Haiz, the things that people call “inappropriate”…

According to the latest news, KBS has reviewed Rain’s Love Story MV (as well as two other MVs) and pronounces it “inappropriate” because of… wait for it… Road Traffic Law Violations.

:shock: Say whut?? :lmao: :rotflmao:

I would’ve understood it if they said, “Rain’s Love Story MV is inappropriate because of indecent public exposure due to his removal of clothes and inappropriate body movements while in the middle of the street”, but to say, “it’s inappropriate because he was shown running in the middle of the street” is just a tad bit too much, don’tcha think? :shrug: And to be honest… it’s not like them Koreans actually don’t run in the middle of traffic just like what Filipinos do. :phew: They don’t need Rain to influence them to do that because they’re already doing it. Sheesh. :hopeless:

On the good side, this is free plugging for the MV, the song and the mini-album, so congratulations, Rain and thank you very much, KBS! :clap:



  1. hahaha :lmao: That’s something I did not see coming but it sure made my day. I can’t wait for the reaction of the other korean networks.

  2. haha I feel that some ” Korea officials” are really fans of BI, they only wait until his MV is released and do a research carefully :rotflmao: . goverment should choose him as model for law promotion :naughty:
    Korea lawmaker should create “special law” for “entertainers :nyenye2:

    after all, it is good support for this album :lol:

  3. I was so shock when I first read the title of article that Rain’s Love Song music video inappropriate to broadcast. I was thinking, is it the pelvic thrusting moves, or the so-called erotic bed scene, (is there an erotic bedscene in the mv? kekekekekekekkeke!!!!)
    but a Road Traffic Violation. wow!!!!! really funny!!!! what an lame reason. but let us see things on different prospective. like what Ms. Pau said, its still free plugging on Rain’s part. good or bad publicity is still publicity.

    pero promise!!!! natawa ako ng husto.

  4. Ano ba yan patawa sila ha :chair: ? E ang hilig nga nilang tumawid sa mga truck na papadating e (look sa drama palagi may ganon.) Kaloka turuan muna nila yong drivers nila na mag stop pag may pedestrian on the road. At while were at it, no illegal U-turns when they feel like it. :razz:
    SUJU is in town. Did you get concert tix?

  5. Yup, I did. I’ve read that there are already about 70 fans lining up at the GenAd section as early as 8:00am. I do know that the fan clubs will be there as early as 8:00. Since I’m not a fan, I’m still here vegetating at home. :glee:

  6. :offtopic:
    presscon Q and A translation by me.
    Is that being in love made you prettier ?

    Answer: When a girl becomes pretty, being in love may be one of the reasons. But for me, it is the love and care from my fans that made me become prettier. Moreover, as I am getting older, my baby face has also gone.

    In reality, would you like to be a PD ?
    At some point of my life, I may want to be a PD. But for the time being, my focus is still on acting.

    For the character she portrayed in WW, work has priority over love ? So how about you ?
    For me, it is of same priority.

    How do you handle your intimate scenes in WW with the male lead ? (any mentioning of HB will be stopped, so the reporter changed to use male lead).
    I just follow what PD asked me to do.

    Do you really fall in love with the male lead in the drama ?
    For every project, at first, I felt awkwards to be with the male lead, but when time goes, it is fine.

    After having come to TW for so many times, Hyekyo finds TW guys handsome, Zhang Zhun is the TW actor that she is most familiar with.

  7. Thanks, Winnie! Hey, why didn’t you post this at her thread? They’re looking for reliable Chinese-English translator there. Oh right, they drove you away and said you don’t belong there. :blink:

  8. ^They said that? Asses. :chair: I hope you don’t share this there.

    Thanks, wloi. She’s good at giving “general” answers, no?

  9. Thank Wloi…. I think it’s not worth it to post it there? do they appreciate it?? NO!!

    So just let them survive with the google translation ….. :evil:

    Btw, the black dress tat she’s wore wif lotsa of accessories….remind me of SOMEONE with recent hit SONG ….. :nyenyenye:

  10. Liverpool, yea…I agree with you, this is what jump into my mind when I saw her in the presscon … it’s so back to the basic look. :hihihi:

  11. Thanks Winnie for translating for us.
    Liverpool and Wloi: I agrree with you.
    When I see her, I immediately think him back to the basic kaka

  12. Thanks for the translations Winnie…we’ll show you lots of love and appreciation here. Let them look for a translator all they want…too late she’s leaving Taiwan as they still look for one. hahahha :phew:

    Saw Hip Song performance, NICE! :clap:

  13. @Ms. Pau. kita ko nga haba ng pila kahapon around araneta. grabe!!! ang haba and to think, tirik na tirik ang araw. oo nga pala how’s the concert? puno? so sa tingin nyo eh dapat na bang magconcert dito si Rain? hope you and the rest of the guys who watch SuJu’s concert last night had a great time. basa ko tweet ni TimYap na fullhouse daw last night araneta.

    @Wloi, its their loss, thank you very much for the translations. reading the google trans, gave me a super major headache and nosebleed, kekekekekkekeke!!!!!

    Hip Song PErformance, super like!!!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

  14. Full house? :kilay: I guess hindi tumingala si Tim Yap sa Lower/Upper Box? :phew: Tigilan akech.

    Recap of SuJu concert experience coming up. I just need to select, resize, tag and upload about 500+ photos first. :stretcher:

  15. Can I just reprimand a little bit? The person concerned will not speak up, but I will.

    Hey people, if you’re going to take out stuff from Shanda’s site, at least have the decency to credit the translator, just like Shanda did since she is not the one who translated the article. :scholar:

    Kakapal ng muka talaga…

  16. @pau : KBS is really nonsense, ake me :rotflmao: :rotflmao: for their reason banning Rain’s MV :lol:

    but again like you said, thank you KBS for your free publicity :soju:

    @wloi : I can’t believe it when I read that Kyo didn’t want to answer any question regarding his male lead actors in WW, I was like :ehh: then :rotflmao:
    isn’t his male lead actor was also starring that drama to? :phew:

    ps : wloi, would you mind if I post your translation in SHKIndonesia?? ^^

    @Liverpool : yes she’s finally wear some accessories again…and so BTTB :phew:

    But I think she’s look tired in those pics :think:

  17. ar13nda: Personally, I think the fact that the name itself was banned on the presscon of a drama he’s starring in is a big “wahahahaha!” in itself. :glee: I mean, that does not make sense at all, right?

  18. @pau : yes it is “wahahahaha” for me…. but I see that their fan still trying to seek any article that said she give a clue bout her love life in WW’s promo :hihihi:

    @wloi : don’t worry I give a proper credit to you :D
    Lucky to have you, cause everytime I read some news using google trans I got headache :glee:
    Can’t believe all their translation since it’s made me more confuse :hihihi:

  19. I don’t know about you, but I think she did give some clues about her lovelife in her interviews. :blink:

  20. Seems that SHG fans or rather , H2 fans were little bit disappointed as noting came out(her relationship) fm the horse mouth!! Hmmm…Nothing much happening in SHK thread……Silently trying to absorbed ‘ the read between the lines’ Q & A during her interview!!

    Yeah…She did gave some hints on her lovelife!!! :rotflmao:

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