Rain, meet Agent P (updated).

Stalking Rain, Day 6.

“Hi, I’m Agent P from Cloud Philippines, and this question is for Rain.”

Story, pics and videos to follow, after I manage to stop myself from shaking.


Sorry for the delay. Internet is not free in our hotel so I’m using a certain prepaid internet “broadband” service that feels more like dial-up. :bop: I had to wait eons before the clip got uploaded.

As most of you probably know by now, the rescheduled presscon finally happened last night, with Fugitive‘s main stars Rain, Lee Jung Jin, Lee Na Young, Daniel Henney and PD Kwak in attendance. The first half of the presscon is for the drama, the last half for the Intensity show on Saturday. Side note: Hey, here’s something I learned last night. In Korea, a show should not be called a ‘concert’ if the artist will not be performing for at least 3 hours. Therefore, no one should brand Intensity as a “concert”. Gig, show, performance, whatever. Just… not concert. Oookaaayyy…

Cloud Philippines was given slots for the presscon as part of our promotional partnership with the organizers of the show. What I did not expect is them allocating us one question, specifically for Rain (because it sucks to have someone from Rain’s fan club to ask a question to Daniel Henney. Oh wait…). Since Rizza will be the one executing our grand plan, that is, ‘trapping’ Rain into signing a special Rain artwork made by our graphics designer Ralph (the same guy who designed our “It’s Raining in Manila” shirts), I was the one designated to ask the question. I’m not a good public speaker and we’re talking about asking RAIN a question here so the entire time we were waiting for the presscon to start was like, an eternity. I felt like peeing but I can’t because the toilet is too far and I might miss something. I mean, you’ll never know, right? I know someone who missed her opportunity to gain access to the presscon because she decided that she must have dinner first. :neutral:

While waiting, I memorized my question (“Can you please tell us about your character in the TV series?” The presscon was a very controlled environment so those who were asking, no, I wasn’t able to sneak in something a lil’ bit more interesting) and then it suddenly hit me: what if I introduce myself as Agent P? How would he react, if at all?

Here’s a capture of what Rain (and LNY and Daniel Henney) looked like after I introduced myself as Agent P from Cloud PH:


And here’s the video:

credits: Cloud Philippines

Watcha think?

There’s still lots of stories to tell, but I’m too sleepy right now so I’ll just continue with it later.


Second edit:

Just had to let it out: I really wonder what Rain did, or did not do, that made people like JM Rodriguez say he’s rude and unprofessional? Mo Twister is taking dibs at him, too. Ruffa is not saying anything, but before her 1-on-1 she was all Rain, Rain, Rain, but now all she can Tweet about is Daniel Henney. :think: I wish someone would ask Mr. Rodriguez to give details as to why he said Rain was rude and unprofessional. It’s unfair to just let something like that out without giving the exact reasons. For all we know, it’s just the typical Rain who’s really not as chummy with strangers as Daniel owing to cultural and language barriers. (Homigash, I’m defending Rain again. What is happening to me??? :aargh: )

I’ve said it so many times before: Rain’s style will really not click with the ordinary Pinoy. It’s a bit sad that when the cast was introduced one by one at the presscon last night, Daniel got a lot of screams and cheers from the press who turned into fans. Rain also got a lot of screams, but it did not linger as long as Daniel’s. I just don’t know if it’s because we’re scared that screaming in his presence at a presscon is against his rules or something. :neutral:

Random stuff:

– Rain was in his usual stone-cold self at the first few minutes of the presscon. He would smile, but it’s one of those showbiz smiles that he gives that one look from all of us ‘experts’ on Rain would know that he’s just smiling for the sake of smiling. :hopeless: Ok, to be fair? He just came from filming all day so he must be tired. I’ll give him that.

