U-KISS at SM Clark.

There’s a saying that if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. This is one of those moments.

We didn’t plan to go to SM Clark for the U-KISS promo. For one thing, the venue is not in Manila. It’s not even in the suburbs of Manila. Those amongst us who had vehicles had things to do on Saturday and personally, I’m not that much of a fan yet to make the effort to commute all the way to Angeles City just for that. For me to make that effort, Rain must come to the Philippines for a promo tour. However, it was so tempting to go there. Since the venue is not in Manila, there is a big possibility that there won’t be as many people who will attend the event unlike in Megamall and especially at North EDSA. I know that a lot of students who missed the Megamall leg due to final exams are going to flock to SM North. So if we want to get an up-close experience with U-KISS, SM Clark is the best option. Also, Charity and Lou have missed the show last Friday because they got caught up at work (Lou caught the autograph signing; Charity arrived just minutes after U-KISS have left the building) so they haven’t had their U-KISS fix yet. Cha is willing to drive to Clark; however, Saturday was her father’s birthday. She said she’ll let us know if her father is in a good mood enough to allow her to leave after she treats him to lunch.

The following morning, I got a call from Cha. Clark is a ‘go’. :thumbup:

Cha, Lou and Jean left Manila at around 2:00pm and fetched me at the Bocaue exit of the NLEX. We arrived at SM Clark at a few minutes after 5:00pm. By that time, we really weren’t expecting much because I already read from Kairu’s Twitter that as of lunchtime, more than 100 CDs have already been sold. Although that’s still a small number compared to Megamall which already had more than 100 CDs sold a few minutes after the mall opened and the number swelled to about a thousand by the time the show has started. When we finally reached the Entertainment Center, we felt a glimmer of hope because this is what greeted us:

(c) Agent P's HQ

Yup, there’s still more than enough space to disco in there. Take note, this was already about an hour before showtime. Charity and Jean hurriedly went to the selling booth to check if it’s still possible to be included in the autograph signing. They were told that the first 300 CD buyers are guaranteed to be prioritized for the CD signing (note: this was an increase from the 200 at Megamall). And at that point, they’re at Number 297. Cha and Jean quickly said they will get the last three CDs but then suddenly No. 298 got sold, so they ended up getting Nos. 299 and 300. Talk about another photo finish. I Tweeted this to Kairu, who replied that we seem to be always getting the last copies (this stemmed from the fact that I bought the last copy of Rainism from Odyssey Megamall the night before).

(c) Agent P's HQ

We decided to let Cha and Lou get the CDs and the Not-So-Death Zone access since Jean and I were the ones who used the Inkigayo passes last February. Besides, if I will go in, then who will document the U-KISS Mission? I luckily was able to get a good spot at dead center right at the barriers and this time, I stuck myself like glue on it so that no one will be able to squeeze in front of me. However, it turns out that the said spot is not quite good, after all.

Allow me to reiterate my loathing for banners and other audience paraphernalia during concerts/shows. I hardly saw U-KISS because them banners were almost completely blocking the view. :chair: It became so much worse when the boys sang As Long As You Love Me (yup, the Backstreet Boys song) because they did that number sitting down. We at the back only contented ourselves watching them from the big screen because we can only see nothing but banners and LCD screens.

(c) Agent P's HQ

Charity has mentioned this to us and I agree: why does it seem that everyone gets taller whenever U-KISS comes out on stage? :aargh: I mean, I saw this little girl who’s probably about 3 feet tall, and she was brandishing this banner that was enough to cover two or three U-KISS members. Mind you, the stage wasn’t exactly low. How the heck was she able to hold her banner that high for the entire duration of the show was beyond me.

It didn’t help that the SM Clark stage set-up didn’t have ample lighting. I don’t know if it’s because of Earth Hour or what, but the stage was really dark. As a result, it was quite difficult to take good photos. Even the commissioned photographers did not do a good job (that, or maybe they’re simply not good photographers). Most of the fans who participated in the CD signing complained about the bad photos that they had to pay for to get a copy of.

Another “palpak” with this show is that the sound people played the wrong song for their opening number. The U-KISS guys got majorly confused because they were ready to perform Bingeul Bingeul but an entirely different song was played. It screwed up their setlist. It’s a good thing these boys are seasoned performers. They did their thing as if nothing wrong has happened.

However, the great thing about this show is that the boys were in their element, fan service-wise. They were complaining about the heat – well, who wouldn’t? Even us Pinoys are complaining about the heat, how much more these people who came from a place where it’s still snowing? – but that didn’t dampen their spirits. Actually, it gave an excuse for Eli and the Fan Service Prince himself, Soo Hyeon, to remove their coats and perform Bingeul Bingeul with just their black singlets on. That certainly riled up the ladies, including the little girls (which elicited a WTH?? from the unnies Cha and Lou). And during the CD signing portion, they once again made it a point to include those who weren’t able to join the CD signing by standing up and acknowledging the fans who were calling their names every once in a while. They also graciously signed other things such as shirts and body parts even if it was specifically told that the boys will sign only their CD and nothing else.

