Runaway. Literally.

Stalking Rain, Last Day.

I never actually planned on stalking Rain today, in fact, I went back to work, thinking I should be a model employee, for once, since I’ve been away for so long. I now realized that being a model employee takes out all the fun in everything.

Because I tried to be a model employee, I stayed at the office until 5pm before I went to Manila Hotel – yeah, no use not naming the hotel anymore and besides, shouldn’t that be common knowledge by now? – mainly to show support for Dahly who has finally been given the chance to meet Rain up close through the send-off party hosted by TV5. I made the mistake of following my staffs’ advice and took the bus all the way to Sta. Cruz, Manila and just taking a cab from there since it’s already near Manila Hotel. Yeah, it’s near, alright. Except there’s rush hour traffic, and cabs very seldom pass by that area. :bop:

And what made it worse? I suddenly got text messages from my CloudPH friends informing me that (1) Rain is currently filming at the lobby; (2) they were extras at the scene; and (3) Rain gave them the eye-disappearing smile three times. Meanwhile, I was only a few blocks away from Manila Hotel, stuck in traffic.

Yes. Just kill me now, won’t you?

And then I arrived at the hotel just a few minutes after the shoot has ended and met my brimming-with-happiness friends, and then here comes Ji Hoon back at the lobby to go to the send-off party/Meet and Greet. Make that Grumpy Ji Hoon. Who went straight to the coffee shop upon seeing that his castmates were not at the lobby yet, hastily pulled a chair and sat with his back turned against us, with B1 and B2 (the red-tied bodyguards) guarding him as if he’s the President or something.

So yeah, they get cute eye-disappearing smile Rain. Within minutes, I got the grumpy version. Story of my life.

The only happy spot in this very positive, ray of sunshine blog post of mine is the episode with Dahly. We weren’t allowed to go to the party, so I just called up Tita Virgie and Aqueh who were with her to ask for updates. I didn’t get an answer, probably because they’re busy at that time. Later on, Aqueh returned my call and I talked to Tita Virgie. I immediately felt the excitement from her voice and when she told me what happened, I have to be honest here, I cried. Nevermind that I was at the lobby, being pissed off at myself. Just hearing her say that Rain seemed to be in a bad mood (see? Even Tita Virgie noticed it) but he smiled at Dahly and asked that she be placed beside him for the photo op and even put his hands on both her arms is enough to bring in the waterworks. I’ve always told myself that I don’t care if I don’t get a meet and greet as long as Dahly gets it and I will fight tooth and nail for it for her. I’m thankful that after one false try it finally happened, and that Rain erased his grumpy mood just for her. So Ji Hoon, even if I don’t exactly love you at the moment, still… THANK YOU.

The funny thing was, when they came out and Tita Virgie was re-telling the events to the TV5 news crew, Dahly said that the only thing she was able to say to Rain was, “I love you”. :hihihi: And then, I don’t remember how it came to it, but she suddenly said, “BiKyo” and the reporter was like, “what’s BiKyo??” And I was like, “oh man! THAT is what she should have said to Rain!!!” :slaphead: Oh well… not meant to be, I guess.

(Side note: Tita Virgie has promised to write about her account of the Meet and Greet [she got to accompany Dahly inside the M&G room] and told me to post it here and at the CPH site to be shared to everyone.)

Later on, we learned that they still have to film some scenes at Hyundai Motors in Macapagal Avenue, but our source was not sure. We were getting all these mixed information about the filming and about Rain’s departure from Manila. I had a theory that he will be heading straight to the airport after the shoot and will be taking the 1:00am flight because I saw his cameraman taking Rain’s cabin bag to the car. However, my theory was just shrugged off. It wasn’t until LNY and Rain have left the hotel that we decided to follow suit. The shoot has already started when we got there but there were many retakes, mainly because they were complaining about the noise. (Note to the production team: If you want complete silence, don’t film beside a busy highway. :rolleyes: ) At around 11:30pm, the shoot was finished and before we knew it, Rain was off to his vehicle and Djo noticed that he didn’t seem to be heading back to the hotel because the car didn’t take the nearest U-turn slot. Moments later at the hotel lobby, we saw his close-in security detail who told us that they already took him to the airport and he’ll be heading his way back home to Korea. He did a literal Runaway on us. :slaphead: So my earlier suspicion that he will be taking the 1:00 am flight is on the dot, and none of these friends of mine believed me. Really, why do people never believe me? Am I not convincing enough?

So that ends my series on stalking Rain (and Daniel, and Lee Jung Jin, and U-KISS) in Manila. Anti-climactic, ‘no? I know I still owe you the big one, that is, the concert. I’ll try to get out of this grumpy self first and get back in “awesomeness that is Rain” mode. Maybe editing the photos will do the trick. Maybe.



  1. Thanks Pau. This is the longest stalking Rain so far :blink: .
    So finally they also had a Meet & Greet Party. :shutup:
    I think he wants to comeback Korea in secret, don’t want media will pick up him in the airport

  2. thanks for sharing the story pau…my heart is still hurting at the the fact that he was so near and yet I have not seen him since I was in cebu doing some task for my work…huhu…

    anyway, i hope i still can have another chance of watching his concert or seeing him in person…..

    i will be waiting for your blog about his concert..

    Congrats Pau….! :rakenrol:

  3. happy for the meet and greet. tita virgie texted me that Bi held Dahly’s hand :hug: how fortunate!

    love your header pau!

  4. I’m so happy Dahly had the chance to meet Rain because she’s been through a lot and a ray of sunshine is something she greatly deserves.
    Finally the stalking is done and you will have to deal with your sudden “media exposure” at work ;) I will wait for your blog entries…

  5. Thanks for all the updates about rain while he was there in the phils, I enjoyed reading your blog on ‘stalking Rain’ so much… Take care Agent PAu…

  6. Thanks for this installment. So happy for Dahly and good that he was not masungit with her. Love the BIKYO I hope he heard her! hahahhaha :hug:

  7. Agent Pau, I congratulate all of you for doing a great job !!! I also commend RAIN for what he did to Dahly and am very happy for Dahly. Its time for you and your friends to catch up on your sleep. Take care :hug:

  8. Very happy for you Dahly!! :hug:

    Ji Hoon: You did good!!!

    Pau: Poor you… Ji Hoon’s always grumpy with you lah!

  9. Wow! I’m so happy for Dahly. I can’t wait for the fan account from Mommy Virgie!

    I’d still want to give props to JiHoon :thumbup: for taking the extra effort to be ‘nice’ to her when he is not in such a good mood. He may not know it but his gesture means a lot to Dahly.

    Finally! I’m back to my “normal life” and to “reality”. Time to catch up on some sleep and eat ‘regularly’. :hihihi:

  10. Agent P, Rain’s smile to you when you ID youself says something. He must have known you from ages…perhaps not directly, but through your blog.
    Manila Hotel is a very good choice for stay. I hope the manila shooting places can give them the beauty of the country. You are a truly stalker, and can write well. Thank you.

  11. The best part….Dahly meeting Rain!!! Yes Pau nagiging iyakin na ako!!! Cry baby na tlaga! She deserves it! Everyone from the cph staffs are giving their slots for her that’s how we wanted Dahly to be happy! Thanks to Rain too…i will smile back without my eyes too!!!

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