Mind games.

Stalking Rain, Day 3

Did you ever think that me, Agent P, who has always criticized Rain and his management whenever something’s not right, would be defending him in a room full of pissed off media people who attended his last-minute-canceled press conference yesterday?

I did that yesterday, and I did that to save Rain’s face.

(c) Agent P's Headquarters

If not for us from Cloud Philippines frantically trying to explain things to the reporters who have decided to declare him as suplado at maarte (snobbish and demanding in diva-esque proportions), Rain would be at the receiving end of super-bad press from the Philippine media because of his quirks (eg., no one is allowed to go near him for whatever reason. In Philippine showbusiness, that is the exact equivalent of a first-class snob) and his management’s inability to come up with a believable reason as to why they had to cancel the press conference at the last minute, and making the press wait almost two hours for that official statement. Although I must say that I pity the Korean spokesperson and his translator who had no choice but to be grilled by the pissed off members of the press. I think the only time the Korean managed to smile was when we told him, “it’s all right” in Korean.

(c) Agent P's Headquarters

It’s funny because, Lou and I got interviewed by ABS CBN’s Ginger Conejero (I just don’t know if they will air it because I think she did that because she can’t come back to their office without a story, so she decided to interview us as there is no Rain) and one of her questions was if we feel a certain sort of resentment towards Rain for what happened at the (non) presscon. Our answer: no, because knowing the system in Korean showbiz, we kinda expected that something like this might happen. And we still love him no matter what. It was a mark of a true professional that I didn’t get a nosebleed from saying that because that is not the kind of thing you would normally hear from me. If that was ‘normal Agent P’, I would be ranting non-stop and formulating all sorts of bad headlines for tomorrow’s news along with the disgruntled reporters.

So presscon? FAIL. What did I do after that? Sat at the lobby of the hotel with my friends, ordered some overpriced food (I pigged out on hors d’oeuvres at the botched presscon but who gets full on hors d’oeuvres, especially one who hasn’t had breakfast and lunch and it’s already 4:00pm?) and waited for whoever Korean celebrity would pass by.

Commence: Play Mind Games with Rain.

While waiting for my food, Ji Hoon came in from the pool area and called out his stylists who were somewhere near the main doors. His eyes quickly roamed the immediate area (by the way, he does look at every fan on the face and memorizes it). When he saw my face, he suddenly darted behind a nearby pillar and hid there, with his crew blocking him out of my view. :hihihi: Ok, so I guess that confirms that he does know my face? I just don’t know if I looked familiar to him because he’s been seeing my big face for three days straight, or because he knows who Agent P is.

Yeah, Ji Hoon. That did not help appease my growing disappointment towards you at all.

Later on, him and his crew went out for dinner and you know what Ji Hoon did? He walked casually and leisurely instead of his usual brisk walk, chatting up and stealing glances towards our direction. At one time, he was already a few feet away from our spot, and he still looked back at us. Meanwhile, us, his loyal fans in the Philippines, just sat at the couches staring at him with me giving him this look: :asar: . Yes, we ignored Rain. :lmao: He stayed at the lobby for quite a while waiting for his service vehicle and none of us ran towards him to get at least a closer look. We just stayed glued at our seats, giggling at what we have just done. I really don’t know what made us do that. The guy is probably totally bewildered by now because I’m dead sure he knows we are his fans (three days of seeing the same faces, I’m sure he got a clue by now, ‘no?) and that we were there to stalk him, and yet there he was, obviously trying to catch our attention, and we snubbed him. I don’t know if that was a stupid move on our part or what.

I don’t remember mentioning this but during the Cubao shoot, the Korean staff photographer took our photos. I don’t know why. :?:

Oh yeah, we also saw Lee Jung Jin at the lobby. Whoever said that he’s taller than Rain got it all wrong. He’s definitely smaller. And I think he looks cuter on TV than in person. :shutup: Can’t wait to see Daniel Henney, and yay! I will definitely see him on Thursday at the press con. :cheer: Unless “someone” decides to cancel it again. :asar:



  1. I’m soooo green with envy, Pau!!! You’ve seen Jihun one too many times in Manila.

    Well, Jihun must have realized by now that even though his Filipino fans are drooling over him day-in day-out, Cloud PH don’t embark upon a wild-goose chase…. because you do the stalking with finesse :hihihi: Well done, Pau! :clap: and you have the audacity to snob (?) him, huh?! :cheer: I really can’t wait to you, guys!

    by the way, nice banner… I hope you’d keep it there for a while

  2. pau thanks for sharing this … you did and still do a great job …
    i wonder if rain has just a slight idea what his fans all do for him???
    and i do like very much how you react on him when he was in the lobby …and also how he react … even though its strange …but it makes him human for me ^^
    thanks again pau :cheer:

  3. i left early after the cancelled presscon. what was their reason for cancelling again?? i’m afraid for the sept 9th presscon.. do u think the media will still be there? or will they grill him about the cancelled presscon? :hmf:

    haay.. Bi.. i don’t know what to say.

