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My latest entry on this blog was five days ago. That wasn’t really a long absence, but considering how on certain days I could whip up about two to three new entries within 24 hours, I probably look like I’m slacking off. I know a few readers of this blog who get really impatient whenever two days have passed and there’s nothing new in here.

Ok, what’s new with me: Well, I was supposed to beat a deadline last Tuesday, but after spending one late night at the office with no dinner :stretcher: my boss probably realized the futility of trying to beat that insane deadline with just me working on it, so we ended up just submitting whatever was available and asking for an extension for the rest. I’m sure the provincial office would understand; after all, our report is highly dependent on whatever our clients submit, and if they don’t submit anything, citing such lame reasons as, “we don’t have any fasteners” :bop: there’s really nothing much we could do anymore, right?

So, work deadline? Taken care of. However, my woes ain’t over yet. My mom’s blood pressure shot way down yesterday morning for whatever reason (I think it’s an after-effect of her amoebiasis last week) so now she’s in the hospital undergoing more tests. She’s alright, though; in fact, she ends up eating whenever she sees food, so I don’t think she’s sick at all.


Most Filipino readers of this blog are probably aware of how GMA-7’s news anchors, specifically Pia Guanio, have butchered practically every Korean name they say in their news broadcasts. The most famous of which is how they came up with several versions of the name Kim Hyun Joong. Last night, they featured Park Yong Ha’s funeral and Ms. Guanio introduced him as… “Pork Yong Ha”. :bop: (I suddenly had visions of pork dumplings when she said that.) I was also told that they mistakenly referred to SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon as the guy who recently went to the Philippines (it was Hyun Joong who went here, not Hyung Joon) as a member of the group… Beast. :chair: I would’ve understood if they said he was from U-KISS because at least Hyung Joon’s brother is from that group, but that’s still a FAIL (and poor Ki Bum if that happened; in another GMA-7 show that featured U-KISS, they mistakenly showed a photo of Super Junior’s Kim Ki Bum in place of U-KISS’ Kim Ki bum).

And to further show how much of an EPIC FAIL their researchers are: I would’ve thought that the reason why the Park Yong Ha news was featured on a primetime news program here was because Park Yong Ha was in the cast of Winter Sonata and it was one of the most popular Korean dramas here. Instead, the reason why they featured it is because… Jodie of Stairway to Heaven (referrring to Choi Ji Woo) attended the funeral. :slaphead: Uh, GMA-7 peeps, didn’t you even wonder why “Jodie” was there? She was “Janice” before she became “Jodie”, remember?



  1. Wow.. those are pretty big mistake. I wonder how many complaint calls they got from all those mistakes?

    Your boss is a psycho to even THINK that it’s possible to turn in a 20 pages report with less then a week time. Just glad it’s over with or at least until she goes crazy again.

    Glad to know your Mom is OK. Tell her to rest when she can and of course to relax and not get stressed over anything!

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Should I also remember PYH’s funeral coz I saw SEVEN & his girlie ???? :slaphead:

    Yeah..hoping for fast recovery for your mom ….

    on another note..Brazil lost :cry: :thumbdown:

  3. I heard that news report by Pia. What she said was “isa sa mga nakiramay ay si Kim Hyun Joong na kasama ng Beast na nagconcert dito,” while showing footage of Kim Hyung Joon. DOn’t they even know that there are a lot of kpop news portals where they could just copy and past these things?! With the way Kpop idols have been flocking to this country of late I really think they should learn to report about them accurately.

  4. Rain seems to be uber-friendly (..err, most of the time) in Japan. I’m starting to get a lil’ bit freaked out. :err:

  5. GMA sucks! they don’t even know the name of kpop so stop reporting any news about korean artists :aargh:

  6. ryme: I won’t agree with that. If they stop reporting, then we won’t be hearing anything about Rain in this country anymore. :razz: Also, in fairness to them, so far they’re the only network which actually spent their own money bringing Korean artists here (ABS has never done that, they’re just media partners but they never actually spent for it).

  7. Based on the profile pic, it seems to be Rain’s cameraman (aka. the guy who took our gift in Macau). But he’s responding to Charlotte of Cloud China. They’re friends now? Is that why Charlotte always manages to take fancams even in venues where cameras are not allowed?

  8. this morning, saw an unang hirit report on park yong ha’s funeral. in fairness, they got the names, and the facts, right this time. they mentioned so ji sub, how he’s PYH’s bestfriend and a popular actor himself. they even mentioned winter sonata and how there had been a number of suicide cases among South Korean celebrities lately… Maybe they did get a lot of complaints from local kpop/k-celeb fans that’s why they reported on the funeral even though that happened a few days ago already. then again, im not sure if credit should be given to their researchers.. i kinda think it was just lyn ching. the way she pronounced the names and mentioned facts it looks like she’s familiar with korean celebrities and korean showbusiness.

  9. I miss watching GMA 7, it’s not accessible here in Edmonton. Either you subscribe with Bell which sucks and is so expensive or I think you can buy that box. I’m not sure. I wish they would transfer it to Shaw which is the most affordable provider here plus they have good channels and not contract to sign!

    Maybe you should email or call GMA 7 to inform them of their mistakes. I once texted Suzy Abrera and commented on something and they corrected it. I’m sure they would appreciate it.

    I’m glad to hear Lyn Ching is a big Korena drama fan. Nice. :smile:

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