U-KISS in Manila – The Concert (updated).

I’ve been debating with myself if I should blog about this right away or just do it later. I have tons of stuff to do at work tomorrow – make that later – and I need to fuel myself with enough sleep to keep my eyes open. Right now it’s almost 2:00am and I still have to rummage through 300+ photos, resize, select the best ones, tag and upload them, and then write the actual blog entry.

But then, if I put off writing about it ’til later, the excitement will wear off and it’s not gonna be the same anymore. So here I am writing this. I’ll just update this entry to add the photos later.

Prologue: We initially wanted to just buy General Admission tickets for this concert because, just like Super Junior, we love K-pop but we don’t love U-KISS enough for us to shell out about USD150 for VIP tickets. The cheaper ones are still too expensive, so Gen Ad it is. However, ticket sales weren’t good (no use hiding that fact; the concert was supposed to happen end of last month but they had to postpone because ticket sales were really bad) and to make the long story short, Charity, Lou, Djo and I ended up with Lower Box tickets at an extremely discounted price. :thumbup: We even managed to get better seats than the ones written on our tickets.

(c) Agent P's HQ

So how was the concert, you may ask? Let me tell you all this: It’s such a pity that not a lot of people saw this concert because it was really good. Really, it was. I know that they’re good performers but I never expected U-KISS to be such good LIVE performers, especially if you consider the fact that this is their first concert EVER. It certainly didn’t look that way. The boys sang and danced as if they’ve been doing concerts all their lives. In fact, I will go ahead and say that I enjoyed this concert a heck of a lot more than Super Junior Super Fanmeeting, er, Show. U-KISS’ concert may not have the same elaborate production values as SuJu’s concert, but the U-KISS boys delivered by doing the one thing that they can do and that is to present a GOOD PERFORMANCE.

I am in awe at how good the boys are at singing live. I hardly heard any bum notes, most particularly from Kevin and especially Soo Hyeon who sang perfectly. Mind you, U-KISS’ choreography isn’t exactly simple, so to hear them sing perfect notes without any shortness of breath was just amazing.

And in all fairness to the U-KISS crowd: it may be small, but it’s so so sooooo LOUD. :stretcher:

The best parts, in my opinion:

1. I’ll put this in Number One: Alexander performing Black Eyed Peas’ Bebot, in all its Tagalog glory. And it was awesome because he enunciated every word perfectly. Xander, are you really sure you’re not Pinoy? :shock: I mean, a lot of native Filipino speakers have attempted to do that song and we hardly understood what they were saying. Now here comes a non-Filipino who is just starting to learn the language and he did it extremely well. Standing O for you, Xander! :clap:

And whadya know, it’s already on YouTube:

credits: min5maine

Yeah, it may be a little bit difficult to listen to because of all the screaming.

2. The very end of the show, when the boys dropped to their knees and did a traditional Korean bow to show their appreciation for everyone’s support. I got teary-eyed and got major goosebumps when they did that. Too bad my camera’s battery had already died by then so I wasn’t able to capture it.

3. The End Of The Road number, which was the last song on the regular playlist. It was goosebumps galore. The LCD screens were showing old photos of the members while they were singing, and by the second verse Kevin started bawling his eyes out that he can’t sing no more. The other members were trying to control their tears; some of them were successful, others had lumps in their throats and eventually Dongho and Xander did end up crying, as well. I know the boys really spent countless sleepless nights preparing for their concert and it must’ve been an emotional ride for them.

(c) Agent P's HQ

4. The “mini-talkshow” where the boys spent a moment just chatting with the audience. It helped a lot that three members are fluent in English and are very eloquent speakers. The other four may not be good in English (although Dongho tried and his English is actually okay) but they are so good at fan service, so they weren’t left out at all. And speaking of fan service, I just want to say that I appreciate that kind gesture from Ki Bum when he waved at all the fans up there at Gen Ad. I think the boys were trying their best not to look at the empty seats beyond Lower Box because it will kill their buzz, but that small gesture from Ki Bum was really nice. I’m sure the Gen Ad people appreciated it very much.

Special mention: In this segment, Xander made a direct reference to DJ Mo Twister and his comments about U-KISS being gay. How ballsy is that?

5. Soo Hyeon’s Because of You numbers (one by Keith Martin and one by Ne-Yo), because he’s a very good singer and his pronunciation of the English lyrics were near-perfect. I guess it helps that he has three co-members who can coach him with it. Special Mention: Dongho’s short participation at the Ne-Yo portion because he’s so damn cute. :dream: (I think Dongho is of the same age as Elmo Magalona. I’m such a pedo.)

(c) Agent P's HQ

6. The girl groups parody, because it’s fun. :hihihi: I think Jo Kwon should watch out for Kevin Woo.

(c) Agent P's HQ

7. The random references to Rain. :hihihi: I don’t remember who did the Otter Dance while showing his abs, but it was Ki Bum Ki Seop who did some Hip Song moves during the encore.

The weak points:

1. The intermission by PYT. :bop: Although it did give the audience the opportunity to go to the bathroom, grab a quick bite, send some Twitter updates, fix our concert paraphernalia, change batteries, etc.

2. I want to give one major :chair: to the lighting director because they keep on turning the house lights on during the concert, thus emphasizing the lack of warm bodies on majority of the seats.

3. The production values could use a bit of an improvement. For one thing, they forgot that they were supposed to flash what’s going on stage on the side LCD screens for the benefit of those at Mt. Everest. They didn’t do that until 90% of the concert has passed.

4. The stuffed animals joint stage from hot guys Eli, Ki Seop and Ki Bum. Although it was actually a prelude to a scorching hot sexy number where the boys sans Eli stripped and the point was to emphasize that the boys can be cute and sexy at the same time. But the execution of the ‘cute’ portion was weak and pointless.

