for is if Rain’s voice is in good condition. Whadya know, his voice sounded good. If there were bum notes, they were very minimal (believe me, I know because I know his songs so I know the correct notes to be sung). He just eventually tired out by the time the ballads came in but I will cut him some slack on that because he opened the show with two very physically-demanding numbers (although he only jumped once at the end of Touch Ya) and he has been working non-stop from the moment he stepped foot in Manila. For him to have minimal bum notes (actually more like shortness of breath rather than bad notes) given the physical condition he was in, it only means he psyched himself to give a good show for us. My fears were unfounded. Instead of slacking off, he did it the other way: HIS WAY. And that is, Prove to every critic what makes him a World Star. This is the Rain that we all know. This is the Rain that I learned to love, the Rain that makes me forget about all the things that I resent about being his fan. It’s not the ‘one hello, one smile’ thing. It’s his constant assurance that if you’re a fan of Rain, you will never have the need to defend him because he can defend himself by using the best weapon in his arsenal: giving a jaw-dropping performance.

Just then, he ripped off his beaded vest and revealed that he’s wearing that black sleeveless top with F**K YOU at the back. I’ve always hated that shirt because I’ve always wondered whether Rain knows that he has swear words written on his shirt. :razz: I immediately thought of the Filipino press. How would they take this? He already has bad press, as it is! :hopeless: I had wanted to :bop: Rain right there and then because, man, that shirt is SO NOT helping re-build his image here.

However, when he performed Hip Song, it all made sense. We were too close to the stage so I can see his eyes even if he’s wearing sunglasses. I noticed that every time he was about to make a big move, he would look at our direction – oh wait, it’s my blog, so I’ll say he looked at ME :hihihi: (although I could’ve sworn that he really looked at me at least twice in that song but that could just be me and my delusions) – and his eyes say two words: “WATCH ME”. And then he would do something totally awesome (while making eye contact with me, because it’s my blog and I can say whatever I want) and at that point, even if I was holding a camera and trying to get good pics, I couldn’t help but scream and cheer him on. I swear, I screamed so much, my friends were like, “Agent P? Screaming?? Who would’ve thought???” :shock: It’s not just because he was so damn good. I wanted to show to him that I support and appreciate what he’s doing. He was making a statement. The message on the shirt coupled with the message being conveyed by his performance, it’s one big F.U. to all those who dismissed him just because he’s sorely lacking in PR skills. At that point, I felt so proud to be his fan. We didn’t make a mistake in defending him to the press. We might’ve looked crazy to them, continuing to love this man even if he’s so distant from us, but just look at this! How could you not love this guy? He is just pure awesomeness!

(c) Agent P's HQ/CloudPH

And then, he sang his last song and towards the end of it, he low-fived his dancer, signifying that his mission has succeeded. And just before he was lowered down the stage lift, he gave us all a dazzling smile. He knows he won the war.

(c) Agent P's HQ/CloudPH

We were shell-shocked after that last song. It felt too short, but then, as my good ol’ friend Bambiina would say, Rain could’ve performed for 10 hours and we would still feel it’s too short. He just has that effect on us. Later on, I heard from our Japanese friends that for them, each song that Rain sang on this show is like the equivalent of five songs. This is coming from people who have seen about 90% of his concerts. It was a short set, but the energy and the satisfaction they got is more than a full concert. It felt so good because, as we all know, Rain performing a show in the Philippines used to be an impossible dream for a vast majority of PH Clouds. When it finally happened, he gave one of his best performances to date. This gig will long be remembered in the annals of Rain’s career history.

And then I remember hearing Bamn telling Jhen behind me when Rain was singing I Do (if I remember correctly): “Is this real? Are we still dreaming?” It is real, and it’s not a dream anymore. Thank you, Rain.


Random thoughts and pics:

1. Of course, the big ‘minus point’ for Rain’s set was the fact that he spoke in Korean during his spiels. I dunno, I actually didn’t care that much. C’mon, the guy was here to sing and dance, not to chat up a storm with us. Who cares if he didn’t speak in English?