But the real highlight of this blog entry is, of course, Charity and Lou’s U-KISS Mission. You see, in events like this, everyone will try to catch the boys’ attention and get their own special moment. Lou and especially Charity will not allow to let that moment pass without anything special happening to them. They had this idea of having their photos with the U-KISS fan club in Korea printed to show to U-KISS. They wrote a note behind the pics just in case they would be able to hand it over to the boys. The organizers had told everyone that if anyone has any gifts for U-KISS, they have to give it to their assigned staff before they proceed to get their CDs signed instead of handing it over to the boys. But the mission won’t work if the photos end up in the staff’s hands instead of them personally showing the photos to U-KISS, so Cha and Lou devised a plan on how to hide the photos from the prying eyes of the organizers. They also brought the autographed U-KISS banners that they got from the fan club in Korea. This plan would’ve worked better if the organizers did not decide to stretch the number of privileged CD buyers to 310 and Cha and Lou were the last two to get their CDs signed. They might’ve been able to chat with the guys a bit longer. But despite that small setback, the mission was still accomplished successfully.

And to show to you exactly how successful it was, here’s the subbed fancam from Charity’s point of view:

Aside from the photo mission, Lou also had her ‘special moment’ with Ki Bum. It’s at the 0:53 point in the video. This is her exchange with Ki Bum:

Lou:  I know your brother. (of course, she meant she knows his brother because of SS501, but it sounded like she knows his brother from way back high school or something)

Ki Bum:  Really?  You know my hyung?

If you will look closely at Ki Bum’s reaction to Lou, it seems he really thought that Lou knew his brother personally. :hihihi: Now that I think about it, it seems Ki Bum was at the receiving end of so many “I know your brother from SS501” special moments. Kairu had that moment with Ki Bum at Megamall, too.

Anyway, as with the Megamall entry, I shall be posting a few photos in here and uploaded the rest at my Facebook photo album. Please give proper credits and DO NOT HOTLINK!!! if you’re going to post them anywhere else. Thank you!



  1. wow… saw them in party pilipinas yesterday and i became an instant fan! :drool: do they have a cebu promo schedule? i wish…

  2. i was literally :rotflmao: with Cha’s transcript especially the “patay na bata” and the last part….

    just noticed that SH is indeed the King of Fan Service at the 0:50 mark when somebody was wiping his sweat… try doing that to other Kpop artist and i doubt if you’ll get the same reaction

  3. djo! Your absolutely right with the wiping thing. Soo Hyeon was ok with it but looking at my baby alexander i think he feels icky about it. That girl was doing a lot of things to get their attention hahaha!

    I never had the chance to talk to kiseop(patay na bata) coz he was not gracious enough in my opinion to entertain a conversation maybe because he can’t understand english that much. Thank you was the 2 words he uttered. With Eli i got starstrucked i caaaaaan’t believe he is more than a decade younger than me aish! I admit i got tongue tied there. (may pagnanasa kasi e!)

    But till now i can hear kibum calling me Noona all over again. He was so sweet and i was surprise he can answer later did i discover he studied in Australia! He was so happy calling me noona! I have another baby again! His voice was so like his hyung Hyun Joong!

    But really making an effort for this is just showing Sae Bum and the Kiss Me girls in Korea how much we appreciate their generosity and warm arms in helping us out in Korea! We did this out of respect to their fans who graciously shared the enjoyment of knowing UKISS! Now i can gladly tell Sae Bum mission accomplished. But sorry Sae Bum someone got to build their fan club first here. Sae Bum…now i know why you guys love them!

    To the 7 boys …Hats off! You guys are extra ordinary for an idol group! Right Pau?

  4. maybe alexander thought the girl was using the same hankie that she used to wipe SH with :hihihi: … or maybe she did? :kilay:

  5. My “I know your brother” moment was hilarious! :rotflmao: Of course, I just blurted it out without thinking since there was really VERY limited time to talk to the boys. I would start talking to one member and realize that my cd has “moved” to the next member. Of course, I have to go after it or it might get lost, d b?

    I was planning to still tell either Alexander or Kevin that their Korean fans helped us a lot in Korea but didn’t have the chance to do so. Tsk..tsk..too bad. Sorry Sae Bum.

    Thanks to my U-KISS experience, I already have my first ever K-pop autographed CD and of course, my first close encounter with a K-pop artist. Good thing, I got to know all seven members before I went up the stage, or else I might have interchanged their names. :evil: Have I mentioned that I like Eli now? :nyenyenye: He reminds me of Mico Palanca (a Pinoy actor) though he’s more good looking. :P

    I didn’t know fangirling needs this much effort and energy. Next on my list is to get to know all 13 … err 10 members of SuJu before they come here. Not to mention their SS2 songs. :slaphead: I hope I could start tonight even if I can still hear Bingeul Bingeul in my head.

