This is sick.

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I know these two hotties have amazing chemistry… but not this way. :dizzy: :wacky:


In other matters:

I really pity A Love To Kill. Its ratings has been doing extremely well last week. It was even close to hitting the 20s mark (it hit 19.2 last August 24). Then the network airing it decided to premiere two new shows, preempted it last Monday to give way to their new fantasy series, and gave priority time slot to their latest reality show which was supposed to be about developing a new crop of singers but so far all they are showing are how the “scholars” have started falling in luuurve with their “classmates” :yuck:, thus A Love To Kill has been pushed back to an even later airing. And at the rate things are going, looks like they’re fast-tracking the episodes for the series to end by next week.

As of yesterday, ALTK’s ratings plummeted to its all-time low of 11%.

If anyone is still wishing and hoping that Rain’s PH visit – if ever there will be one – will still be handled by that network, dream on, folks. His show didn’t rate on their network, do you honestly think the network will dare invest on him? I think not.

(NOTE: I’m wishful thinking. :glee: )



  1. pau, from an abs source, charo santos (abs boss) was in korea last week… the buzz inside the compound is she tried to negotiate for bi’s visit here sometime in october or nov… but i’m not keeping my hopes up knowing bi’s schedule… and even if he is free, how come i’m not that excited?

  2. :lol: If that’s true, then ABS just wasted a ton of money if that’s the only reason why she went to Korea. Ma’am Charo didn’t have to go there to negotiate if they just did their research or at least called JYPE or even visited their website. Or even asked an ordinary Bier (and I am very sure they know at least… 4?). There is no way Bi will leave Korea in October-November, maybe until December. We all know why, I don’t have to spell it out.

    PS: I think I know why that buzz came out… Kwon Sang Woo is coming in October, and for sure GMA7 will be the official network partner. They’re gonna be killed at the ratings game again. They have to do something, and the only way they can ‘neutralize’ that is to have Rain do a visit. Well, sorry ABS. Try again.

  3. Ahh..when I saw that photo, I crinch. Not good at all.

    All the way down to 11%, it’s just too bad. They sure know how to ruin things for themselves.

  4. i was actually very disappointed last monday. is this the way they treat an asian superstar who was even honored to be one of TIME 100 influential ppl? geez, im really sad and a bit mad actually with the shabby treatment they gave bi. gma gave him a better treatment. btw, gals, you may want to watch FH on cetv. it just started last wed and i watched it last nite as well. it aired 8pm but when it showed the next episode, it stated 1900 (so that will be 7pm for friday. it’s in mandarin but since i know the story by heart, i didnt mind. tho my daughter was a bit irritated with the dialogue bec. it messed up with bi’s deep rich voice. the reason why i liked him in FH the 1st time was bec. of that perfect baritone. oh well, we cant always have the best. at least, it’s nice to see them again and it airs in 1 full hour.

  5. addendum:

    i was in quiapo to scout for nice koreanovela dvds and guess what? they now come in just 1 disc (except princess hours and jitp) for a measly P100@. yup you read it right. and all 3 of bi’s series are widely available. im so happy bec. for the 1st time, i was able to find SANGDOO. i already have the vcds and director’s cut dvds of FH and L2K. i was also happy that many ppl still buy FH. it will always be remembered as the only koreanovela that hit an all time high of 51%. actually the muslim vendors told me that they sold and are still selling more FH dvds than the other 2 series. i think ppl also fondly call him JUSTIN still cuz i overheard 2 ladies referring to our dear BiKyo as justin and jessie.

  6. Yikes…. having two guys in a CF does not make them “gay”.. I think the look so hot in that photo but some people just have to ruin it.. oh well…

    As for ALTK…. ABS just don’t know what they are doing. And I’m really glad they can’t get Bi because they will definitely do a horrible job handling things and just make it even worst.

  7. yeah!! i was shocked when i was watching L2k last night!! many portions were cut that those who have not watched the original might not undrstand the story anymore.

  8. Ya~! Mam charo should hacve asked me to go with her…my opinion i dont think She went there to negotiate with Bi alone…i thnk there are some more things she wants to go there too like perhaps looking on materials that can improve their networks programming!? Hmmm mam charo try doing XMAN!harharhar! But please i cant imagine abs cbn stars…might just get some ideas…but i cant imagine a XMAN version here yaikks! It will just be starred by their star magic talents. It would have been better if there are no network wars to push on true quality of entertainment!

  9. Love to Kill hasn’t ended yet in ABS ? I thought it has finished. Feel sad about its ratings, too!!

    About the gio pic… notty ..notty !!! The one with JDG’s putting flower on Bi’s hair is also NOT nice! :( Yet, I don’t know if the one who photoshopped the pix just wanna to make a joke.

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