Notes from Mt. Everest.

Aftermath Report: Super Junior Super Show 2, Araneta Coliseum, 10 April 2010.

Notice that I used “Aftermath” instead of “Review”. This is because I may not be able to give a truthful review of this concert because I actually don’t consider this show as a ‘concert’. :shutup: (Interestingly enough, I started writing this entry with SuJu’s Sorry Sorry – Answer blaring on my computer speakers. :err: I blame the media player’s random play for this.)

To explain the ‘Mt. Everest’ bit: we got seated – well no, “stood up” is the more appropriate term because I never even got seated at all – at the last row of General Admission, literally just a few feet away from the Big Dome’s ceiling. So this is what Araneta Coliseum’s ceiling looks like up close. Scary! :nailbite: Anyway, we got GenAd tickets because as much as we are all out in supporting any K-pop artist who comes here in our country for whatever reason, we – well, I – am not a big fan enough to spend a lot of money on Super Junior. Their tickets are so pricey, although look at me talking about pricey tickets when I spent something like USD250 for tickets of a glorified mall show featuring Rain. :bop: We would’ve taken more expensive seats if the pricing isn’t as insane as charging almost USD100 for Upper Box which is literally just a few steps away from General Admission which costs a little over USD20. :chair: SVIP is relatively cheap for me, I mean comparing it to Rain’s ticket prices it’s basically the same, but as I’ve said, I’m not a fan. I even despise one of their members (you know, the guy who hates fat girls when he’s fat himself :nono: ). I just went there to have something to blog about. Hence, you are now reading the most expensive blog entry I’ve ever written.

Also, as much as we should’ve gone to Araneta early to get better seats at GenAd (the section is free seating so you have to come early in order to get good seats), we are not crazy enough for SuJu to spend hours in that summer heat just to get good seats. This group is not worth getting hospitalized for hypertension. So while most of Kpopland have started lining up as early as dawn, we went to Araneta less than one hour before the show. We ended up not getting any seats at all, which is actually a bad idea because it means we’ll have to stand up for the entire duration of the 3-hour show. We did not think this through. :slaphead: Well, at least we avoided heat stroke…

I’ll just do the rest of this write-up in bulleted form since it’s simpler that way:

(c) AgentP's HQ

(1) Despite what press releases and Tweets would say, no, it is not full house. It’s so far from full house. I’d say it’s about 80% full, not counting the dead spots. The only full sections were SVIP and GenAd. I really blame the insane pricing scheme for that. However, per Charity’s assessment, she thinks the producers still made money even if it wasn’t sold out.

(2) The stage was so high, I really pity those at SVIP Standing because of the stiff neck they might’ve suffered from watching the show from that area. I think the ones who got the best deal were those at SVIP Seated and Lower Box. They even got more attention from the boys than those at Standing. But the best thing about the stage set-up is that it was so high, even us at Mt. Everest got a clear view of the members’ faces. That, or Ella’s camera has the most awesome zoom lens ever.

(3) I initially did not intend to bring a camera since I read the promoter’s notice beforehand that cameras, even cellphone cams, will not be allowed inside the venue. Even fan clubs warned their members to bring their cameras at their own risk. Eventually I decided to bring my Canon SX200 since it’s small but has a powerful zoom lens. At least, I didn’t have to suffer carrying a large and heavy camera with me. I was not expecting to take a lot of pics given the kind of tickets we have; my original plan was just to take some wide angle shots of the stage and the crowd. However, Ella brought her new camera, a Canon SX20IS which has a – get this – 20x optical zoom. :whoa: She let me use it and I basically spent the entire night trying to familiarize myself with the camera’s controls and testing how far would the camera’s zoom abilities go. Needless to say, and you will see on the pics themselves, that I was impressed with the zoom ability. :arrow: But I was not impressed with the slow focusing and the difficulty with maneuvering the zoom lever, so that means I ain’t parting away with my S5IS just yet.

(4) Still, I’d have to thank Ella for giving me something to amuse myself with. Sorry to say this, SuJu fans, but show? What show? :kilay: They even had the nerve to call this concert a Super Show and yet I did not see anything particularly ‘super’ about it. The more appropriate title for this should be Super Fan Meeting. My overall assessment of the concert would be: this show was conceptualized with just the fans in mind. If their aim is to please their fans, then yes, they certainly achieved it. But if they intend to entice non-fans or people who are familiar with them but are not exactly fans to become actual fans, I don’t think it worked. I mean, I paid a ton of money for a concert. Therefore, I was expecting actual song and dance numbers that will blow me away. That’s what a concert is all about, right? However, SJ’s Super Show was nothing but one hour of song/dance numbers that aren’t even ‘concert-worthy’ (nothing special about them, IMO) and two hours of fan service. Yes, I do take it too seriously, but I paid good money for this so I should take it seriously, yes?

