TV star.

Stalking Rain, Day 4.

We took a break from stalking today because his location shoot is out-of-town. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have anything to blog about. :hihihi:

Our interview with Ginger Conejero came out at TV Patrol today. The episode is already uploaded here:

Our part is towards the last few minutes of the broadcast. But if you’re not interested in watching the rest of the program, please wait as I finish downloading the episode and cutting off the unwanted parts. :smile:



Here’s the video. Turn CC ‘on’ to view the ENG subs. And watch out as I grit my teeth when I came to the part about how one hello, one smile from Rain is enough to erase all ill-feelings towards him. The ‘Agent P’ in me is still there, after all. :tounge:

Video credit: Cloud Philippines
Transcript by Lou; FIL-ENG translation, subbing and encoding by Agent P



  1. Yeah but… that statement from Lou actually came BEFORE Mr Jung made his official statement. :neutral: After that? Not too understandable anymore (at least, for most of us who were there).

  2. I just hope the interview really helped him save face at the very least or else, our efforts would all be in vain!

    Are we famous now, Pau?! harharhar :wacky:

  3. Thanks Pau and Lou for hardworking.
    I bet now you’re famous :cheer:
    Whatever reason is, let’s move on !!!

  4. We didn’t do it to become famous. We did it because it has to be done. That report from TVP would’ve been much worse if not for our part in the interview.

  5. You should have seen us working that room full of irritated press. We bombarded them with every funny Rain annecdotes that we could, all the interesting Rain experiences that we have and then nicely asked them not to be so harsh in their write-ups. We made jokes with the rest of them and fronted our faces just so they would have something to write about other than Rain being a no-show. Imagine what that headline would be like without Lou and Pau’s fangirling account to cussion it.

    It’s not their intention to grab 15 minutes of fame. It had to be done to amuse the press. It just so happened that they got the TV interview while we were working the print media.

  6. At talagang si Ted Failon naman oh, parang bitter pag nag report. :lol: (I know its his usual tone pero parang dito affected siya sa no-show ni Rain keke) Wow AgentP, sosyal! Taga COA ka pala?! :arrow: Naku ha, does Rain have any idea how lucky he is??? His fans are not only professionals holding highly-regarded jobs but are also people who could take in everything just for him despite disappointing them. Rain is one lucky guy. At talagang ni rewind2x ko yung vid for how many times. Seeing you on TV feels so surreal and kaka-touch. After all these years of Rain disappointing you guys, still defend pa rin! Haaay..the things people do for Rain. Thank you CPH. Fighting! The concert is on saturday na..I hope the next headline would be “Concert ni Rain, dinagsa ng maraming tao”.

  7. hi gent paulette thanks s pagtangol kay rain yun din ang ginagawa ko sa pag tangol ko safriends ko sabi nila snob daw si rain hehehe i explained to them what happened im leslie by the way @rizza did you change your number ? i did txt u that ill be at the concert… =)yey =) agent paulette hope you can share namn rains iterinary nababaliw na ko kakaisip kung nasang lupalop sya =( like if he is out of town saan? or if he has a shoot sumwer =) sorry ha gusto ko kasi talaga sya makita upclose im not gonna touch him i just want too see him upclose promise hehehe

  8. theballetdancer: I wish I know his itinerary din, but honestly, I don’t. That’s the reason why I took an LOA, so that anytime I receive an update re: his whereabouts, I’m always ready to run to where he is. Honestly, that Cubao shoot is just a stroke of luck.

    Actually, maraming nagtatampo, “bakit di mo ko tinext???” As if naman magagawa ko pa, at makakarating din kayo agad. He doesn’t stay in one place for a long time so malamang kesa hindi, nakaalis na sya bago kayo makarating at di ko na rin sya nakita kasi busy ako sa pagtetext sa lahat. Also, his schedule is very confidential so for me to spread it around, breach of confidentiality yun.

  9. @ agent i want to give sana a gift to rain sa concert kaya lng sa gold kami nakaupo huhu pano kaya yun =(

  10. Don’t give it at the concert. Look for his staff members (manager, cameraman) and hand it over to them to be given to Rain. Or, if you can, hand it over to Rain himself.

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