When K-pop met P-pop (updated).

Aftermath report: Beast and Kim Hyun Joong concert

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I decided not to do a full review of this concert because it’s more of a benefit show than a real concert. Just the fact that these two Korean acts – and the two Filipino acts, for that matter – agreed to do this show is commendable as it is, so it won’t be fair for them to get judged at this. I’ll just relay my experience of watching this show, with a few random comments thrown in.

We got extremely discounted tickets for this concert again, and this time some of us got even luckier. Lou, Kairu and Kairu’s friend ended up with Patron tickets, but Kairu and her friend ended up at 6th row VIP. Charity’s friends also got Lower Box but they also ended up at VIP. Ella and I could’ve done the same thing, but we decided to stay put at LB. Personally, I was already very satisfied with my seat since I’m not a fan of neither Beast nor Kim Hyun Joong. Too bad that Ella was not able to bring her 20x optical zoom camera because it would’ve been perfect from where we’re at, but my S5IS was allowed in this time so it’s ok.

Random thoughts on the show:

1. First impressions on the stage: it’s your standard Araneta Coliseum stage, with two levels and one wide LED screen as backdrop. Which turned out to be a literal backdrop because just like at the U-KISS concert, it took a while before the production people realized that those screens, or at least a part of it, were supposed to magnify what was going onstage for the benefit of those at Mt. Everest. :bop: Then the show started – quite late, I might add, because it’s supposed to start at 8:00pm but actual starting time was around 9:00 – and we were welcomed by green laser lights.

(c) Agent P's HQ

I immediately said, “omigad, it’s Party Pilipinas circa Louie Ignacio!” :lmao: And then I realized that last Friday night, GMA-7 (which is the media partner for this concert) had their 60th anniversary show at the Araneta with Direk Louie on the helm. I remember seeing a photo of the stage used for that show, and yep: this stage is a toned down version of that stage. :bop: Well, at least they had something that resembled a concert-like production. I was actually expecting something less.

2. And to further cement my belief that this show may have been a Louie Ignacio production: the pyros just set off randomly any time it wants, never mind that it’s right in the middle of the song. :bop:

3. I think Gelli De Belen may have had more exposure on this concert than any of the four acts.

4. I have one main issue about Pop Girls and XLR8. I find it extremely disappointing that we Filipinos have been bragging about our excellent singing skills, and yet the two Filipino acts on this show did not sing live. :nono: At least Hyun Joong had a number where he did not lipsynch. Beast sang live all throughout, which was totally awesome.

5. Pop Girls removed one item of clothing after each song. They started with a long skirt, which they removed after the first song to reveal miniskirts, which they removed after the second song to reveal hot pants. Which prompted me to blurt out, “ok, so what are they going to take off after this song?” :err: That remark from me prompted those sitting in front of me to look back and laugh along with Ella and I. Fortunately – or unfortunately for some – the third song was their last.

6. Just before XLR8’s last number, some fans from Mt. Everest started chanting, “Kim Hyun Joong! Kim Hyun Joong!” (note: the order of performance was Pop Girls, Beast, XLR8, KHJ). I don’t really like XLR8 but I felt bad for them. That was kinda rude, girls. :nono:

7. I can’t tell because I’m Hangeul-challenged, but I was told that the lady KOR-ENG interpreter was totally giving the wrong translation. :bop: I think that was why the Beast member who studied English in the Philippines eventually took matters to his own hands and did the translation services for his co-members and also made himself the spokesperson for the group.

Can someone please start a Facebook petition or something? “Petition to demand that all events and interviews in the Philippines featuring Korean entertainers will be exclusively handled by Grace Lee or Sam Oh”

8. Beast did well in their set. The best one for me was Shock, although the song they did with the roses (sorry, I only know two Beast songs: Shock and Mystery) was good for its kilig factor.

(c) Agent P's HQ

9. For some reason, I was looking at the Beast members’ faces and I associate them as “G.O.”, “Mir”, “Seung Ho”… After a while I had to tell myself, “wait, this is Beast, not MBLAQ.” :boinkself:

10. Kim Hyun Joong is so damn pretty, it makes me want to kill myself. And I meant that as a compliment. I mean, look at him!