(5) The first three or four numbers of the show – see, I can’t even call it a concert anymore – looked more like encore numbers because the boys barely performed. They just did some singing, some dancing and lots of cutesy stuff. I began to wonder if the show’s unique feature would be to do it backwards, that is, do away with the encore numbers first and then do the mind-blowing opening number last. :shrug: Thankfully, the show turned into something resembling a real concert somewhere in the middle. The only parts that impressed me, performance-wise, were Don’t Don and the number after that. Some of the solo and mini-group numbers are also okay.

(6) On the plus side, the stage production is fabulous. :clap: I think this is the first time we have fully realized that it IS possible to stage an indoor concert here with that kind of production values. It’s just too bad that the performances did not quite live up to the fabulousness of the stage.

(7) The one thing that kept me interested in the show was waiting for whatever Heechul will do, wear or bring to the stage next. I think the entire coliseum was waiting in bated breath every time he would approach a co-member and make like he’s going to kiss him, but he never did. I guess the boys were told not to do it here, else get an even nastier comment not just from Mo Twister but from all conservative groups in this country. If they don’t want Kpop groups banned here, better not do something that will upset the elders.

(8) I haven’t watched enough concerts of international acts lately to know this, but has there ever been a time in the past where fans threw undies and condoms at the stage? To be honest, I’m surprised that Pinoy SuJu fans did that. I remember during Menudo times, Robi Rosa specifically said that the one thing they like about Filipino fans is that we don’t throw undies at them. But then, that was almost 25 years ago. We are already at an era where little girls who are barely in their puberty stage are spazzing like crazy whenever their Kpop idols show off their abs.

(9) As much as I despise Shindong, I must commend him for making the effort to learn how to count in Tagalog and say, “anubayan!” :thumbup:

(10) Because of the sheer number of members Super Junior has, it was quite difficult to follow what exactly was happening at times. Each member was doing something different all at the same time and I guess, unless you’re a fan of a particular member and is following him and him only, it would be impossible to really monitor what’s going on. The entire show was full of randomness, which might be good for some but personally, I got bored with it. :sleep: By the two hour mark when my hips started to hurt because I’ve been standing all this time, I started wishing I was at home monitoring the events in Taiwan instead.

As usual, I will just upload a few photos here and you can check out the rest at my Facebook photo album, that is, as soon as my internet cooperates and uploads all 180+ of them. It’s actually about 500+ (it’s really quite a wonder how we were able to accumulate that many when we were at GenAd; I guess that means I was really bored and just amused myself by taking pics) but I had to narrow it down to the more interesting ones. I’ll update this entry with the link once the photos have been uploaded.

Edit: The rest of the photos can already be seen here.



  1. My friends would kill me if they see this.. but I didn’t really enjoy the show as much as I should’ve. :shutup: I did enjoy watching their more popular songs though, but got slightly bored with the unknown ones to me. It was heaven for the hardcore fans, but not to everyone. And I’m with you on what HeeCheol will do next! LOL him and his divaness. :hihihi: I think I just concentrated in looking, not actually watching them through binoculars most of the time. I backtracked my live tweets, and noticed that most of them was about how good looking they are. :boinkself: Good thing you and Ella brought your cameras. The pictures are really good despite of your location! :clap:

  2. I have a chance see SJ in VN when they come to VN for MTV exit in HN last month.
    Even I can see them very clearly cause I stand up with journalist, No one stand in front of me, but I can’t feel ” fire” in their perf. Compare with I first watch Rain in RWT. Even I stay very far of the stage but can feel ” fire” .( I don’t know anything about Rain at that time, even his songs kaka)
    I think maybe cause this is an event so can’t feel it, everything will change if it was in concert. But now read your report, I think I’m true :phew: :phew:

  3. Agreed, those were good captures! And wow, I was even expecting a blast but turns out it was meh??(you know I like you for being honest and straightforward so I really take your word when it comes to your fan accounts and stuff) I saw on the news it was a fullhouse and then they showed a clip.. and of all clips to be shown, yun pang medyo hindi sabay yung Or baka pagod na sila since this is their last stop for their Asian tour right? I’m not exactly a fan, I do recognize some songs but I don’t know their individual names except for 2 I think. :razz: Baka mas marami pa ang nasatisfy dun sa Timbaland with Justin T. concert na super cheap(didn’t see it though)

  4. shinta: Based on accounts that I’ve read, Timbaland/Timberlake/Jojo concert was really, really good. This, despite reports that JT was a diva. :shutup:

    Kairu: You know what, if there is one comment about the concert that seems to be unanimous from both fans and non-fans, it’s that the members look really good in person. I must admit that I agree with it.

  5. Not a fan of Suju and liked you, I do not like the kid that is fat but said he will not date a fat girl. He should really take a look at himself in the mirror!