– The only time that Rain started to loosen up and smiled freely was when Grace Lee of Magic 89.9/GMA-7’s turn came. For one thing, Grace is Korean so she basically became her own translator. She started her questioning with an anecdote saying that she worked with Rain as a translator 8 years ago when he was here in the Philippines for filming (this was for Dream Team Cebu). He became relaxed towards her after that, and it was carried on until the end of the presscon.

– Those KOR-ENG translators they hired were HORRIBLE. :ayaw: Now I understand why there is miscommunication between the local organizers and the Korean side. The local organizers hired incompetent interpreters. :bop: It became obvious how frustrated the press – and apparently, the cast and PD, as well – were with the translation provided when Grace said, “should I translate his answer (to my question), as well?” and everyone in the room screamed, “YES!!!” :lmao: Even Daniel, Lee Na Young, Rain, PD Kwak, Yoon Jin Seo and Lee Jung Jin laughed at that. I think they were holding it in at first for fear that the press will attack them for it, but when the press themselves expressed their frustration, you can see those at the press table chuckling at times when the translation to their answers were way off. Yes, apparently, Rain does know if his answers were translated wrongly in English.

– Apparently, Rain loves the food here. His answers were always peppered with the word ‘food’. :hihihi: Or maybe he appreciates the fact that there is always a ready Korean restaurant to satisfy his cravings for their native food within the vicinity of his hotel.

– Daniel is such a suave guy in interviews. No wonder the press loves him. Then again, Rain is also a suave guy in interviews… if his interview is in Korean. So yeah, I’ll cut him some slack on that.

– Lee Jung Jin always gives a dazzling smile. I heard he also allows fans/bystanders to take pics with him. I think this endeared him to Pinoys because when he first came here, practically no one was noticing him (or maybe it’s because they’re afraid that he also might have rules against people approaching him :neutral: ). Now, more and more people are recognizing him.

– I think people will understand why I really didn’t pay attention to Lee Na Young and Yoon Jin Seo, ‘no? :blink:

(c) Agent P's HQ/Cloud PH

– Mission for the day: our graphics designer Ralph has made an artwork and he wishes to have it signed by Rain. Since Rain is always closely guarded, it will be difficult to do it under normal circumstances. So we decided to have this idea of asking him to sign it at the presscon. Sure, it does sound like we’re trapping him into doing it since he’s in front of the media with cameras and all and with the super-bad press he’s been getting here, he would be stupid to refuse. However, that’s exactly the point. He’s getting bad press, and still getting bad press, so that action from him is a proof that he’s not as bad as everyone thinks he is. You just have to know how to approach him.

In our case, Rizza was aiming on asking Rain to sign at the end of the presscon, assuming he won’t be a ninja and escape in a flash. But since DJ Mo was still rattling off sponsors and the cast hasn’t gone out yet, that gave Rizza the chance to approach the table with the painting. We have to give a shoutout to Ginger Conejero (again) for assisting us with it, because she beckoned her crew to shoot the proceedings so everyone gave Rizza a wide berth. Needless to say, the mission was a success. :cheer:

(c) AgentP's HQ/CloudPH

The painting incident became a hit with the press. We got another interview with ABS CBN after the presscon. So yeah, expect my oily face on your TVs again because I wasn’t able to follow my self-memo about bringing oil control sheets at the presscon. :slaphead:

(c) AgentP's HQ/CloudPH

– We hung around the lobby after the presscon, not to wait for the Korean stars to come out but to fix some CPH stuff. Suddenly, out came the entire cast, with Rain coming out first. In fairness to him, he did wave to the fans. But Daniel had to add a, “hi!” to his wave and he didn’t walk fast, so he won the ordinary bystanders’ affection again. Can’t blame Ji Hoon, though; it’s his nature, and so is Daniel’s. (Why do I keep justifying Ji Hoon’s actions today? This is so NOT me. :wall: )

(Nah, I think I know why. I think it’s because I found JM Rodriguez’ Tweet about Rain so unfair and so one-sided. You have to tell us first what made you say that, Mr. Rodriguez.)