2. Oh. :err: Look at me saying I didn’t care about him not speaking in English. I used to reprimand him a lot for that. What is happening to me???

3. I have to post this. I absolutely have. to. post. this. pic.

(c) AgentP's HQ/CloudPH

Sorry for sounding obnoxious, but I absolutely love this pic even if I was the one who took it. :hihihi:

4. Remember my story about not standing beside a Golden Girl? This is the end result of it:

(c) AgentP's HQ/CloudPH

He only showed his abs once, and I failed to capture it. EPIC FAIL on my part. :wall:

5. Funny part of Love Song was when he was supposed to lift his shirt to show his torso. Everyone was really anticipating for it. Then he teased us by lifting his shirt, but I know he won’t be able to put it over his head because the material is not stretchy enough. But it was still one major, major “AARGGGHHH!!!” moment for all of us, and one major “ha-ha, gotcha!” moment for Rain.

(c) AgentP's HQ/CloudPH
(c) AgentP's HQ/CloudPH

6. All those long-time Rain fans (as early as 2004) who cheered when Rain sang I Do, please raise your hand. *me raises hand* This was the song that started the craziness for me.

7. ‘Greasy’ Rain, anyone? :naughty:

(c) AgentP's HQ/CloudPH(c) AgentP's HQ/CloudPH(c) AgentP's HQ/CloudPH

8. I love watching fancams of Rainism and Hip Song with sweat literally flying all over the place. I think we caught some of it. :hihihi:

Just like with the U-KISS photos, I uploaded the Rain photos at Facebook because my blog platform’s media uploader is another epic fail. :thumbdown: Please do check ’em out. :smile:



Check out the September 18 issue of Philippine Daily Inquirer. There’s a feature on the fans who saw Intensity written by Joy Cabrillos who is a regular of this blog. Some of the pics might look familiar to all of you. :hihihi:

Here’s the online version:



  1. Oh Pau! What a good post as always. Blunt and to the point!!! I love love love the photos! Especially the one with him doing his goofy smile!! I can feel the excitement you guys went through reading this!! He finally had a show there!!!!!! Unbelievable but it really did happen!!! :hug:

    Rain you will always be THE BEST!!!!! :rakenrol:

  2. very well said pau :clap: … i feel like crying while reading this!

    thank you Rain for you have proven THEM wrong and for that we love you more :whee!:

  3. Pau: Those pics are definitely awesome!!! i can imagine if you had a great shot with the “abs” part except for the golden girl who got so excited…hahaha!
    “I AM A STAR!” he truly proed that! Hyungbu your GREAT!!! definitely! Can you do the hip song like that again???

    Good job in the watermarks!!!LOL!

    Rachelle: reading Pau’s blog is like reminicing! It’s really nice to remember those memories.

    Felisse/Kim: You know i get confused on your alias…Miss you my trippy! Love for my niece Hannah and Hazel! Too Bad i cannot be like Kim be the Girlfriend of the night!!!LOL

    Ja: Love you and we miss you a lot!I can’t imagine if you were here…RIOT tayo!

  4. Me!!! :rakenrol: it all started with I do …

    We were so close to the stage that I was constantly looking at his eyes to see if he was having fun as much as we are and I think those pictures tell the story

  5. i love everything about this post!! Worth the wait!!! :clap:

    :hihihi: LOL at the GOLDEN GIRL!!!!

    if i remember correctly, even in BKK, HK, etc.. Rain does speak in korean, right?? this is what i like/hate about him.. he is consistent to ensure Clouds won’t get jealous :phew:

  6. all you said was everybody’s reaction..until now i can’t believe that he was here and performing …i ask someone to slap me to feel that if its real…really rain is tha second michael jacson ….all i can say is RAIN YOU ARE THE GREATEST OF THEM ALL…