  6. I wasn’t a fan of SuJu myself prior to the concert. But because of this one guy that I ‘discovered’ last Saturday, the concert was alright for me, honestly. :drool: I ate my words again. :bop:

    Can I add another bullet to your list? :evil:

    (11) All their spiels, except for Shindong’s introduction (and counting in Tagalog), were scripted as there were subtitles flashed on the screens every time a member talked. Siwon did have a short English spiel at the end of the concert but we barely understood what he said.

    I would still watch another Suju concert in the future, if there will be one. I’d love to get another glimpse at my new addiction – Kyuhyun!!! :drool: He was even kind enough to eat the dried mangoes given to him right then and there.

    Pau, are we ready for the next one? U-Kiss + Shinee…here we come!!! Gosh, my pocket’s gonna suffer big time! :aargh:

  7. haha…good thing you weren’t paying more to be closer since you are not blown away by them. Some people just don’t equates to paying big bucks for! Even if there are so many of them.

  8. 20USD?! That’s a pretty good price! The cheapest tickets for their concert in Malaysia was around 40USD, and not to mention that all they could only see was the screen. Some could see them, but the size was like ants. Funny that the 40USD tickets were sold out within the first few hours of presale on the first day.

    Anyway, I bought the most exp ticket 140USD one at a bargain price 90USD for the concert in Malaysia, last minute. First, i’ve gotto admit that you’re right, it really isn’t like a concert, concert (assuming they did the same routines for Malaysia and Philippines), but rather a fanmeeting. But I LOVE fanservice!
    I sat in the lowest middle section closest to stage.
    The members I love came to my side often (Donghae, Siwon and Eunhyuk), and I got like special fanservice from Siwon and Eunhyuk so I’m all happy (Siwon literally came down from stage just to spray water on less than 10 of us who were screaming his name, and Eunhyuk waved and sort of communicate through hand signs with me personally for a good 5-10 seconds! :boinkself: ).
    I was sad that Kyuhyun didn’t come to my side often though (and GASP, I heard he kissed someone during the concert in Philippines!!!! :aargh: )

    Oh well. I guess attending this concert is somewhat a lucky draw for the die-hard fans. If the members you like comes to your side often, you’ll end up happy. If not, you’ll end up being disappointed (like some fans).

    And for the non-fans, yea, I can say it does come off as pretty boring for them. Because the whole show consists mainly of 9 boys running around the stage playing with fans, and 3 boys singing and carrying the show. There were people who looked bored during the whole show (mainly those who got complimentary tickets and aren’t fans).

    Another thing I’ve gotto agree is that the stage is awesome. For the Malaysia concert, it was reported that the organiser spent 1.8USD just on the stage itself. I’m sure the cost of building the same stage in Philippines is the same too.

  9. ABS pa lang ni Siwon worth the price of admission :phew: hahahha. Siyempre because BI concert just remains such a distant dream. The camera really took good pictures! Can I borrow some photos , will credit you of course. I LOVE good fan service, makes up for not understanding a thing! I wonder what the reaction is on some of the errr gifts thrown at the boys? :hihihi:

  10. pau imperness maayus ang review m hahaha compared sa nabasa q sa umikot kanina hahaha… i enjoyed the con since this is my first time watching a kpop con…. natutuwa aq sa mga katabi q sa genad mula sa mga pila p lang ambabata hauffff i felt like an ajumma tlg lololol and pagdating sa loob nsa unahan kame nakaupo ng genad (pumila kame fwen q 2.30pm kaya un iba namen fwens sinave nahlang namen) at ayown tuwang tuwa n cla sa mga penlight at sa fireworks ahahaha at nagtataka aq baket dun sa area namen nde tumatayo mga tao kami pang mga nde fans ang unang tumayo at for the encore my gudness… baket ang tagal before cla sumigaw at mga 5x q lang ata nadineg ang… we want more after nun silence lololol nagwaitg nahlang anu mangyayari hahaha… compared to my jpop idols, mas okei ang stage ng jpop cons… pero saboses mejo mas angat ang kpop haha

  11. What review, yung expensive Korean version of ASAP?

    I actually agree wholeheartedly to that review. :shutup: That one number that he singled out (the one with Heechul, Henry and whoever was on keyboards) was really one of the few good parts in the show.