(c) Agent P's HQ

Although at one point, when he brought in his dancers for his last number, I dreaded that he was going to do Rainism again. :nailbite: Thankfully, he didn’t.

11. FAIL on the part of the male host: He asked his ‘favorite question’ to Hyun Joong, “do you know any Filipino words?” This, after Hyun Joong has already said two or three full sentences in Filipino. :bop:

12. For the finale, all four acts were joined in by children to sing Michael Jackson’s Heal The World. This part is so adorable because of the Korean artists’ interaction with the kids.

(c) Agent P's HQ

The Beast members were so cute imitating the kids’ choreography:

(c) Agent P's HQ

Hyun Joong’s dancers were mimicking the kids’ hand movements, as well.

I bet we weren’t the only ones who said, “gah, I wonder if those kids realized how lucky they are right now…”

As with the U-KISS blog entry, I only posted a few photos now since it’s almost dawn and I’m sleepy. :sleep: I’ll be updating this entry with the link to my Facebook photo album once I’m done uploading.


At the show’s interview portion, Kim Hyun Joong was asked if he is aware that SS501 and Boys Over Flowers have fan clubs in the Philippines. He acknowledged them, particularly TSPH. Yeah, as if I needed more bitter pills thrown at me. :cry:

You know what, if rumors are true and MBLAQ shall be joining One Way on their Manila tour and they ended up doing a show at the Araneta, I will really be uber-bitter. I cannot accept that MBLAQ will have an Araneta Coliseum gig ahead of Rain. :cry:


Extra, that has nothing to do with this Aftermath report:

I failed to do this last Monday. Fortunately, the billboard was still there, so I went ahead and did it:


That billboard was still photographed heavily last night. :thumbup:


Edited, 22 June 2010:

My photos from this concert are now uploaded at my Facebook: here and here.



  1. Nice rev! Kaya pala ganun na lang ang hitsura ni KHJ… laging nanlalaki ang mata! Mali rin ba ang translation for him? SIguro naman marunong siyang mag-English, hindi nga lang magandang magsalita dahil barok.

    Also, you’re right, Louie I. is the director, I JUST KNOW.

    And about XLR8 and POP GiRLS, hindi pa sila sikat, hindi na nila kayang mag-live. Kawawa tong mga ito pag nag-live. Tapos ginaya pa ang concept ng Koreans?

    At yung host… naku naman. Sana they just hired Grace Lee, maybe naging makatao pa ang interview portion.

    And one more thing, I just don’t know what Gelli and Candy did to deserve to be the dakilang taga-bigay ng cake for KHJ?

  2. :lmao: natawa naman ako dito… “Kaya pala ganun na lang ang hitsura ni KHJ… laging nanlalaki ang mata! Mali rin ba ang translation for him?”….

  3. Pau, before someone else points it out, you misplaced the letter ‘G’ in my BFs name in #10. :angel:

    I was pretty satisfied with tonight’s turn of events since I wasn’t really expecting to be thisclose to the stage. :dream: We were even planning to get Gen Ad tickets for the concert, right? I’m just thankful that I was able to be in the Patron section for a very discounted price. Since I was seated near the center aisle, I had a pretty good view of the performers on stage. Others may feel that Hyun Joong’s appearance was too short (just 3 songs! :chair: ) but it was my first time to be that near to an artist I really like (except the U-KISS boys whom I had a “little chat’ before) so I’m still okay. :drool:

    I know I already shared this to you but let me just share this here as well. I had a funny experience during Hyun Joong’s peformance. A granny (already in her 50’s or early 60’s I guess) suddenly appeared beside me holding a green lightstick in her left hand and 3 postcard pics of KHJ in her right hand while KHJ was singing Gomapta (2nd song). She was screaming like the rest of us! :lol: I even exchanged looks with my seatmate because we were surprised. Before the 2nd song was even finished, Granny returned to her seat because the security personnel asked everyone to vacate the center aisle. When it was time for the Please Be Nice to Me song, fans started to occupy the center and Granny appeared again! During the jitjoong part, she was screaming “Tanggalin mo na ang butones na yan!” (Remove the damn buttons!) because this was supposed to be where KHJ will remove his shirt like what he did in the Persona concert. :rotflmao: He didn’t remove his vest though, like what I expected much to the dismay of many, Granny included I guess. Well it just proves that KHJ also has a wide range of fans – from little kids to grandmas. :hihihi: He has BOF to thank for that. :thumbup:

    I didn’t expect that I would enjoy Beast’s performance. They did great singing live! Good thing I did a very quick crash course of their songs so at least I was able to relate. I now like Doo Joon and Gi Kwang aka AJ.

