Goodbye, world tour.

Singapore ticket prices = confirmed (and you know what’s painfully funny? People are not complaining about the high ticket prices. They are complaining that the SGD888 tickets are not available to the general public. The universe is so unfair, really…)

Malaysia ticket prices = not yet confirmed, but initial rumors say it’s about the same as the SG ticket prices (and the Malaysians are not happy)

Seoul ticket prices = not bad, but going to Seoul itself would be costly.

Las Vegas ticket prices = I don’t care, I don’t have a US visa so it’s pointless to stress myself out about it.

At the rate things are going, I think it’s finally time for me to say goodbye to seeing Rain in concert again. Coz the sad truth is, with this kind of trend, the Philippines cannot afford him, and no matter how much I love Rain and no matter how much I think his concert is worth every penny, I don’t have php20,000 to spare for one concert ticket. I’m crazy, but not THAT crazy.



  1. Pau, u r a cloud, right? For a cloud, there is special price.. U can still take the chance…….. yet I know it’s sooo limited…. difficult to order…. !! :(

    The expensive tix trend will limit his audience…. cannot reach many of his fans, and surely not able to get more new Biers. Who else want to see him when his crazy fans like us say ‘good bye’ to his world concert?

  2. Hi,
    I’m a Malaysian fan of Rain and believe me the pricing of tickets for the Singapore concert is very steep. Even the cheapest seats are going for around Singapore Dollars 200. My relatives in Singapore say that it is ridiculous to pay so much to watch him when the concert tickets for world famous singers the likes of Robbie Williams cost half the amount.I have not heard anything about a Malaysian concert. What I did hear that some of the organisers think that it would be rather risky taking on such a project.
    Li Na

  3. actually here’s a reply i made to a post by bambiina in soompi re: this issue:

    ** let’s just hope that the pricing of the singapore tickets will not set a precedent to other asian countries as well. singapore has a high standard of living so it wouldnt come as a surprise. didnt send much shock waves among the fans cuz the online sales for the ticket is going well accg to my sister who called me up last nite to ask if the SGD388 is fine with me. i was prepared to settle for the cheaper one though but here’s the catch. if i indeed choose to see rain on jan 21, 8pm at the singapore indr stadium, i will just be there over the weekend, max. of 3 days cuz she will not be around as her job takes her around the globe. no bonding bet. us. so here’s the dilemma, she made me choose bet. spending the xmas holiday with her family and i’ll be going to singapore with my daughter and hubby for 2 wks or watch rain. if i choose the latter, my family would surely call me selfish,for sure. actually, at that crucial moment, my hubby was keenly observing and waiting which choice i was going to i knew rt away which was the RIGHT and best option. i just have to pray that the concert to be held in the phils. will be affordable. and besides, it is less of a hassle. i can take the cab or bus and i know i will not be seeing the concert all by myself. there will be lots of Pinoy Clouds to spend the night with. so im still very positive.

    have a nice weekend**

    pau when you posted last month that the singapore tkts werent offcl yet, i told my sister to not buy the tkt yet. but then logging in to rain singapore, i sent her a ff-up eml that the online tkt sales is ongoing and at the same price. she actually commented that the concert is quite a pricey one cuz she’s been to the SIS to watch intl artists there but the tkts were way lower than rain’s . i just had to justify that rain is the hottest, greatest asian entertainer today. :( dunno if she was convinced. otherwise, why did she make me choose bet. 2 options. besides, we both agreed that if i dont get a chance to watch rain in sin gapore, he’ll never know for sure but my family would surely hate me for it if i forego the singapore xmas holiday with them in exchange for the concert. ahhhh! i just hope the phils could afford him

  4. Definitely won’t be able to afford the Singapore ticket price when I can’t even afford the US one. It’s really sad… I know he’s worth every penny but not everyone can afford such steep price. It’s just plain crazy!!!!..

  5. If it’s not too costly in the middle section, then let’s go for it. We don’t have to be sitting in front. Pau and the girls had a good time even if they were up on top. I will go and watch him if ever he goes here in the Phils, even not in VIP seats… I haven’t seen him yet like the others… So I guess that’s why it’s okay for them not to watch again. It’s sad that the prices are too high…

  6. $888 n $688 tickets in Singapore are not for sale, the most expensive is now $488…

    I know it is still expensive for many, but i will still pay for it (if i can’t get the VIP tix for the cloud), as I know I can’t afford to fly elsewhere to see him…

  7. hey..don’t give up people heard the latest on the thai concert yet? may still have hope… the prices may be proportional to the capacity of the venue ya?

    c’mon everyone, don’t give up on the boy yet… he’s worked and is working really hard…:(

  8. moom, am not actually giving up on Bi yet. my sis told me that the venues here in the phils like araneta coliseum and the open space in the fort are much bigger than singapore indoor stadium which could explain the high prices of the tkts there. the volume of audience is not as large as when the concert is to be held on a bigger venue here. thx for that. i hope that really is the case

  9. Let’s wait and see what happens. The price for Singapore is sky rocket but can’t imagine them using that as the standards for other concerts. But if it is, I guess I’ll be in the back row. Really can’t afford it.

  10. dunno if i rmber it vividly but i read from soompi yday that the thailand tickets would cost so much less, something like the highest price for thailand is the lowest price equivalent of singapore. geez, i rmber my best pal told me in an f4 concert in bangkok 2 yrs ago, she paid P10000 and was able to enter the venue 4x meaning she saw the concert repeatedly. it was at impact arena, if im not mistaken. she said thailand tkts were the cheapest so far.

  11. Sorry for the late replies, I was out of town with my family since Thursday…

    Re: watching the concert from afar: I’ll do that ONLY if the venue is here in the Philippines. I’m not gonna spend a fortune on air tickets and hotels just to see an ant-sized Bi. Korea was an exception, as I went there mainly to visit the country and not just to watch him.

    As for Thailand: Out of the question, coz there are no cheaper alternatives to flying towards Bangkok. SG and Malaysia are my options since there are cheap airfares available. But since the concert tickets alone would actually cost the same as a Korea trip… no way. I’d rather watch him in Seoul. (Unless the Malaysia concert tickets would turn out to be much lower than SG, that is) Hong Kong is another option, but it also depends on the ticket price.

    My pocket’s preferred option right now is Philippines, and at the rate things are going, my hopes of seeing him here is dwindling by the minute. Sigh.

    I haven’t given up on Rain. It’s STAR frigin’ M that I’ve given up already.

  12. Pau, my friend read from a chinese newspaper that the singapore tickets, the most expensive seats, $888 and the second most expensive one are all sold out. “-_-.

    There are really crazy fans out there. We are really not the craziest.$888 is equivalent to Ringgit malaysia 1688 according to the conversion rate and that is 1 mth salary of my friend.phewww…that is insane.

  13. Luvashley: Welcome back to my blog! :)

    Actually, the SGD888 is not sold out. It’s not available for sale to the general public.

  14. JYP got some of those SG888 tickets and sold them to Cloud Int’l members for more than half the price…about USD 300 I think. So if you’re a Cloud Int’l member, that’s a plus already. Problem only is, the JYP server cannot handle the traffic during ticket bookings. We experienced this for the Seoul concert reservations and it dove me nuts, only to find out that I didn’t get through. Darn!

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