Up on my soapbox again.

I have been trying to complete some non-Rain-related blog entries for the past few days, but I always get sidetracked by stuff that I don’t even know why I end up writing about.

So there I was, browsing thru forums and blogsites to look for more back stories about Rain’s Vegas concerts when I chanced upon a story from someone who had a ‘bad’ experience with Rain in Vegas. She entitled her story as “Rain, Not As Nice As You Think He Is”, so naturally, I was lured into reading it.

Apparently, she saw him and his posse at the casino, she grabbed her camera, ran up to him to take his picture, but his companions said NO. She got shocked (eh?), insisted twice more, but they still said sorry, but she’s not allowed to. What she did next was to ask Rain directly, but he just looked at her, then he looked around him, and he just kept walking. So the fan was shattered, as she said he ‘dissed’ and ‘disappointed’ her for she ‘politely asked instead of just snapping a picture’, so now she’s not a fan anymore. She still watched the show, but did not find it good enough that she did not even finish it.

Now, it is perfectly understandable for any person to feel that way, especially if you’re someone who spent a fortune and travelled a long way from home just to see your idol. But consider the circumstances:

1. She saw him at the casino, during his private down time.
2. His companions already said, “sorry, no”, but she still insisted.
3. Not satisfied by being told off by his companions, she asked Rain directly, but he just looked at her. Why? I dunno… maybe because he did not understand what she wants as his English is not that good yet? Or maybe he just doesn’t want to have a photo op with anyone at that point? Hell knows, right?

Or to be more precise, maybe he’s just being “JiHoon” about the entire thing? Coz really now, if you know the real Jeong JiHoon, you’d know that he is not your usual celebrity who’s smiling all the time, shakes everyone’s hand, tries to be chummy and all “showbiz” in front of strangers, does everything short of doing cartwheels just to please the whims of spectators, etc. The Rain that was in New York last February 2006 was not Jeong JiHoon, it’s Showbiz Cyborg Rain ver.1.0. We know that very well. Well, we, who have been following him closely, that is…

As I’ve said, I understand how she might’ve felt and she has all the right in the world to decide not to become a fan anymore, but the way she reacted to the whole situation is reeking of drama queen-ness. Rain is a human being, too. If he doesn’t want to have his photo taken, for any reason, then respect that. The excuse that “oh, he’s a superstar, he has no right to say NO to us fans who spend money and brought him to where he is now, yadda yadda yadda” is one big BS to me. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, if you’re a fan and you chose to spend all your money, blood, sweat and tears on your idol, that is your choice. These artists don’t owe their lives to us. Sure, a little thank-you is always a good thing, but to deprive them of their own personal preferences just because we think he owes us is just too much. The fact that he works so hard – too hard, to be exact – just to give us his best performance all the time is more than enough ‘thank-you’ gesture for me.

See, this narrow-minded attitude of some fans is the exact reason why celebrities can’t have a personal life (or to be precise, why their agencies/managers do not want them to have a personal life :phew: ). They are made to choose between their source of livelihood and their personal happiness. Well, everything has a price… in Rain’s case, he currently has fame and fortune, but I fervently hope he gets a chance to enjoy his life as a private person, too.

On a related note, I’d just like to say while sharing what you have is always a nice thing, I find it a bit tasteless that someone did manage to snap some stolen shots of Bi while playing the slots at the casino, and what’s worse, she posted them on the internet. I find it tasteless because he had made it clear that he doesn’t want his photos taken at that time, but some fans just couldn’t get a damn clue. Ok, I admit, if I had a chance to take a paparazzi shot of any celebrity (especially if the celebrity is someone I like), I’d probably be tempted, as a keepsake. But I’ll never ever post it on the internet, simply because I think it’s wrong to do so. But then again, people have different values, so…



  1. Funny how I just commented on this particular experience on sexybi.

    I honestly dunno how I’ll react if I chanced upon this kind of situation cos I know I’m kinda immature myself. But then again, I’d probably would have backed off the moment one of his company said no. Or worse yet, I probably wouldn’t have the guts to come up to him in the 1st place.