All in all, the weak points were negligible as compared to the entire show. Again, I really wish that more people will get to see U-KISS perform. These boys are such good performers despite being so young, I can’t imagine how much better they could be as they mature. If I get another chance, I’d certainly watch them again.

(More photos to be added later.)



I just want to rant a lil’ bit regarding the downright ignorance of Araneta Coliseum’s security guards. :asar:

The rules say that professional cameras are not allowed. Ordinary point-and-shoot cams are ok. My Canon S5IS may have a body that looks like a small DSLR but it’s a point-and-shoot. This ignorant guard took a look at my cam, removed the lens cap and looked at the focal distance and said, “sorry, Ma’am, this is a professional camera.” I was like, saywhut?? Do you even know how to distinguish a professional camera from an ordinary digicam? He pointed at a text on the lens that said 72mm so he said it’s a professional camera. What.the.hell. If I did not love my camera, I would’ve hit him with it. Then I remembered that I did not pay the full price for my ticket so I really shouldn’t be complaining. :hihihi: And besides, my compact Canon SX200 was allowed and it basically can do the same things that the S5IS can (even better because it has 12 megapixels as opposed to S5IS’ 8MP), so :nyenyenye: to you, Manong Guard.


Updated, 15 June 2010

I have finished uploading the concert pics on Facebook. Click here to see them. :smile:

Thank you to UncleA (Anthony Eusebio, father of U-KISS’ Alexander) for the comment and the RT! :hug:

Welcome to my blog, Kiss-Mes!



  1. Hi! I’m a super fan of U-kiss, pero sayang hindi ako nakapunta sa concert nila! pero palagi ko naman silang inaabangan sa t.v . . grabe, in love na ako sa kanila! jejeje . . sana andun din ako sa concert . . i love you U kiss . . mmwahhh . .

  2. :whee!: WOW! I was so thrilled & happy when Mr. Anthony acknowledged my message. I only read it 2 days ago because I was busy with my work. I didn’t expect it since I know Mr. Anthony is a busy person too. When my daughter learned about it she became very excited , told her friends & posted it on her facebook :nyenye2:My daughter, Yelyna, together with her 4 friends will dance on the 85th bday of my father(her grandfather) to the tune of BINGEUL BINGEUL this coming Dec.30. My friend requested her friend to send us the music video of U KISS ,because we don,t have it here, so they san learn the steps ^& perform well. :smile:We’ll be watching their interview this coming July 5 at MYX. We’ll be looking forward too on their next album & we promise you that all the Filipino fans will support them. :cheer: Good luck on all their projects, more concerts to come. SARANGHAE U-KISS !!~

  3. Hi! Mrs. Hipolito

    Pls tell Yelna & her 4 friends that I was very touched by their love & support for the Boys & especially their passion to dance BGBG for their lolo’s 85th BIRTHday in December.
    For this, I will support them by giving them an original BGBG Music Video DVD from NHMedia recorded from the company.
    This is a small token from me and thank you for supporting AgentP Blog.
    Please send your address to me: ukisspower@gmail.com and I will keep it private & personal. Tell Yelna that she can tweet me in Twitter.com/AnthonyEusebio (@AnthonyEusebio)
    God loves you and so do I!

    Many blessings!
    in His mission,
    Anthony Eusebio
    14 July 2010 Wed

  4. Annyeonghaseyo Mr. Anthony! :pray: My prayers were heard when you told me that you’re going to send me an original BGBG music video DVD from NHMedia. :hug: Yelyna & I are so excited about it & as soon as we get the video, then ,we’re gonna start with their practice ,so they can perform well. I sent my address already to your gmail. I hope you got it. I’ll post their dance at YOU TUBE after the event so maybe you can see it . Actually, two days ago, we got the supposedly video tape of the U-KISS sent by a Korean friend, but I felt sad :hopeless: because it was the same U-KISS cd tape we bought at SM North. I hope you won’t mind asking you if I can ask an address of the U-KISS because we really want to send something for the Boy’s esp. on Xander’s bday :party: this coming July 29.Yelyna is making a count down on Xander’s bday on her twitter & facebook. :blink: PLEASE!PLEASE! :blink: allow us to have their address! You can send it to my email address if you want: binghipolito@yahoo.com or to my daughter’s email account yelyna_101794@yahoo.com . Yelyna is already following you & the Boy’s on her twitter account. Actually I read on her twitter when you tweeted about your concern on the storm that will be coming here in our country & I replied to your tweet & thank you for your concern. It was so nice of you.:nyenye2: I would consider the music video a great gift to her lolo’s 85th bday :party: MARAMING SALAMAT PO! You’re truly a very supportive father to the Boy’s and very MABAIT Mr. Anthony! We’ll never stop supporting U-KISS because we know aside from being good performers, they are also good persons. Thanks for your reply again. :smile: :smile:
    :grin: annyeong mr. eusebio !!~ this is yelyna….just wanted to add to my moms comment. i wanna thank you personally for replying and thank you in advance for the video. it would be a very big help in our practices !!~ Just wanna say to that i’ve watched all the variety shows of u-kiss, and am the most updated fan…….thank you soooo much again !!~ :whee!: u-kiss, fighting !!~ :cheer: can i also ask what’s the latest news on their mweorago music video?? i heard it will be in 3D?!?!?!? it’s my moms favorite song of u-kiss…..

  5. Dear Mr. Anthony,
    Yelyna & I forgot to tell you about our special request. Can we ask for their (U-KISS) signatures on the BGBG music video? We weren’t able to let them sign the3 cd’s of U-KISS we bought at SM North because there were so many fans & they were in a hurry to catch their flight back to Korea. I hope it’s not too much of a request. Thanks again! :arrow:

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