(Mis)adventures in Korea, part 1.

Annyeong from Seoul, South Korea! :party:

It’s 2am here, but I just can’t resist giving you all a heads up on what has been happening with us, so far (not that there’s a lot). I’ve just had a gruelling 13-hour trip with a 5 hour-45 mins. layover in Narita Airport, Japan, but since I mostly slept during the trip (including the layover; the lounge chairs at Narita are too comfy to resist…), I am still wide awake now. Rizza, Tita Susan and Tita Remy have called it a day already.

Anyway, I don’t want to bore you all too much with stories about security checks (nobody told me that shoes will have to be removed! I would’ve worn something easier to remove and re-wear) and ignorant airport security personnel who doesn’t seem to have seen an award ticket before (I mean, NWA has credited me with the miles, and has issued a ticket for me already… why grill me about how I got the damn ticket???). I got out of Manila and that’s what matters.

So how did I spend my 5+ hours in Narita?

Number one: I amused myself with their ‘shower toilets’.

I’ve heard so much about these toilet seats with various buttons on them, so I got giddy like a kid when I saw one. I just had to have a photo taken.

(c) Bandstalker.com
(c) Bandstalker.com

Of course, I got curious with its various features. Like, how different is the ‘shower’ button from the ‘bidet’ button? I was afraid to press one, and I kept looking above me if there’s a shower head that will suddenly spurt water all over me. But ah! As soon as I sat down, I promptly got my answer:

(c) Bandstalker.com

So apparently, the ‘shower’ is used to wash the ‘posterior’. Thank goodness for amusing instruction manuals. They make good bathroom reading material, too. :hihihi:

But of course, I did not spend the rest of my 5-hour layover inside the bathroom. I also killed boredom by taking photos of the awesome skyline:

(c) Bandstalker.com
(c) Bandstalker.com

…and some self-portraits, too.

(c) Bandstalker.com

I therefore conclude that Hip-hop is not me.

I just have to say, thank goodness for airports with large TV screens showing J-dorama. So what if I didn’t understand a thing, at least I had something to kill time for. Just waiting for those Kimura Takuya CFs is fun. But I got a surprise when a Korean on a Japanese CF suddenly appeared onscreen. Of course, that Korean is none other than Bae Yong Joon.

Back to the plane for another short ride from Narita to Incheon. I did nothing but sleep during the flight from Manila to Narita, but this time, I got the time of my life because the plane had so much entertainment options even for coach passengers. We had our own little screens where could play games and watch movies like were in Business Class. Awesome!

(c) Bandstalker.com

Too bad I didn’t discover it sooner, so I wasn’t able to finish Finding Nemo. Maybe on the trip back…

This is my dinner: a sushi bento. Nice!

(c) Bandstalker.com

Finally, I met Rizza, Tita Susan and Tita Remy at Incheon. They were accompanied by Rizza’s new friend who assisted us with riding the bus to Seoul. I was looking around for the first celebrity CF that I will see in Korea (aside from the ones in the airport, which happened to be Hyori’s Anycall CF). And the first one was… Kim Dong Wan on a billboard in a bus. (That one’s for you, Mommy Flor!)

And for our first (mis)adventure in Seoul: we got lost looking for our hostel (amusingly called Holiday In Korea. Which is really cool, coz if ever someone asks, we could pretend to be billeted in a 5-star hotel. “Where are you staying?” “Oh, at the Holiday In. [Korea]” :dizzy:). But first, we had to cross the street via the underpass, which means having to lug our heavy bags down and up the stairs:

(c) Bandstalker.com

And then, while Rizza was asking the street policeman for directions, a guy whom we shall call “Appa Jeong” coz he looks like Appa Jeong suddenly approached and offered to take us to the hostel. Needless to say, he was a great help for us coz if not for him, we’d probably still be in the middle of the cold streets looking for the hostel.

And when we finally got here, we got a couple of pleasant surprises. (1) There’s a stack of tourism information cards with Bi’s cute face on them at the counter (which we are planning to ‘steal’ one by one within the next two weeks); and (2) the really cute front desk manager. :drool:

(c) Bandstalker.com

Here’s us at our little home for the next two weeks (well, me, Tita Susan and Tita Remy, to be exact).

Lots of things are still going to happen, so stay tuned.



  1. OK.. where’s the picture of the cute front desk manager?? Me want to check him out too!! ^^

    Really need to check out one of those toilet when Kim and I go to Japan!! ^^ and that bento looks very yummy..but the question is.. does it taste as good as it look??

    Have fun and don’t miss all of us too much. ekekekekkeke NOT.. you gals will be having so much fun that you won’t even remember our name!! ekkekekekekek

  2. Thanks Pau for sharing your experience with us so fast! Can’t wait to read more *hint hint hehehehe*

    Have fun there! Scream loudly in the showcase for us who aren’t fortunate enough to attend ;)

  3. Oh i will look forward to check your blog everynight Pau!!!

    I therefore conclude that Hip-hop is not me.

  4. woohooooo! have fun in Korea pau I bet u will… ;) :) oh and like happybi said.. where’s da pic of the cute front desk manager? I also wanna check him out hehehe :P

  5. Still not very bad for your first day in Seoul. Please show us a pic of that “front desk manager”. Have fun! :-)

  6. Agent P!!!! So glad to hear your first adventure on your trip to the land of kimchi!!! I’m just in a 15 min break from my meeting and there’s internet connection in the laptop that I’m using =)

    Had a laugh on your kwentos specially the “one-by-one” stealing of the tourist travel docs with Bibi’s pixies on it … I’m sure Tita Susan will not resist getting more than one when she gets her hands on those stuffs …

    Regards to Rizza, Tita Remy and Tita Susan!!! Give our love to Bi and you know who else =) labyu!!!

  7. Oh pau, show them the jacket with the cloudph logo, and the cloudph shirts too!!! hope u guys have a sweet time in seoul. maybe you can ask bi to sign ur shirts. kakainggit!

  8. pau…i can’t help but smile as i was reading your experiences on your way to Seoul. You’re really something, pau…you can update us right away with all your “ins & outs” …I can feel your excitement because i’m excited,too while reading these updates. THANKS A LOT… Looking forward for more newsy news … ENJOY !!

  9. at last I can get through your blog. I’m also waiting for that photo of the night duty manager if he’s worth to be a side dish.

    That photo of you gals dragging that luggage in the underpass reminds me of our walk along Ayala more than a month ago. How we laughed then on how we lack execise and your need to shape up before going to Seoul

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