8 seconds.

8 Seconds. That’s all it took for Rain to walk from the exit gates of NAIA Terminal 2 to his service vehicle. In those 8 seconds, he only took one glance towards my direction – well, it’s my blog, so I’ll keep that delusion that he looked at me – and went straight to the black car, slid the door close and drove away, leaving his poor cameraman behind to take care of his luggage. :hihihi:

(c) Agent P's Headquarters/Cloud Philippines

But hey, I gotta give a massive shoutout to Dong Joon (June aka @rainjtunecamp). I asked Kairu, who has been communicating with him on Twitter, to hand to him my small gift to Rain which was supposed to be given to him last February in Seoul if I were able to find the J Tune office.

He accepted it, put it on top of Rain’s luggage, and for one second we thought he might leave it at the luggage cart but the very kind lady who is part of the organizers handed it to him again and he never let go of it until they left. That was nice of him. I guess Dong Joon is now my official messenger, ‘no? :hihihi:

The excitement is just starting. Stay tuned.


Cloud Philippines wins hands down as the most behaved fan club in airport welcoming situations. No one screamed, no one ran towards Rain to maul him, etc. I remember, a few minutes before Rain came out, Lou heard a staff member telling the security staff to add four more people to block us because Rain doesn’t like people to approach him. :kilay: There were only 7 women who were not part of the welcoming committee in the vicinity, two of them Golden Girls. Do they think we’re gonna cause a lot of damage?? So I spoke in a really loud voice and said, “Hey, we know Rain very well, right? We know he doesn’t like to be touched. We know him better than they do. No need to tell us what to do, or bring in more security people to block us. We’re not gonna approach him. That’s what zoom lens are for.” I guess they heard me, because they let us do our thing when Rain came out. In silence. You’ll see on the fancams, it’s like… the sound was muted. :neutral: See, Ji Hoon? Filipinos are not scary at all.


Rain will be appearing at a local noontime variety show tomorrow. It’s going to be his first live appearance on Philippine TV. I’m scared and excited at the same time.



Ok, why is my resident psychic giving me fan accounts of Rain from his hotel?? I never thought something like this could happen…


Edit 2:

We were very visible at the 0:27-0:29 mark of this fancam, courtesy of Smart Communications:


Edit 3:

Some silent movies…

All videos courtesy of Cloud Philippines.



  1. If you guys get to see him for the first time, I bet hindi na rin kayo makakasigaw. Tulala kung tulala! Parang dream come true!! :dream:

  2. Woah!! The pictures r awesome!!! U guys did a super great job!!!! I LOVE his tan!! And he is in a great shape!!!

    Boy, just inch away….U n him!!! anyone wud die for it!!! woah woah!!

    Keep the pic & news going, guys!!!! can’t wait for new updates!!

  3. Winnie, I can’t access the link now, my net connection is too slow. Did I get credited for that?

    I think it’s safe to announce now that I’ll be attending the presscon today with 4 other CPH staff. :smile:

  4. i cant believe it!!!
    it was just a second when he turn arounD and you got it!!!!
    pretty cool!!
    SO lucky and im so sad :( i have to live in the other part of the word of my love! :hmf:

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