Car chase.

Stalking Rain U-KISS, Day 7. As in literally.

Yesterday, in bullets:

  • Woke up pretty late; missed yummy breakfast at Sofitel. :bop:
  • Stayed in the room the entire day because I was tasked to pick up an overseas fan at 4:30pm.  Ended up staying at the hotel room all day, with nothing to eat but an apple.
  • Met a lot of overseas fans, particularly from Japan, Singapore, Macau, China.
  • Finally had lunch at 5:00pm.  Real dinner at 8:00pm.
  • Got word that Rain was having dinner at a nearby Korean restaurant, so off we went there to stalk using a van that has the CPH logo all over it. :naughty: We went briefly to Rain’s hotel to drop off an overseas fan who’s staying there.  Van got curious looks from the Korean staff and crew of Fugitive.
  • Proceeded to the Korean restaurant, with the thought that we might freak Rain out once he sees the van with CPH logos in front and at the back. :tounge:
  • Unfortunately for us and fortunately for him, Rain has already left.
  • Went straight to airport to welcome U-KISS.  Got freaked out at the number of kiddos still awake at 11:30pm and stalking a Korean boyband. What has happened to the youth of today??
  • While waiting for U-KISS’ flight, we at CPH had a contest where everyone could win tickets to the Intensity show.  All they had to do is call.  We gave away more than 20 tickets.  Contest was over in 15 minutes.
  • Commotion at the airport when U-KISS arrived.  They had to take another exit just to get outta there.
  • Charity played car chase with U-KISS’ convoy.  She won and became their advance party.
  • Reached the hotel 3 minutes ahead of U-KISS.  Some kiddos were already there, blocking the way.  Not enough security for all members, so only Xander, Kevin and Dongho got ample security.  The last two boys, Eli and Kiseop, got nothing.  They got pinched to smithereens by the kiddos. :bop: I really couldn’t see the point of claiming to love your idol yet physically hurting them.
  • Went inside the hotel lobby and got amazed that the kiddos were checked in there.  We’re talking about a hotel which lowest-priced rooms cost about 270USD/night. :whoa:   Meanwhile, we in CPH who were rumored to be the richest fan club in the Philippines, are staying at a lower-priced hotel because that’s what we can afford.
  • Decided to do an impromptu ‘business meeting’ because we have to hand over some of Charity’s adobo for U-KISS.
  • Saw Lee Jung Jin at the elevator.  Later on, Lee Na Young and Daniel Henney arrived.  Had another ‘Hi, Daniel’ moment and I think he already knows us. Well, after the presscon, I should be familiar to him.
  • After we finally managed to hand over the food through the Korean promoter (yup, we made the CEO a delivery boy), we decided to call it a day.
  • Passed by MOA and saw this:
  • (c) Agent P's HQ/CloudPH

    …and this:

    (c) Agent P's HQ

It’s now 5:20am and I’m still blogging. I might doze off at the concert tonight. Good luck to me. :sleep:



  1. (sorry, accidentally pressed [enter] before i could type out my entire comment :wall: )

    got amazed that the kiddos were checked in there

    THIS. before, i’m just amazed at how high school/college students can afford to buy CDs/DVDs/magazines but now i’m like, “saan sila kumukuha ng pang-hotel!?!” :lol:

    aww, Eli and Kiseop. :?:

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