Ladies and gentlemen…

You are now looking at an OFFICIAL MEMBER OF THE CLOUD.

:dance: :dance: :dance:


BTW, mad props to the one who designed the sign-up page. There’s no way for any foreigner to get lost in signing up. You just have to read and follow instructions carefully (which is what everyone should be doing when signing up for something). There’s even a pop-up window showing instructions in English. Well done, JYPE! :thumbup:



  1. Chukkahamnida Agent P, let’s drink to that!!!

    Pabo on my part for not having registered to joyplace before now I have to wait for the approval of my application before joining you in “The Cloud”.

  2. Congratulation Paulette! Same as Marissa, have to wait for joyplace registration first before I could join you but it’s wait is all worth it!

  3. Congratultion Pau!!!!! Envy you right now. I’m in the same boat with Marissa and Kim, I just signup to joyplace so waiting for approval!! I hope it will work!!!

  4. Ruby: You have to be a member of JYPE website first before you can sign up to become a Cloud. Please go to for the details.


    This is so anti-climactic. I got an email saying due to system failure, my membership information got deleted. So I have to sign up again. :( I tried signing up now, but whenever I enter my CC details, I always get a “payment failed” window. I translated the error message (which was in Korean) via Babelfish; it seems the “operators are currently sleeping” so payment cannot be processed. Yikes, what about when people from the other side of the world registers, they can’t sign up just because them operators are sleeping?

  5. Seems like their CC authrization process is only available during office hour, just great. Or my only guess would be, they bring their system down during certain hours for backup or reconcile and it just happens to be now. I know that’s how we manage our server here that handles CC transactions.

  6. Have you enter your home phone number and mobile phone number at your own joyplace ? I’ve got the payment failure message a few times…and I then update my personal info…then it works. But do not ask me for the buttons…I just press every one of them until I’ve got some boxes that seems to be for the phone number.

  7. Wloi, thanks for the tips. I ,like Pau, also got the same error message, I thought it was because we have to submit the application during office hours too….apparently not. Will try to update my joyplace profile now. Thanks! ^^

    Oh congrats Sam for being a Cloud. I will send my congrats for you later Pau ;) Aja2!

  8. Wloi’s suggestion worked! But I’m not keeping my hopes up just yet…

    Naoise, yeah, reserve your congrats later until I receive the confirmation email. :D

    Edit: OK, you may go ahead and congratulate me now… :dance:

  9. Yes, it works for me too! :D *where’s that dancing smiley when you need it*

    Congrats Pau and congrats me as well hehehehe :D :D :D

    Thanks again Wloi :D :D :D

  10. Naoise: Here it is: :dance: (just type “dance” and put it in between two colons). Congrats!

    To all those who are still waiting for confirmation from apparently you may log in and sign up for The Cloud now even if you haven’t received the confirmation letter. I think Feliss or Kim tried that last night and it worked.

  11. Sleeping…so does this mean we can only register during daytime in Korea? I’m not home right now and I don’t want to risk credit card fraud by using Cyber Cafe in my registration. I’m gonna be home really, really late tonight so I can’t register, right? Dang! Then I have to wait until tomorrow.

    I tried logging-in and yes!!! Success!!! I can’t wait to register.

  12. Which location should the phone number be listed? Which button? I try clicking away, don’t see anything that resemble a phone number field but guessing I’m not clicking on the right one right now. ^^

  13. YES!!! Finally!! :dance:

    wloi: Thank you sooooo much!!! After failing so many time last night, I finally gave up!! Thank goodness I check this blog everyday and saw your post. Updated my profile and bingo, it worked!!!!

    Congratulate all and of course myself for being an official CLOUD!!! AJA!!!

    And yes, Kim and I didn’t wait for approval after signing up to Joyplace but it recognized us when we signup so YIPBI!!!! ^^

  14. First of all, I’d like to congratulate to those who are CLOUDs now :dance:

    Pau, I read your posts above that u wait for confirmation email (?).
    When we have already got “Congratulations. You are now the official cloud member”, do we need to wait a confirmation email from JYPE site?

  15. qiufang: I didn’t get a confirmation email from JYPE about being an official CLOUDS. But I did get an email from their charge card company stating my card was charged and the amount that was charged. Maybe that is what Pau was talking about?

    I can’t wait to get my membership card and see what Rain photo they will use on it!!! ^^

  16. rizza, having said that, my husband is quite opposed to the idea of giving out my credit card dtls to anyone or to any group. he said for me to wait till someone successfully gets the id, the offcl mmbership kit. my greatest worry now is what if the registration date ends and no one has rcvd the kit yet? i dont want to lose this chance of becoming a cloud mber just like anybody else. havent had much experience with online purchasing except for once when my daughter asked me to get her a TENCHI MUYO dvd from pinoeer, usa. the shipping fee was almost more than double the merchandise price. ayayay. what to do? such a predicament

  17. Wow paulita!!!! good for you! i still have to figure out how to sign up, though i’m already registered for the JYPE last time. is that the same as joyplace? i’ve received an email from JYPE about joyplace a few weeks back, but i couldn’t understand a thing. i guess i’ll try to figure out this weekend when i have more time. see u guys later at glorietta!

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