(Mis)adventures in Korea, part 10.

Sub-title: MTV Live… WOW!!!

Before I begin with the story, I just wanna rant a bit.

We were out on a pilgrimage to Naju from Wednesday evening ’til Friday morning, so there’s no one occupying our room for almost two days, except, of course, for our French roommate. We left most of our stuff there, of course. I personally thought our roommate and the rest of the hostel can be trusted enough to leave our stuff here.

When we came back Friday morning (our roommate has already checked out), there was nothing missing. However, I found out later on that my Rain’s World CD, which I left in my (unlocked) cabin bag and which I had been taking good care of since I got it, had been badly damaged. Some liquid – could be water, but more probably something sticky like juice or coffee as the CD jacket faded and there were some sticky marks on it – was spilled on the case, and the CD itself was badly scratched. I don’t wanna be suspicious of anyone, but I am pretty sure that it wasn’t my fault that it became that way. I brought the CD when we went to JYPE in the hopes that we might bump into Rain, so there is a possibility that it got wet because of the water bottle in my bag. But with the way the CD case was badly damaged, plus the scratches on the CD, that cannot be the reason. Needless to say, I was very upset when I saw it. I have never even played the CD yet, for Chrissakes!

With that out of the way, let’s proceed to something happier.

We’ve been planning to check out one of Rain’s TV guestings but we did not want to take chances as we were told that it’s not easy to get tickets (unless you’re Korean Cloud, of course). Especially last week, when there were a lot of international Biers in Seoul. But this week, we figured we should go ahead and give it a try. There were a lot of options, but Helena told us it won’t be easy to get in at KBS, SBS and MBC. The best one would be MTV Live Wow! Special. It’s open-air, and the venue is kinda far. Plus it’s a Friday, so most fans are either in school or work. All we had to do is show up early to get better chances at good seats. Plus, when I saw the line-up and there’s no Dong Bang Shin Gi or any really popular artist aside from Rain, I was pretty sure we won’t be having a lot of difficulty going in. Besides, MC Mong is in the line-up and I love him to bits, so we just have to go for it.

And so, we got to the venue at around 3pm. It was not hard to find, as it was just across the Government Center subway station. True enough, there were only a few people in the queue. We quickly wore our Cloud Philippines uniforms and used our power as “the foreigner”. :hihihi: (Usually, in a country like Korea where very few speak and understand English, foreigners can get away with practically everything. We have proven that a lot here.) The ushers and security people can barely speak and understand English, so there was a bit of confusion as to where do we line-up. There’s the general admission queue, and the one for fan clubs like Cloud. One Rain fan who is not a Cloud and can speak English explained to us how things will go, she got us tickets (the general admission ones), and explained to the MTV staff who we are. Since the chief of security saw our Cloud Ph shirts, he said we should line up at the fan club queue. So we did. We were the first ones there.

(c) Bandstalker.com
Rizza, Tita Remy and Tita Susan with Mr. Security Ahjusshi.

We love this guy. He barely speaks English, but he tried to tell us he’s been to the Philippines before as security detail for a Korean event. And then, we saw him joking with the fans. He even went up the stage and explained how things will work, but he did it as if he was Kang Ho Dong. :lol: We didn’t understand what he said, of course, but everyone else laughed, so…

And then, when the Korean Clouds came brandishing their Cloud tickets and of course, asking what the heck we are doing in their line when we don’t have tickets, it was Mr. Security Ahjusshi who took care of us. At first, there was some commotion and confusion, aided by our language barrier. Some fans who can speak a bit of English (and a Chinese fan who can speak both English and Korean) helped us explain to their Cloud reps. We were asked to list down our names, and then go to the back of the line. :roll: Of course, I had to assert my right as the one who got there first, and it was the MTV people who told us to line up there. But we understood their point, I was just trying to see if it will work. hehe :glee: The Cloud rep told us we can sit with them, though. When they started letting people in (seats are first come, first served, but fan clubs have reserved seats), of course when our turn came, the Cloud rep told us not to go in yet as the rest of the ticketed people still has to come in, but Mr. Security Ahjusshi told them no, and asked us to come in. We really love that guy!