    Jue 19 will forever be one of my most memorable days for 2010. :drool: I won’t ever forget this experience! I can’t even sleep now. :dream: See? It’s past 5AM and I’m still awake. :wacky:

  4. Woooooo, you all have such nice experience. I am sorry that Hyun Joong didn’t go with his brothers. The love ya will amaze you, I’m sure.

  5. Lou: Oops, sorry. I was too sleepy to proofread. How ironic was it that I misspelled his name at the part dedicated to him? :slaphead:

    Blanca: Sure! Please just remember to give full credits. Thank you!

  6. First i was sad not to be with my partners in crime. My work finished ohh so late and i was really disappointed whuhuhu! You can’t imagine how annoying my cellphone was. I was in front of the function room exchanging sms message with Pau while judging our very own version of Pilipinas Got Talent. While everyone was watching closely to every performance my phone would rudely interupt the host sorry guys, i was then expecting too much that i can still join my friends in Araneta…whuhuhu!

    I missed seeing this concert and i was also sad since i was not able to thank them personally since this concert was supposedly for me…CHARITY. :angel: Thank you for the effort guys! :hihihi:

    Thank you for sharing your experience again Pau. Lou..i think seeing Hyun Joong melts your “worries” away. I’m happy for you!!! But i’m not happy myself i am jealous of you all! Ella,Pau and Lou! This includes my friends from the other group Julie, Rabs, Mavy and Pia! Sorry missed seeing you guys!

    Djo, was watching Eat Bulaga in You Tube with KHJ when the host asked if it’s HJ’s first time i the Philippines the interpreter did not answer the question and gave a different “speech” :chair: Pau’s right get Grace Lee or Sam Oh!

  7. Hahaha! I had my turn with that U-Kiss billboard with me holding Alexander’s hand and a rose my friend caught from him!

    I’m glad you had fun at the concert! I don’t know. Why do I suddenly regret not coming to Beast now?

  8. :offtopic: We will have Daniel Henney in Fugitive :drool: an eye candy though I do not know whether his acting skills are good. :rolleyes:

  9. Thanks for the all help Ate Pau! :hug: We had so much fun at the concert.
    I love your review. LOL @ Pop Girls’ mini-stripshow :lmao:

  10. Kumusta naman ang make-up ni KHJ. Lalo pang naging girl. :whoa:

    -Who’s the Beast member who studied here?
    -@no.9 Actually, their rapper, Jun Hyung, looks a bit like Seungho. He is also an alumni of Anyang High School like Seungho and Mr. Rain. konek, konek ko lang :razz:

    Did they have one translator only? I kinda have this feeling that the tanslations were not really on the spot with the way she was stuttering the words and she’s like saying them without order. Anyway, I’d go for Grace Lee over Sam Oh. Sam Oh was born here so her Korean is learned na lang unlike Grace Lee.

    Daniel Henney in Fugitive. Another good-looking one. :drool2:

  11. Ate Pau thank you so much!For a BEAST fan like me it was totally worth it!
    And I’m proud that they sang live and Dongwoon my fave member was the one who spoke in english during the interview portion. :whee!:

    Shout out to Ate Charity,i was expecting that you will watch the concert!

  12. Hi, Rabs and Mavy! Glad to know you had a great time kahit me konting palpak si Manong. :bop:

  13. Was watching KBSWORLD right now and someone familiar was in Open Concert , Oppa BI! I missed seeing him galing!

  14. Rabs/mavy! Just cheer me up since i wasn’t able to be with you guys! Whuhuhu!

    Im so proud to be able to connect my group of friends with each other!!!

    K-POP meets P-POP…Thank you again! CHARITY is always happy to acknowledge your efforts and sacrifices!

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