I just read an English translation of Rain’s Japanese single (the one paired with Move On; wow, that is one awesome CD single, I’m so glad I bought one), Up In The Club. One part that made me go :?: was the last verse:

It’s not over yet, baby girl, this moment has finally arrived
Come with me to the top floor, begin this party that that only belongs to the two of us, enjoy to our heart’s content
Do you feel me that I want you? My thirst for you is flowing through my body
Shorty I’m not letting you go back. You can’t turn back now. Wanna lose myself in you, It’s on tonight.

SHORTY??? :???:

Maybe Sam had a typo or something. But when I browsed back to the previous page, the original Japanese lyrics were posted and apparently, the lyric really was “shorty”.

(credits:, jinlees for posting it at soompi)

What the heck was that? Is that a term to describe the girl (as in the girl was short???)? :shrug:

First, the Move On lyrics. Now this one. Don’t give me any more ideas.

PS: I’ve just been to Sam’s blog, it turns out she’s weirded out by that Shorty thing, too (though most probably for an entirely different reason. haha! ;) )


Edit: Just to show how I got totally affected by that “shorty” word, I asked the Crazy Japanese Dude if that word has a particular meaning in their country. Of course, he won’t understand unless I showed him the complete lyrics (and he’s probably going, “dang it, I got tricked into looking at Rain stuff again!” :flaming: ). He said it’s probably a typo, coz the word came out of nowhere and it doesn’t make sense at all when connected with the rest of the song (the dude’s a musician/songwriter, btw, so he knows what he’s talking about). Now if we substitute “shorty” with “shortly” (the nearest possible word), it still doesn’t make sense, but it will have more sense than using the word “shorty”.

In addition, there is a Japanese word chibi, referring to someone short and cute, or a kid. It’s somewhat the direct Japanese translation of “shorty”. However, the word was not referred at anywhere in the song, so it really doesn’t make sense. And besides, both “shorty” and “chibi” are not exactly 100% positive especially when you refer it to a girl…

See, it’s just one word and I had to create a huge fuss out of it. I so need a life.



  1. you would usually hear “shorty” a lot in lyrics of American R&B/Hip-Hop songs… just to name a few… I’ve heard it in P.Diddy, Usher and Chris Brown’s songs… and I’ve always wondered what it meant… and I found out that “shorty” is actually a slang mostly used among African-Americans… it refers to a cute/sexy/beautiful girl ;) :)

  2. Lyrics I found…

    Chris Brown – Yo (Excuse Me Miss)
    verse 2 :
    Now shorty grab hold of my hand
    And let’s pretend the floor is ours
    You say you don’t really dance

    Usher – Yeah
    Verse 1:
    In the club with my homies, tryin to get a little V-I, keep it down on the low key, (LOW KEY) cause you know how it feels. (HEY, HEY)
    I saw shorty she was checkin’ up on me, from the game she was spittin’ in my ear, thank that she knew me. (KNEW ME)
    So we decided to chill (OKAY)

    P.Diddy – I Need a Girl
    And lord know if I die she gon cry for me
    Never say bye to me
    I can’t deny shorty love is official
    Even though love ain’t the issue

    it seems like the writers/producer of the song are Hitman Bang and Dejuan Turrentine… Dejuan is the African-American singer who works with JYP… he sang how to avoid the sun in English..

  3. Well that “shorty” word is driving me crazy.

    Also the “Do you feel me that I want you”. Weird sentence structure, but I can let that go…just the “shorty”….Heck I will not run away with anyone who calls me shorty :P

  4. Hmm… that’s interesting!! I won’t notice if Pau doesn’t mention it here. So, thanks for noticing, Pau :)

    :) also, thanks for your info, shari!!

  5. Oh, so it’s a hip-hop term… no wonder I’m not familiar with it, and all the more Crazy Japanese Dude was not familiar with it. He’s a metal head. :D

    More info: I just checked with Urban Dictionary website and apparently, a “shorty” is not just a beautiful/sexy girl but also someone a guy is not serious with (as in “short-term”. In colloquial Tagalog, we call it, “syota”). To be more accurate, “shorty” is a f*** partner and nothing more.

    So wloi, we’d rather not replace “shorty” with Song Hye Kyo. :razz:

  6. Ah so that’s what it means, like Shari I have heard it plenty of times in Hip-Hop songs before, but never knew what it means exactly. I just took it as terms of endearments of some sort….apparently not hehehehe. So who said Bi’s song is not educational eh :D

  7. “shorty”, what a term. Never heard of it but then again, rarely listen to American music..hehehe. But it’s nice to see Bi incoporate this into his Japanese songs. Just need a little research to know its meaning. ^^

  8. Interesting… so that’s what it mean… “Don’t like the fact that it mean short-term” but it’ll be cool if that song is really for SHK!!! ^^

  9. well having mentioned SHK as the possible “shorty” (sigh), i dont think he would ever call her that. i have this perfect image of rain as someone who would accord his love with respect cuz he seems like a real gentleman to me. jmho.

  10. ooohh Pau, you’ve done it again…your blog gave us additional knowledge= SHORTY is the word for of day…cheers!!

  11. pau, there’s also this hip hop song IN DA CLUB, where it goes….

    Yo SHAWTY, it’s your birthday
    we’re gonna party like it’s yoh birthday…

    but ‘shawty’ is much much slang than shorty, so don’t get surprised if Bi says something like that in the future. Bi’s getting too westernized, even injecting American slang in Jap songs, huh?

  12. It is just hip-pop term,right? hehe ,pau ,you are sensitive to them.

    PS:It is very long time not to come here,and I was sooooooooo busy.

    often worked overtime!! too bad!!

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