  7. i cried ate pau :))
    all the stressed and tiredness we’ve done for this event is well returned by him.
    hearing all those negative criticisms about him doesn’t make me love him less.
    because we all knew who he is and we knew that he really care for his fans.
    i want to turn back time but still no regrets where i am now :drool:

  8. wow I LOVE picture number 3 the most (heck i loved all your pictures) :drool:

    You have conveyed what most Clouds were feeling. I remember the apprehension :nailbite: , the excitement, the starstruck-ness, the fan-girling :cheer: , the shrieks to the high heavens, the tears of joy, the laughter at his goofyness :nyenyenye: , the coming together of clouds wherever you’re from :hug: , the going gaga over his dance moves :dizzy: the dumbfoundedness of seeing him in all his glory :drool2: … Dang! I feared I might faint. But then I cant faint lest i miss any minute of his presence on stage. Thanks for sharing this. :clap:

  9. Finally the long awaited blog entry. I’m so happy I finally had the chance to see him perform live because I’ve already come to terms a long way back that the only way for me to see him perform is through the concert DVD and clips I’ve watched. Never did it cross my mind that he will come here to perform and I can have the chance to see him up close. LOVE YOU CLOUD PHIL.! :whee!:
    He may have his faults live any human and because he is under the microscope most of the time since he became I world star but when it comes to performing on stage RAIN proves time and time again that he is incomparable. Thank you for making me remember why I became a fan of yours 6 years ago.

  10. i just cant get over it =) and i just want the memories of that concert to linger in my mind forver :drool: and im so happy too see in actual his mighty meaty legs and butt hahaha..and the short glimpse of his flat abs is heaven :whee!:

  11. …worth the wait! Rain proved his detractors wrong and you also proved your critics wrong! I’m just so happy that all the hard work of all CloudPh members is very well compensated in the end…

  12. That night was a complete fulfillment for me, more than words can say. I’ve seen him perform much closer before (just 2 songs), but the energy of his performance last Saturday night was just awesome. I really could’t express how fappy I am, and I do feel that it was a successful event for CloudPh. Maybe not as big as it would have been had more overseas fans felt safe to come and watch the concert with us, but it was still successful.

    @Raia – thanks for giving way to me so I could watch right at the front.

  13. It’s been almost a week and I’m still not over it. I remember being on that moshpit, crying as he danced Touch Ya! I mean, seriously, who cries to a catchy song?! I even cried while I was reading this post. I still can’t believe he was here, and I was there to see him.

    @Mam Pau, the pictures are soooo good! Especially the one where he was dancing Rainism – it looked like he was looking directly at the camera.

    Thank your for sharing po! The wait for the blog post, like the concert, was totally worth it :)

  14. @#6 Me!!! I raise my hand too! It’s the song which started everything. ;)

    The concert last Saturday was indeed Rain’s statement to everyone that he is still THE KING and there’s no doubt about that. I may have been in a not-so-good mood prior to the concert but as what I said that night – “Bati na kami!” (we’re in good terms already) after seeing such a superb performance from him. :hihihi: :hihihi: :hihihi: It might not be my first time to see him perform live but it sure was my first time to be so close to him while he was performing on stage. The part where he went down one step in the staircase during Hip Song made my heart skip a beat. I thought for a second that he’d go down…yeah I was dreaming! :bop:

    I want to thank RAIN for a very memorable experience which will forever be etched in my fangirl heart. I’d like to thank him as well for showing everyone why he is and always will be my #1 (yeah, even my BF is just #2 :boinkself:). Now everyone knows that he is a World Star for a reason.