  4. I just don’t know if I should laugh at JiHun or be angry with him. :asar: But it was hilarious, I’m sure he knew by now that you are fans and yet none of you didn’t even snap his pic from afar. :glee:

  5. i truly admire your passion and super envious of the fact that you had have these “precious moments” with Bi and more in the days to come…i can’t join you guys yet but definitely will see in the concert…AJA! ! ! :cheer:

  6. Pau, he should have been wondering what kind of fans you belong…after he met Vivian at HK airport…he should know that not all fans will scream at him or run after him. :hihihi:

  7. good to read this. hay pau, if you only knew. i have 2 FB friends who have been posting abt, rain’s no show yday. they were at the mla hotel too. they have been calling him names. syempre, i’m hurt beyond words. they’ re not BiERS by the way.

  8. Naku naman, so Rain’s getting some flak na palaga dito?(Haven’t read any account or article about his visit here btw except your blog so I really don’t know). Tsk tsk tsk pero at least AgentP, Rain owes you for saving his ass somehow. Hay naku. You were right about something you said awhile back, something along the lines of “Rain is really not for Pinoy fans.” True. Kaka-touch yung sinabi nyo that you still love him, pag ako si Rain I’ll be teary-eyed hearing that. I think he’s already got the impression that the Philippines isn’t his “baluarte”. And about the ignoring thing Rain, good job! At least, that’s a slap to his face and could make him feel humble somehow. I think he already knows you. So I guess the Philippines is leaving an impression on him na no? I hope that will make him come back here even if not for a concert, but just for a vacation. But I do hope Araneta will be well-attended by Saturday.

    And btw AgentP, I never thought these days would come. I can just remember those times you were talking about Rain coming here when pigs fly, and look at you right now, ignoring Rain pa ha??? :lmao: I’m so happy for you guys!!!

  9. Thanks Pau for a story.
    What is the ” missunderstand” between them :phew:
    But I prefer a conf with full cast and crew to only him :hihihi:

  10. Thu: But the presscon yesterday was supposed to be for the concert, so no need to have the rest of the cast with him.

    I guess the rescheduled one on Thursday will now be for the drama.

    As for the ‘misunderstanding’, the official statement is that the Korean side agreed to have it on Sept 9, but the Filipino side thought they agreed to Sept 6. :neutral:

  11. The main point is Rain goes to Philippines is for drama shooting,the presscon needs to have the rest of the cast with him~
    If yesterday is the presscon for the concert,why no other entertainers,U Kiss ,Christan Bautista,Rain knows that it is not fair for them~It’s not his own concert~

  12. Scarlett: the presscon is actually for the concert, not for the drama. U-KISS is still in Korea and won’t be in town until Friday evening. Christian Bautista is just a guest.

  13. Can I just say this to everyone? If you’re not at the presscon, please try not to assess the situation or make any assumptions. You.were.not.there. You don’t even know half the story.

  14. Of course you can’t say that to the press .You handle it right saying that it ‘s a miss communication or missunderstood.
    I just want to say to SHINTA,don’t missunderstood Rain ,he is a humble guy~

  15. The question is… did the press believe the official statement, and was it really handled right?

    Only those who were there can say it for sure. I was there, but I’d rather not go with the specifics. If they say it’s a miscommunication, then miscommunication, it is.

  16. Agent P this is a testament to your devotion. You tried to make a bad situation a bit okay for him. He should thank you. Not hide from you ano bayan. Ismiran niyo next baka biglang maghabol at bigyan kayo ng one on one fan meet! And maybe the photographer took a photo so that BI can ID you all. More success to your stalking and AJA FIGHTING! I have a feeling you’ll have better luck with Daniel Henney kelan ba siya nasa Philippines? Marunong mag English yon!

  17. “And we still love him no matter what. ” Aww… those words can only come from a loyal fan, Rain’s so lucky to have you. :clap:
    I like what you did in the lobby, funny, I’m sure it baffled him. Thanks for sharing agent P…

  18. I can understand the disappointment…the frustration….
    I am expecting the management would be more professional in handling this kind of situation…

    But seriously, I would love to know the reason behind the cancellation….

  19. That”s his world of Philippnes version,diba? :lmao:

    How many Philippines versions will he build up during his stay. :think:

  20. Hello Pau,
    Thanks for defending for Rain in presscon. I don’t understand how it could happen though. I hope Philippiness media won’t get too upset because he didn’t accept any interview or photography, and now the no show.

    Pau, what you did at hotel lobby proves you are not a new Rain fan…hahaha.
    Only those new Rain fans would put a camera in front of his face. [we won’t because we know him well, he hate that]. WE, years died hard Cloud usually stay glued on our seat, and use our eyes to see our prince only.

    Believe me! He know who is good to him? who isn’t…

    Thanks again! and hope everything is alright!

  21. hello pau! thanks for the update! may I know what time the presscon would be? we work in a publishing cop and we’d like to attend sana. thanks! :lol:

  22. heech: 6:30pm, but I think you have to be accredited by AYC and TV5. CPH was given passes as an ex-deal for promoting the concert.

  23. oh okay. darn. i have to look for my contact in AYC. thanks pau!!! lucky you to see Rain!!!! i hope he’ll be in good mood tomorrow. hehe… and for press people to be good to him, as well. :p

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