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But first, a call for help…

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Pulp Summer Slam Pfft…!

Just when I was all prepared to go into battle for this Saturday’s Pulp Summer Slam V – of course, after being informed that I will be on the guest list of you-know-which-band – I got a text from Alvin the PA asking me if I’m confirmed to show up coz someone is asking for my pass. In fairness to the guy, he did say, “only IF you are not planning to go.” As a matter of fact, I am planning to go, but I felt iffy about the situation, so just to console myself, I just asked him what time will the band play (you know, just so I’ll know if it will be worth it to travel all the way to Amoranto just to see them play 3 songs. It will be better if it’s like last year when their old PA Mike was there early so I was able to enter the premises ahead of the band and I was able to witness Joey ‘Pepe’ Smith rock the stage with Kapatid). He said, “1am”. Yikes. So that means there is a very strong possibility that I won’t be able to see the other bands that I wanna see, anyway (especially POT’s one-night-only performance), so I just decided to let them have my pass. So, no Pulp event coverage this year, folks.

Not to sound ‘bitter’ about it, but it’s times like these when I wish this band still has 5 members, if you get what I mean.


The REAL Band Stalker

Was reading this month’s issue of Pulp and there’s a feature on famed rock-photographer BrutalGrace, who, according to the article, is a “self-confessed band stalker”. Now here is someone whom I can call a ‘kindred spirit’. We do practically the same thing; only, she’s waaay cooler coz now she gets to stalk bands and gets PAID for it. Is that awesome or what.


K-story of the day: I was channel-surfing the other day and chanced upon this historical epic being shown at Japanese channel WOWOW. I gave a yelp when I saw who’s the lead actor: it’s the guy from the Korean film A Moment To Remember, whom I had a major crush as soon as his face appeared onscreen when I saw that movie (I still don’t know his name up to now, though)! I immediately texted Rizza and Marissa about it, but neither of them are familiar with that movie. The funny thing about watching this particular movie, though, is this: Zhang Ziyi is in the cast, so naturally, her dialog is in Chinese. Of course, my oppa’s lines are in Korean. Later on, I figured out that the plot of this movie revolves around the war between Korea and China, hence the presence of both Korean and Chinese actors. And to make it all the more confusing, the subtitles are in Japanese. So pardon me if I won’t be able to comment on how the story went coz I didn’t understand a single thing. The production values are good, though.

Epilogue: a quick search on IMDB.com showed that the movie is titled MUSA, and it indeed revolved around the war between Korea and China. I also saw the name of my unnamed Korean actor, but for some reason, I can’t remember it now. Just look it up if you’re interested.


Advice to newbie fans of Korean movies: if you’re seeking advice from someone re: which Korean movies to check out, make sure you ask someone who doesn’t hate Koreans. Or else you might end up watching a major-snoozefest. Juz’ sayin’.


Razorback has a gig at Halo later! I might show up. My gas, tagal ko nang hindi lumalabas ah! Hindi ba uso ang gigs ngayon?!?!


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