    I promised before that I need to see him in the flesh up close both onstage and under normal circumstances at least within my lifetime. Little had I known that it would happen sooner than I expected. I feel so blessed! :angel: Hope to see you in your next concert…whenever that will be. :smile:

  15. AGENT P!!…I salute you so much! :arrow: …Thank you for bringing back those great memories!!…The best thing was…after watching the concert my family realized the reason why I am in love with him…after my mother watched the concert, all she said was “KAKAIBA SYA!…kinilabutan ako sa performance nya”…and also my sister and her friend watched the concert in the big screen located at the back stage…and they were SERIOUSLY amazed by him (actually they said that everybody was screaming outside the venue :razz: …even outside the back stage there were a lot of people SCREAMING and taking fancams)…well…my point is…Rain’s charisma on-stage is overflowing that even those people who don’t know him was left at awe…and considering the fact that he was very tired at the moment…He really is a professional performer and a very deserving world star :clap:

    :offtopic: …agent P…have you read about the top five and the worst five kpop idol that was made by 20 “professional” critics???…it says there that Rain was in the worst 5…and their reason is “Critics that chose Rain as the worst revealed their reasons to be his excessive media exposure, constantly bombarding the press with news of his ‘world expansion’ and being a ‘world star.’ Although being an all-around player is one of the points of idol promotions, critics have stated that once the details of Rain’s accomplishments are actually investigated, nothing can be found other than the skinny reality behind his impressive body.”…and I find this FUNNY! :lmao:

  16. ‘Nothing’?? So getting a slot at Time100 is still considered ‘nothing’? Getting a starring role at a major movie project immediately after his debut in Hollywood is considered ‘nothing’? Wow, these critics sure have high standards. :phew: Although I agree with the excessive media thing, but it’s really not like there’s nothing there.

    Anyway… thanks, everyone, for the nice comments! :hug:

  17. Thank you for sharing your concert experience with us. Mostly for us whose dream is to still see Rain live in a performance. Your photos are so good, even if the abs one was marred by a Golden Girl. ahhahaa. Rain may not have oodles of PR for our liking but when he performs he brings in the A game for sure. So happy that the Manila performance is one to remember!

  18. For the first in all your concert reviews, I can relate, which I never thought would be.

    I think he looked at me, too. But I think that’s because I was holding my phone up and he prob’ly saw it since it’s white. I was literally (no exaggeration) smiling the entire show but those 2 times that I *think* he looked at me, was the only times I dropped my smile and I didn’t know why I felt like “uh-oh”. :dizzy: And then I was waving to him when he was not looking at my side anymore. LR lang. :bop:

    #6 *hands up int the air* 2005 for me but still :oops:

  19. That was nice! :dance: I envy you guys!!! Those pics were GREAT! Especially the one with the four guys- dancers, I assume? Nice shot! i’m going back to reading and browsing thru your stories… :nyenye2:

  20. Oops… need to add, you know what’s so endearing about Rain?! With those pictures, I think it’s his boyishness and hunkiness combined so effortlessly! :drool2: kakabaliw! :wacky:

  21. As usual, I’m late again. But I just want you to know that I felt teary-eyed while backreading your entries. Especially at the part where I read that a lot of overseas clouds went here and I was like, I’m only in Cebu why wasn’t I there???For all I know I will never see him in a concert. :cry: It was raining here during that time he was performing.

    This post really brings me to tears. I dunno..some tinge of self-pity, no-way-out drama, emote2x bakit wala akong choice but to miss that concert. I’m so elated and proud reading this entry too. That even if I wasn’t there to witness it, at least he was able to put a good show to wow the world and prove that there goes a performer! There’s a reason why he’s on top and tbh, I feel like his sister, I’m just so happy for him and reading positive feedbacks is prayers answered for me. Knowing that a lot of people were impressed is enough to bring me tears of joy. I feel so proud of you Rain. :cry:

    #3 pic I think he’s looking at you.

  22. i’m glad i stumbled on your blog. i have been a fan of Rain since Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School…I just recently became a member of CloudPh shortly before the concert because I did not know it existed.

    No matter what they say, i will always love Rain. That night will forever be etched in my memory. It was so unexpected, I did not see it coming that he was gonna sing here. This post has again revived Intensity all over again…

    I’m glad I finally joined CloudPh…who knows, if he has future concerts abroad, I could go with you guys and watch him :smile:

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