New skill.

I’ve just acquired a new skill (if you can call it that) – making subtitles.

I’ve had Subtitle Workshop in my computer for the longest time, but the only times I ever used it were to either fix the timing of softsubs or to tag my own video clips with credits (since I don’t know how to do that with the video editing programs that I have). But I’ve always been interested to learn; I just didn’t have the will to actually do it.

Last night, by some stroke of inspiration, I just thought of re-sharing the Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho interview of Rain and Song Hye Kyo from last year to our friends at Cloud Philippines. But since this is an old clip, I was thinking, I should do something to make it extra-special. I then remembered that this clip, aside from being my first video capture project (which explains why the video quality kinda sucked. Yeah, I know there’s a better quality video clip somewhere but for obvious reasons, it’s best that I use something which I could claim to be my own work), was also my first translation project (well, basically because the interview was dubbed in my language and no one else was doing the translation for the international community at the time, so might as well do it myself). I thought, this is it. Let’s see if I could add “can make subtitles for video clips” among my not-so-many skills.

I searched my gazillions of Bi files for the clip and the translation (thank goodness I was able to save the text file – btw, I Googled this translation some time ago and found that it was re-posted at one of the forums without crediting me. Some people just don’t know shyte about courtesy :mic:) and worked on subtitling. Whadya know, it was easy. Well, maybe because generally, I was just copy-pasting the text. But then again, in subtitles, timing is everything. It helps that the clip was in my own language and I was actually the one who did the translation, so everything seemed easy. It’s just the matter of pressing the correct buttons at the right time.

And so, here it is. My first subtitling project. Hope you all like it, especially our non-Filipino friends. Be gentle on the comments, please. :oops:



  1. hi pau, thanks so much for the subs, one practically has to be a linguist to be a Rain fan LOL

    Slightly OT; can you please tell me how the MNET award thank you speech abt the ‘angry MD in US’ is linked to Kyo.. saw that clip also in one of the bi-kyo MVs.. thanks..there is so much info abt my fave couple to catch up on :)

  2. Maybe wloi can answer that question better than me, since she was the one who provided us the MV and translations. ;)

    But just a backgrounder, since I actually saw the English-subbed clip of his acceptance speech from ArirangTV: He actually said, “I’d also like to thank my beloved MD.” There was much talk about the identity of ‘MD’ after that, but Rain said MD is just a close friend (this is according to one old news item I found at one of the forums).

  3. thanks for filling in newbies like me so patiently pau, the volt team was right.. you definitely ‘live and breathe’ bi and that’s why I love reading your blog..

    It’s crazy but every little bit that points to their being together makes me sooo happy.. i’m truly addicted.. :P

  4. Thanks for the sub Paulette. I have watch and then have read the translation. Watching and reading at the same time makes a whole lot of difference. I Love when Jessica asked about the ideal girl and SHK smile or should I say, have a smirk on her face..ahahah.

  5. bet Paulette, those two just makes me smile whenever they participate in an interview!

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