    @Cha: We are officially partners now! Hmmm… what’s our plan for SuJu? :hihihi:

  6. Ako naman, Eli reminds me of Mark Anthony Fernandez. Or more accurately, Rudy Fernandez when he was young.

  7. 3 hours! that’s a long ride but glad it’s worth it. Not sure why but I can’t play the video? Will try again later as I want to see what happen!

  8. PARTNER LOU! Same here Bingeul bingeul is playing in my mind even during work arghhh! and of course the passess to INKIGAYO Man Man han ni! EI!

    Djo! She used the same hangky ewww! And Soohyeon was so nice when the pinky headband girl was sobbing while she was in front of him. He was even caressing her face ohhhh Soohyeon im loving you na rin!

    Eli: You make me forget im your noona!

    Lou: We will find away to make a scene again for SUJU. How about kissing Si won so he wont look for heechul when he wants someone to kiss?

  9. That pink headband girl was the one who annoyed the guard to smithereens when she was spazzing like crazy trying to catch Dongho’s attention.

  10. they are overly friendly sister! Can’t imagine. And i can’t imagine how fast i can talk hehehe! According to my f4 friends…i still didnt change a bit…fangirl as always with a twist!

    Pau: Actually she was really annoying she was grabbing for attention and imagine her crying to catch some attention in front of SungHyeon! Then suddenly trying to wipe every members sweat!(Sbi nila Julie la pa daw akong kupas!)

  11. My gosh!!! I just saw this video this morning. So the person who took the fancam was standing at our back.

    Ooopss Pau, I guess you hate me now as well. I was one of those who were blocking your view of the U-KISS boys coz of my banner. :hihihi:

  12. may nakakakilala ba dun sa nkapink na headband?! tae hinawakan p nya ung muscle ni kiseop! iyak iyak pa xa kunware ako kahit gusto ko clang hawakan nung time na un d ko gnawa kasi bka mtakot ung boys..at ngpahawak pa kay soohyun halatang ngpapapansin xa.. LOL at kevin’s reaction nung pnunasan nya npaatras ng slight c kevin haha tas c alex ayaw n ngang mgpapunas tas nung ngsi2gn na xa bgla nmang ngtake advantage 2ng babae at pnunasan pdn nya..at hndi ko mpapatawad na hnawakan nya ung muscle ni kiseop!! this girl really gets on my nerve kht cno maiinis sa gnwa nya! tnakot nya ang boys sa gnawa nya! at bat nya pnupunasan ang pawis nla? ano ba cla santo? hay grabe the nerve! that girl is on my watchlist :ampotah:

  13. Di ko sya kilala pero nakatabi ko sya sa gilid nung nagwawala sya kakatili ng “Dongho!!! Dooonghooo!!!” to the point na pinagalitan na sya ng gwardiya kasi over na yung kakatili nya. Tapos kinulit-kulit nya si manong Guard kung pwede kunan ng picture si Dongho ng malapitan, shempre di sya pinagbigyan. Kakainis pa yung pangungulit nya kasi hindi naman sya ang nasa front row, nakaextend lang yung kamay nyang me camera para iabot sa guard tapos tili sya ng tili. Wala syang pakialam kesehodang tinatamaan at nabibingi na yung mga nasa unahan nya. Nuisance nga yung girl na yun. Sana nakunan ko yung pagwawala nya sa gilid tapos inupload ko sa YouTube para makita nya kung gano ka-nakakahiya yung pinaggagagawa nya.

    BTW, first hand info, sumusungit si Eli pag pinipisil yung biceps nya.

  14. uu nga ate sana nrecord mo dn nung ngwawala xa! andun kme nun sa side ni dongho after nmin mgpaautograph at nkta nmin nung bgla nyang nyakap c dongho at npaatras ung kwawang bata..ngulat tlaga xa sa gnawa nung gurl. pero d ko nkta ung kay eli, dapat ntarayan xa ni eli nun ng mgtanda nman xa! bute nlng mabait c kiseop khit super poke ung babae paulit ulit pero d nlng xa ngreact. d nman msama na hawakan cla dba pwede nga ang mkpgshakehands pero d ba nya nrinig na request ng boys na NO HUGGING, KISSING, PINCHING THEIR CHEEKS! jeez! kakahiya tlaga khit nman cguro die hard xa dapat ngkaron dn xa ng konting discretion. anyway pabayaan n ntn xa hehe. nice ate nghigh five p kau ni kevin! hehe :smile:

  15. i can see my friend fixing her hair at the back of your friend..in the photo where she was showing the numbers for the autograph. hehe~~

    if only i knew you and your blog sooner..i would have approached you during the mall show!! i know it’s been a long time since this day..hahaha..wooh..i just misse the chance to meet one awesome blogger. grrrrrr. YOUR BLOG IS SO AWESOME!!!!

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