– I wish there is footage out there that covered Rain’s entire facial expression from the moment the moderator announced that the next question is from CloudPh (which is covered in the above fancam; if you read his lips, he told PD Kwak, “fan club”), to the moment I stood up and introduced myself as “Agent P from Cloud Philippines” (the first part wasn’t covered on this fancam because Kairu had to zoom out to include me in the frame; CloudPh’s official footage, taken by Rizza, focused on my face instead of Rain’s on this part) to the time he answered my question without looking at me. :bop: This is uncharacteristic of him because we noticed that he does look at the questioner’s face while answering the question. In my case, he never did.

Also, I saw a certain glint in his eyes when I introduced myself that I can’t explain what.


We have footage of the entire Q and A, but it’ll have to wait to be uploaded because we still have to edit and subtitle it. We decided not to depend on the crappy interpretation job and translate it straight from what the actors and the PD said. But since we’re still very busy, it’ll have to wait until the Intensity show is over and we have regained some energy we lost from all the preparations. Same goes for the photos from all the Rain sightings we had, including a ton of pics from the presscon.



  1. @Ja
    “Hindi ko kinaya, it’s like totoo, ba to? Did I just see you and Rain having a conversation (even if it’s just one question in a presscon)? Haaaayyyy….”

    Ditto! I’m so overwhelmed while reading this post..buti nga you were able to speak pa, pag ako nandun sus baka nahimatay na ko!!! Grabe AgentP, this is soooo…..surreal!!! Yeah I can see a “meaningful grin” from him while you were talking.

    Pero talagang wow AgentP, congratulations! This is a remarkable and unforgettable event! Thanks for defending Rain too.I love Rain and we know his personality and he’ll never appeal to the average Pinoy.. kung pwede lang saluhin ko lahat ng pambabatikos. :cry: :cry: About the swimming part, oo nga no, medyo off yung nagswimming siya while everyone was there waiting. Wala kasi siguro pakialam si Rain eh..” kaysa gusto ko magswimming, sept. 9 pa yung presscon, paki nyo?” :lol:

    Re: Danniel Henney.. agree about everything you said. Aside from being physically handsome, ma-PR din kaya gusto ng tao. Sige sa inyo na si Daniel Henney para ma-solo ko na si Rain! :lol:

  2. I had to say, I was bit disappointed with JM Rodriguez because I used to like him. He was in theater and I thought he had class. But yesterday, he just showed everybody that he is ‘culturally ignorant’ when it comes to Korean artists. First, he compared Rain with two US talents. :nono: Geez, I wonder if he knows how Kanye is suffering right now, career-wise, after that very, very RUDE behavior at the VMAs last year. :chair:

    Second, saying Rain is “unprofessional” is a big :ehh: . After ‘following’ the Rain for 5 years, I can confidently say that Rain is probably the most professional artist I know. He is a hands-on artist who really love his craft and is willing to learn. But you can’t blame him if his personality is that way. I’m sure with all the experiences he’s had and all the places he’s been, he had been ‘burned’ by fans before. What if he’s just trying to be careful? Ibalato na lang natin sa lolo nyo yun. :neutral:

    We know very well he is still not fluent in English and would often be ‘misquoted’ for every question he answers. I’m not sure if there is an interpreter everywhere he goes, but let’s remember that every interview with Rain is work-related, and he probably had his share of “work” already the day of Channel V interview. Kawawa naman. :neutral:

    And I ‘unfollowed’ Ruffa G from twitter. I can’t stand that girl, she is so full of non-sense. :yuck: Puro kaartehan ang alam. I’m pretty sure Daniel is just humoring her, cause that’s the way he is.

  3. When I see the video, I think Rain know you Pau :naughty:
    From the way he smile etc :hihihi:

    Btw, in Indonesia is also call as showcase if the singer just sing for 1 hr and featuring other singer too. ^^

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