  12. Hi ate pau,dederetsuhin na kita ah.Big fan ako ng suju(sorry if im too biased).nainis ako sa sinabi mong parang ASAP ang SS2 ^O^. Tsaka si Shindong?Bakit nagsorry naman sya ah ? :cry: …Nag tweet sya na nagsorry na sya.I think you’re too biased sa ibang artist.I think you’re an Anti Super Junior >.< Im sorry ate pau,these are just opinions. :hopeless:

  13. I’ll bet my life that she’s not biased to Rain…so who’s this artist are you talking about? :shock:

    It’s a sad world. One becomes a total anti-fan of someone when one drops a statement against one’s likeness. :hopeless:

  14. @Hmmm:

    1. Tinawag mo kong ate pero hate mo ko. Wag mo na lang ako i-ate kung hate mo pala ako. And what is up with the Gagawan nyo na rin ba ako ng Facebook page? If it means I’ll get an entry at allkpop, then by all means, GO! :cheer:
    2. Hindi ako ang tumawag ng parang ASAP ang SS2. Si Pocholo Concepcion yun. Hindi ako si Pocholo Concepcion. For one thing, babae ako and I think lalaki sya.
    3. Biased ako sa ibang artist like… who? Rain? :lmao: Pakibasa nga mga ibang entries ko ng malaman mo – at malaman ko rin – kung kaninong artist ako biased. Wala akong pinapatawad dito, kung hindi ko gusto sinasabi kong hindi ko gusto. Kahit si Rain na idol ko pa yan.
    4. Eh sa ayoko kay Shindong dahil offensive para sa kin yung sinabi nya eh. Bakit ba. His apology even dug him deeper into his own grave kasi apparently di lang sya weight-ist, sexist din.
    5. Hindi opinion yung sa yo. Pinersonal mo ko dahil hate mo ko dahil lang hindi ko binigyan ng glowing review ang SuShow. Learn to differentiate between opinion and personal attack. But whatever. If in your opinion I’m biased towards another artist then so be it. I’m sticking to my opinion about SuShow and that’s that.
    6. Do you even know what an ‘anti’ is? One negative comment about an idol does not make the commenter an anti. Unless you’re an uber-sensitive butthurt fan.

    And besides, I actually don’t see any reason why I should be concerned that SuJu fans will hate me – yes, me and not what I wrote – for this blog entry. Unless you’re someone I actually cared about.

  15. yep pau un sa libre na article about suju con hahahaha…

    hmmm ure obviously still young i understand where you are coming from its not as if pau bashed suju you can actually read her post again and she did compliment some parts of the show naman… mas gusto q p ang review ni pau compared dun sa nasa libre… if you’re just new to fandom,better get used to it :) not everyone will see things the way you see it :)

  16. I think I should demand an apology from Pocholo Concepcion, too. I got a bad rap from a SuJu fan because of HIS comments. :bop:

  17. Pau, winner yung response mo kay hmmm. Your response reminded mo of my childhood days, when we fight with our elementary classmates and playmates. I could just imagine your manner and tone while saying, “E gusto ko e, bakit ba?” ibang level ka na, gagawa pa sila ng fanpage against you! Winner talaga eonnie!

    @hmmm: I wouldn’t expect you to look at things objectively, especially if you’re just new to kpop fandom. Pinoy pa ang nag comment about the SuJu concert. E kung mag concert sila sa west, at namintas ang american press, ihe-hate nyo rin ba? Pasalamat na lang tayo at nabigyan ng atensyon ng local press ang SuJu concert dahil publicity pa rin yan. Sabi nga nila, you can’t please everyone, and you just have to accept the fact na meron mga taong hindi satisfied. If you would hate Pau or anyone who said something against SuJu, marami kang makakaaway, dahil hindi lahat maganda ang sasabihin.

  18. hi po ate! kahit po super SUJU fan ako..*alam niu yan* :smile:
    di ako ngreact dun sa mga reviews niu unlike ng kay pocholo..
    kasi constructive nmn po ung mg cnsbe niu eh.
    tska if ever na ilagay dn aq sa situation ng di nmn tlga suju fan, i’ll understand :)
    in fact medyo na-bored nga po aq dun sa 1st super show dvd eh..medyo madame dull moments..lalo na if di nman tlga hit ung song n un..
    ganda rn po ng comment niu kay heechul :clap: against dn po aq sa kaweirdohan nun eh. :lol: ignore niu n lng po ung mga butthurt fans na if they’ll die pag may ngcriticize sa suju..

  19. I don’t think she’s anti… ‘cos an anti will do whatever it takes to destroy an artist. I’m a big fan of Suju (and one of those crazy ones to buy the uber-pricey SVIP and Shangri-La Hotel thing…) In fact this review (pardon, aftermath) is fair. I felt the same way too. My bias is Sungmin, but I wasn’t satisfied since Sungmin didn’t go to my side. But even if my bias didn’t come to my side I would have enjoyed 100% of the show if the performance had something special on it… I even don’t remember that they performed “Let’s Not” (my fave ballad.)

    As for the fanservice, it was heaven (eventhough it’s composed mostly of Donghae)

    Frankly, I could have just watched “SJ Japan Premium” if I’m just after the performance. As for the stage, I agree it was fantastic.

    Love your write-up… for sure if I post this on my FB, those other hardcore SJ fans are gonna kill me! Hehe!

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