So we ended up in 8th row, but dead center. No complaints, of course. The seats were oh so good! The stage is not that high and not that far away from the audience, so we can still see the performer’s faces clearly from where we were sitting. The best things are, (1) one of the house rules is no standing up, so our view would not be blocked even if we have tall people in front of us, and (2) cameras are allowed. YAY!

As soon as we have settled in our seats, the Clouds distributed some Rain’s Coming mini-tarps, which we are all too glad to receive, of course. As usual, there should be a photo op.

(c) Bandstalker.com

My biggest mistake is that I completely overlooked the fact that this event is being held outdoors, so I did not bring a jacket, beanie and thick shawl. Just my football shirt and my CloudPh uniform, plus a thin pashmina. When the sun went down and the temperature dropped considerably (my guess is around 8 degrees), I could barely move. I was freezing! Good thing Tita Remy brought her coat, so I borrowed it to cover me up. Later on in the night, we even used the CloudPH tarp as blanket.

(c) Bandstalker.com

The show started a bit late (was supposed to start at 7), and it was damn loooooooooooong. After a while, all performers looked and sounded the same to me. There were nothing too exciting to watch, except Sung Si Kyung, a couple of rock bands, and of course, my love, MC Mong.

(c) Bandstalker.com

Around 10:30pm, and still no sign of Bi. We were getting so bored and tired, not to mention freezing. Finally, Paran came onstage and did their Westlife medley, which I surprisingly liked. I took a photo of them, just in case they become famous. :razz:

(c) Bandstalker.com

Finally, the moment of truth: RAIN! We totally forgot about being frozen solid when he came in. He was so hot and electrifying! After seeing the other performances that night, I can totally say Rain is a cut above the rest. The production values of his numbers alone is definitely above par from the others. Add to that his talent and innate charisma. And he seems to be in a really good mood last night. I’ve seen those numbers in the showcase last week, but seeing him up close is something else.

He performed 5 songs: I’m Coming, In My Bed, How To Avoid The Sun, With U and I Do. We were told by our Korean friends that we are so damn lucky to have seen this show as he usually just performs 1 or 2 songs in other shows. We are so blessed, indeed.

Here are some photos. I have a lot, but I don’t have much time to re-size and upload all of them (computer in the hostel is damn sssslow…). I’ll add more when I come back home.

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Update: More photos –

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  1. He look so HOT HOT HOT!!!! So glad that you guys were let in and have such great seats!!!! Thank you so much for sharing and the wonderful pictures!!! Who care about the cold when Rain’s there to warm everyone up!!! ekekekkekekek ^^

    Sorry to hear about the cd!!! THE ROOMMATE DID IT!!!!

  2. Thank you for the photos and story, happy that you guys got to see him again.

    Sorry to hear about your CD though. Hopefully, you can find the culprit!

  3. Do you gals think it is a bit weird that he always perform I DO with With U ?? Why not all songs from the 4th album and why these 2 songs always stick together ?
    I have a theory but I will leave it for Agent P :D

  4. WOw…. u can see him perform once again… so lucky!! :)

    I Do & With U have the same atmosphere…. rain is so cheerful ….. !! Perhaps, these two are specially sung for someone…..just like ‘not get used to” is sung for his dear mom.

  5. Wow Pau, you guys are so lucky but well deserved too ^^ That security ajushii is really nice indeed, I love him though just from reading your stories *lol*

  6. Congratulations, unnis!! I’m so happy for you all!!!!! As always, thanks-oh-so-much for the lovely accounts and pictures…!!

  7. You guys are so damn lucky!!! you should have gotten Mr Ahjusshi’s contact details so he can help you through when Rain has another MTV event.

  8. Sorry to hear about the cd but I guess you were rewarded by seeing him up close the next day. Like Janice said, I hope you got the contact number of Mr. Ajusshi because he looked really friendly. It would be nice to send him a thank you card or something.

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