Bitter gourd anonymous.

(Note to non-Filipinos: don’t pay attention to the title because I’m so sure you won’t be able to relate. It’s a Filipino showbiz thing.)

I really should stop torturing myself and not read blogs, Tweets and forums that has fan accounts covering visits of Korean artists here in the Philippines. I’m just burying myself in a state of bitterness every time I read those.

I won’t even talk about U-KISS anymore because it’s already a given that these guys give excellent fan service. I wouldn’t even call it fan “service” anymore; it’s more like “fan relations”. I’ll talk about other Korean artists.

I don’t know much about behind-the-scenes stuff from FT Island, but from what I heard, their fan meeting was a blast (especially if you’re a fan). The members gave considerable one-on-one time with each and every attendee, and the freebies given were really worth the price of admission. For SuJu, I heard it’s a pain to stalk them when they were here, which is understandable as they’re very popular. But their concert was reeking in fan service as I have extensively discussed in my Aftermath report. Beast, I heard, didn’t give that much fan service, although some people have attributed it to the fact that this group had to suffer the comparison with U-KISS who were here just a couple of days before Beast arrived. I do know, though, that the core members of their local fan club have had close encounters with the group. Now there’s SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong, who had a fanmeeting with members of Triple S Philippines last night and the fan account I’ve read said that he even gave CDs to the admins of TSPH. It was true because I saw a photo posted by one of the admins and she had Hyun Joong all by herself (in the photo, that is).

I could only give one big sigh of bitterness over the fact that I know that these things will never happen to me with my own idol. C’mon, let’s quit kidding ourselves. If Beast has little fan service, then what would we call what Rain and J Tune do to his fans?

I’ll let you guys supply the missing adjectives.


The latest rumor I got from Twitter is that next to have a confirmed Philippine visit are One Way and MBLAQ. Oh yeah, that’s right. Suck our pockets dry. As if they’re not dried yet.



  1. :offtopic: Some of my friends reminded me that today is LYJ and HJE 6th wedding anniversary. Is it why he changed his departure date to 20Jun ?

  2. I think he changed it because he’s Korean – prone to changing his mind all the time. :razz:

    Pau – don’t fret too much about his (non-existent – my Korean fd agrees) fan service. It’s somewhat related to his personality. Just have to accept it. Those who have not have moved on … to other artistes :shutup: . Another thing to note : there are so many idol groups; being “nice” (whether real or not) DOES retain fans to a certain extent.

  3. Never going to happen. Unless you are in the US then maybe, he’ll shake your hand. ekekekekkekek

  4. Apparently, he was “nice” in the USA was because he was nagged at by certain “powers” :phew: . Bloody ridiculous if you ask me. :notalk:

    With 28 Sept 2010 (or some date in 2011) looming over his head, I doubt he would see the need/necessity to be “nice” in the USA anymore.

    But seriously, if you can get him alone in Korea, he WOULD shake your head – he’s not THAT rude or that mean. But, it would help if one has a gift in hand :hihihi: , so that it’s easier to go up to him. If he snubs a fan with a gift, hmmm… don’t think I have ever heard of that :P . I’m not saying he is “gift-crazy” but it would not be humane to snub a person one has just accepted a gift from. :hihihi:

    Btw, did I mention that I HATE Korean security? I believe security men in USA would still allow fans to go up to him – they will jump you if you jump him. In Asia? That Strong Kim and his gang just block him totally :chair: :chair: :chair: .

  5. Oops, I mean if you can get him alone in Korea, he WOULD shake your HAND – he’s not THAT rude or that mean. :hihihi: That is, if you don’t catch him while he’s super-busy. :razz:

  6. Speaking of burly security men, I have this story courtesy of a friend who saw Kim Hyun Joong at the airport on his way to Cebu from Manila.

    Basically, nobody was noticing KHJ. He was wearing casual clothes, so he didn’t look like a celebrity at all. However, the other people at the airport noticed him and started asking if he’s a celebrity. Why? Because he had 8 burly security guys with him. :bop: If they didn’t become OA with the security detail, nobody would even notice Hyun Joong there.

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