I want to rant.

I’m so tired. :stretcher:

What I really want to do right now is to rant non-stop about my current situation at work, but somehow, words fail me. Is it because I’m too tired this past (Hell) week that I don’t have enough energy to rant anymore? Is it because I’ve numbed out? Or maybe because I know that in the end, it’s not worth it? Or simply because ranting on the internet have caused other people to lose their jobs so it’s better safe than sorry? I have security of tenure, though, and ranting about my boss on the internet doesn’t qualify as a ground for dismissal from government service in this country. It could be a ground to have me moved to another team, though, which I’d welcome anytime. Actually, I am due to be moved to another team. However, I heard the working conditions in that team (namely: the boss) are pretty much the same as my current one, so now I’m down to this decision: Should I stay with the known evil, or move to the unknown evil?


On to the more interesting topic:

I really wonder how fans from other countries – China and Japan, in particular – were able to find out where exactly Rain is and where he will be next? I’m asking because, as you all know, my current predicament as the so-called leader of his supposedly official fan club in this country is that everyone seems to know that he’s coming to the Philippines except me.



Aaaand… hell week is over. :cheer: I think I’m just gonna crawl on my bed and sleep the entire weekend. For some reason, my body aches like crazy, like I’ve just undergone a strenuous physical activity when in fact I just sat in front of the computer and finished 15 reports in two days (supposed to be 19 but the other four had not submitted their financial statements yet). And yet this lovely boss of mine still had the temerity to say, “only 15 reports?” with marked disappointment on her face. Uh boss, those 15 reports are all mine; the other 11 is YOUR assignment, which YOU assigned TO YOURSELF, and you haven’t finished yet. And you even had the nerve to ask me, “Paulette, do you think we’ll be able to finish everything today?” To which me, with my sharp tongue that managed to finally wag after several months of holding it, blurted out, “err… I’m already done with my reports, ma’am.” :neutral:

I’m gonna majorly slack off next week. Maybe I’ll finally be able to post all my Malaysia blog entries…



  1. I can feel your frustration from here, haay kung may powers lang tayo para magkaroon ng brains that work ang ibang tao. Good thing ilang oras na lang and it’s the end of your hell week. :soju:

  2. I don’t know about Japan. But as for China, I think they have their radar out for him :hihihi: . He has been to China soooo many times … so it’s not surprising the fans know how and where to find him. :hihihi:

  3. I really feel bad for you. Do you always switch “boss” every few months? If so, for how long? I rather go with the unknown “evil” then the known evil as until you experience it yourself, the new boss might not be as bad as your current one.

    What did she say after your comment? Or did she even say anything? Sound like this person is all about delegating and not really do real work herself. :chair:

    At least it’s the weekend and yes, do take it easy next week. 15 reports in 2 days is very crazy. :soju:

  4. You need to pamper yourself physically and mentally if you can. May be a chair-side massage at the Mall could be helpful or going someplace quiet to lay down and read or nap….rest. Make the weekend yours.

  5. Feliss: She didn’t say anything, just turned around and went back to her office. And no, she’s not the type who delegates. It’s more like, she will divide the workload, pretend that she’s doing her share, and then in the end she would sneakily ask her staff to do the work that she said she’s been working on for the past two weeks. :bop: I’d be fine if she’d just admit her weaknesses and delegate everything to us from the beginning. But nooooo, her ego gets in the way. :nono:

    Jan: Oh yeah, I really, really need a massage now. My whole body hurts like hell. :stretcher: I also slept for nine hours straight.

  6. sitting down for an extensive period of time is laborious. there’s a need to stretch out. I’m glad you made it through, I think you need to have a serious talk with your boss!

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