Stalking Rain, Day 2.

It was announced to us last Saturday night that Rain will be guesting at TV5’s Party On 5 at noontime today. The CloudPH staff took our chances and went to KB Studios to watch the show. Long story short, he didn’t show up, but some of us ended up winning a pair of Gold tickets for the concert. And lots of friends and relatives texted me to say, “I saw you on TV!!!” Oh noes. I was seen on TV holding a big Full House poster. Wait, maybe that’s a good thing?

We were a bit let down by the no-show from Rain when we went straight to the CPH meeting at Gateway, Cubao. While the meeting was in full swing, I got a text alert: Fugitive, sorry, Runaway is filming right that minute and the location is… Cubao. :eek: Thank you, Lord! Who would’ve thought? That was one totally unexpected blessing.

So we hurried like crazy to the location of the shoot. It was one very strictly guarded set, and I’m sorry to say this, but I was close to :bop: all those “fans” who were screaming, trying to get Rain’s attention and begging the staff to let them take a photo with Ji Hoon. One of them even said, “sige ka, ipagkakalat kong suplado ka!” (if you won’t let me take a photo with you, I’ll spread around that you’re a snob). To which me and my CPH friends say, “as if he would care.” At one point, when those girls were really getting insistent, I wasn’t able to control myself and said, “please give it up. He’s really not friendly in person, and the more you scream and beg, the more he will run away from you.” They’re like… how did you know?? Uh, because we’ve been fans for five years and we know him so well? We even told the crowd control staff that they won’t have to worry about us (CPH) because we know Rain really well and we will keep our distance. In fact, we’d be willing to reprimand all those pasaway bystanders who would insist on getting their way.

(c) Agent P's Headquarters

Now here’s the thing… when he was about to leave, his service vehicle picked him up right in front of us. He suddenly appeared out of nowhere and said in a loud voice: “HELLO!” with matching wave before he hurriedly boarded the car. All other bystanders screamed; the people from Cloud PH? Were like this: “HUH???” :shock:

So I guess, overall, today is not a bad day at all, ‘no? :smile:



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  1. Thu: Yes! We were so shocked because nobody was saying hello to him. He just suddenly said ‘hello’. WTH??

    Also… the Korean staff photographer took photos of us. I don’t know why. :shrug:

  2. He was busy to film so he didn’t show up in the studio. They should catch up the schedule before 29 September when the program has been boardcasted.

  3. maybe he took a photo so he would know whom to watch out for next time! hahah!

    Pau, really want to post this pic in FB? May I?

  4. Galing at least you saw him kahit hindi sa studio. At may Hello pa! I guess alam na niya na kayo yong behaved chapter. Typical gawker pag di nag posing yong artista mag bad mouth about them dahil di napagbigyan. Dream on sila! Pinakita niyo sana si Mama bear baka mag react.

  5. Thanks! I started reading your blog yesterday and I must say you have a great site and it’s fun to read . It’s like I was traveling and experiencing the fun with you. Mind if I drop from time to time here?

  6. ehhehhehe too funny! That’s all he need to do to get everyone under his spell. We are pretty hopeless lah!!! Very happy for you guys!

  7. “HELLO!” with matching wave before he hurriedly boarded the car. All other bystanders screamed; the people from Cloud PH? Were like this: “HUH???” :shock:

    :lmao: I think I can imagine your faces. :rotflmao:
    Papansin din ang lolo. He’s not used to people not screaming (loud) for him so he made the effort. Or baka naman naintindihan nya yung word na suplado. :hihihi:

    And baket Cubao? :boinkself:

  8. Fortunately the GW was just so close to his shooting site,diba? :arrow:

    It could be said that there is “at least” a bit justice in this world,I suppose. :phew:

    The whole story seems something like fate.
    I wanna ask Ann’s opinion,also. :hihihi:

    Anyway,when I heard Rizza’s voice last night, I felt that your long, long weekend. :stretcher:

    Take a rest for the next long and the most INTENSIVE weekend!! :rakenrol:

    Oh, I wanna ask Ann that if I can go to Manila for his concert,or not.
    The INTENSITY day is the most important Muslim’s holiday here,so I have some difficulty to leave home. :wall: :cry: :confused:

  9. Wow talagang successful ‘tong Rain crusade nyo ha! Parang talagang meant-to-be..and you deserve it. What with the lot of effort you put for him, not just for the upcoming concert but through all these years. Sana because of this, Rain will decide to keep coming back. I can’t express enough how happy I am for you guys. I’ll just keep reading your accounts while teary-eyed. Hehehe. Fighting CPH!!!

  10. See again, planning like crazy and thinking all that time and energy wasted … then he appears… a typical Rain move, making it all worthwhile.

    I’ll be on the lookout for you ladies as I’m sure you guys ended up on tape…fangirl movie stars .. hehe

    looks like some new fans have found your cool site too. 8)

  11. Hi Agent P. I’ve been a fan of Rain since i first saw him on fullhouse 5 yrs ago. I really wanted to see him in person, watch him perform on stage live! but because im working out of the country now, my chance to making this dream come true is zero. Buti pa kyo nakita nyo na sya, and he even said Hello!… i’m so jealous… :cry:

  12. I was really a big turn around for us who had an early day to go to KB Studio but did not see Rain just Rainier Castillo :smile: Suddenly getting the news that he was close by was a big blessing. It was really shocking to hear him say hi since we were just sitting watching and did not even anticipate him to be right in front of us. shocked is an understatement

  13. ngayon alam na natin na kung magpapaligaw pala tayo sa kanya effective palang strategy ang pagpapakipot. hahaha. siguradong nanggagalaiti na sya sa silent treatment nyo ‘cos i’m sure he recognizes most of you at alam nyang mga fans talaga kayo. i’m sure he finds all these baffling. hahaha

  14. wahhh…Hi Agent pau! :razz: …matagal na akong nagbabasa dito…pero ngayon lang ako nakapag comment…siguro masyado lang akong nawili sa pag babasa ng mga fan accts. mo kaya nakakalimutan kong mag thank you man lang :sad: ….pero super bilib talaga ako sa inyo!! :arrow: …nakakainggit yung experience nyo…buti na lang pag nababasa ko yung mga threads mo para na rin akong nakiki joy ride…keep it up Agent P!! :razz:
    kitakits na lang sa sept. 11 :nyenye2:

  15. sayang, ‘ta susan, ‘ta remy, and i missed this yesterday…
    but still, am happy for you gals :cheer: … you deserve that “hello” from him…
    hope you’ll get more chances in the next few days while he’s here…
    thanks for posting and sharing all these with us…

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