    I just feel sad that she let the whole thing get to her that she couldn’t even bring herself to enjoy the concert. Wasn’t Bi’s talent the reason why she got into him in the 1st place? So why all of a sudden dump him just cos u got a taste of his not so good mood?

    It’s starting to irk me. But better keep a copy of this just in case I feel like her in the future. =P

  2. Aisshhh…not a fan anymore just because she didn’t get to have a photo op with him? There’s more to Jeong Ji Hun than just having a photograph!

    Honestly, if I were that girl, of course I’ll get hurt too.. But not to the extent of giving up on him just because of that particular situation. I understand that he just wanted to have his own private time. He works like a cyborg everyday…that’s the least I can give to him – privacy.

    I think that attitude is what made him different. He’s not the type who’s all-smiles-’til-it’s-fake. If he does not like something, we can see it in his eyes/expression.

  3. To no longer be his fan because of the incident is very immature. The other reason why he might not want to take photo might be because once he agree to take it with her, others will follow suit and expect him to do the same thing. Then it’ll be a disaster for Bi because then he will really have no privacy.

    It’s his private time, please give him some space as he is already working so hard and rarely have any down time. To be his fans, shouldn’t this person be a little more understanding? I don’t know but it sound more like she was forcing the photo then asking nicely.

  4. We really wouldn’t know if she did ask nicely in the first place right? I agree with everyone here. Also, if the bodyguards said No for 3x.. I think it will not look good on their part if Bi will say Yes. It’ll mess up their credibility and lots of fans may be running towards him then if he didn’t let them take a pic, others will feel bad too. So better not let anyone take a pic just to be fair. And it’s a casino for goodness sake! Any celeb won’t be too comfortable to have their pics taken in a casino coz 1, they might be mistaken as a hardcore gambler and 2, they might cause commotion. And our Oppa even doesn’t want his pic to be taken in JYPE building and we all accepted that, what more in a casino?

    I totally agree with pinkjiawen, this fan is not after Bi’s talent. She’s too shallow for me.

  5. I never understand these fans? What do they expect? Him to jump up with joy, wrap his arm around you and take picture (okay, I admit, I would love that)…BUT be realistic! First, she took the photo without permission. His friends already said no and she insist. Then she ask him directly (all her words mind me) and he just walked away? So what’s the big deal. Say yes and draw more attention to himself when that’s the least he wanted? And just because of this she’s no longer a fan? At time like this, all I can say is, good riddance!

  6. I met a certain Hollywood celebrity before while I was traveling to London with my family, we were staying in the same hotel. My brother spotted him standing in the lobby with his bodyguard, there weren’t many people around and my mom wanted a signature so we both came up to him and politely asked if we could have his signature, he looked at us for a second and suddenly just walked away, his bodyguard was like “sorry ladies.. not right now”. Another occasion while my mom was visiting me in SF, we bumped into a certain famous Asian-American actor in the hotel lobby, I didn’t recognize him but my mom did, she went up and asked to confirm if he was that actor she thought he was, he said yes.. so she ask if she could take a picture with him but somehow he just ignored her. I was kinda like thinking errr.. if he wanted to be left alone he could’ve just said No from the beginning. We were like oh well too bad.. we weren’t gonna pull our hair and cry about it. A friend of mine bumped into this famous HK actor at SF airport (I love him too hahaha) she asked for a photo op, he said yes and they took a pic together. But the thing is.. she said he seemed “fake” and had that ‘oh I don’t really feel like taking a picture with my fans but I guess I have to just to keep my image and make them happy’ attitude.

    But like Pinkjiawen said.. if I ever saw Bi and bumped into him, I probably wouldn’t have the guts to come up to him in the 1st place. Knowing his character.. I probably won’t even dare to ask for a photo op.. (Maybe I’ll hit myself in the head and push myself to at least be brave and ask for a signature :P) it’ll be a frickin’ miracle if he says yes hahaha If I see a celeb I like.. of course I’ll try and approach them with a request but if they say NO.. I’m not gonna be like I’ll never be his fan anymore yada yada yada.. I don’t expect celebs to be nice 24/7 (some of my lucky friends have met and taken pics with Brad Pitt, Daniel Henney, etc and said they seemed genuinely nice) if the celeb I meet doesn’t seem so nice then oh well.. that’s life.. nobody is perfect we’ve all got our bitchy moments hehehe Well.. Rizza had a nice encounter with Bi.. so was he being Cyborg Rain ver.2.0 or just the real Jeong Ji Hoon? :P ;)

  7. wow..some kinda fan huh? i don’t think she even deserves to be called a fan of Rain….i think it’s just like in any kind of situation…you decide on something and learn to accept the consequence…she decided to approach BI and have his picture taken with him, he said no…ACCEPT it..at least he as being true..i guess for those who have been follwoing Bi’s career and read some fan account they wold mention it that sometimes he is in good mood, smile, talk to them or sign autographs and sometime he just doesn’t…

    Bi is Human after all…he needs some private time for himself…where he can enjoy life…after all he works so hard to make all his fans happy…by giving his best in singing, acting, modeling etc…

  8. djo: I think in Vegas, it’s allowed. But here, they’d even tape up the lens of camera phones before you can enter the casino…


    Before I became friends with celebrities (albeit minor celebrities compared to Bi, but celebrities nonetheless), I was a bit narrow-minded about celebrities who treat fans like they’re nothing as well. I had a pretty bad experience with an international superstar myself, and what he or his managers did to us was really more than enough reason for us to ditch him. But we didn’t. It’s either we’re really a bunch of crazy fools still blindly idolizing this guy who didn’t care about his fans when he became famous, or we just learned to love his music and his talent enough to still support him despite that incident.

    And then, I became friends with this band, and one of them – the one who really became my friend – is known to be ‘unfriendly’ towards fans who ask for autographs, photo ops, etc. I’ve witnessed it myself, how people would come up to him to ask for something and he’d just look at them, then he walks away (I even experienced that myself). At first, I’d tell him, dude, be more friendly coz people think you’re such an a$$! But after he explained to me that:

    1. He usually reacts that way because the fans would talk to him in Tagalog, and since he’s a foreigner, he usually doesn’t understand what the heck they are saying;
    2. Guitar picks are expensive and he doesn’t earn much from being a band member, so why the heck should he give them out to everyone who asks him for one;
    3. If you’re onstage playing, and someone suddenly comes onstage and grabs you while you’re playing, wouldn’t you duck away, too? What if that person is out there to stab you? (well, it turned out the girl only wants to kiss him, but still…)

    … that’s when I understood that celebrities are humans, too. They have needs, they have moods, they are just like everyone else. So we should cut them some slack.

    Unless they’re being outright assholes, of course.

  9. i understand all your points here. i feel the sadness of the fan because of rejection but then as you had mentioned, he had his moods and he has some reasons not to do the photo op.

    i hope i will not have the same situation with some celebs. i guess she is just liking bi for his looks and not his talents.

  10. argh, shari! I remember seeing daniel henney across the street while waiting for a bus in singapore! He was soo hot! But I was too shocked to even react or anything =/.

    Sorry. This is so OT.

  11. sorry.. OT pinkjiawen: WHAT??? U SAW DANIEL HENNEY?? WHEN?? hahaha omg… how come when I lived in Singapore for 3 years during High School all the Hot Korean guys celeb never came? damnit.. after I left.. hunks like Won Bin and Daniel drops by Singapore *sigh* hehehe I’d prolly be too shocked as well if I see Daniel in front of me :P my gosh.. I remember seeing Vj Utt in front of me near a bubble tea stand in Singapore couple years ago and I couldn’t even move.. I was a fan and yet I didn’t even had the guts to approach him

  12. For me,I prefer to know that Bi rehearsed so hard and concentrated to give his best on the stage is more important than the reaction when encountering him on his private time.

    I knew some of celebrities that smile all the time when ppl waiting for him at the airport, being so nice even you,as a fan, can cross his arm to walk together at the airport. On the other hand, he just perform so-so concert,lipsync and just walk around the stage. And this is disappointing.

  13. isnt it ure not allowed to take pix in a casino? but yeah this was bi’s private time she shouldve been more considerate…

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